Paul Picks Down The Escalante
My Native Home

Three Indian Princesses


  Three Indian Princesses live in my mountain holler.

    You can see their tee-pees through the leaves.


      Each Princess has her very own tee-pee-

            this helps ensure peace reigns.


                           Princess 1


                           Princess 2


                         Princess 3


The Princesses move frequently. Sometimes they live in the woods below Granny's house, sometimes in the woods behind Granny's house, and sometimes near Princess 2's home territory by the creek.


Sometimes the Princesses can be seen raiding Pap's garden for a mid-day snack of raw green beans.


Sometimes the Princesses lie in their tee-pees

            and craft, write, or dream.


I'm glad the girls have such wonderful imaginations. It keeps them busy being outdoors enjoying nature and each others company. They don't realize it-but they're making memories that will last a lifetime.


Tipper and Paul

When Paul and I were little we liked to play outside too, on the day the picture was taken it must have been Daniel Boone. We also liked to play- we each had a team full of (imaginary) people and we competed against each other. We weren't really competitive, the pretense of what happened as we went along was the fun part. I'm sure we even took turns on who actually won. Although, I do recall we often fought over who's team Nolan Ryan was going to be on.

Do you have a memory about the pretend games of your childhood? I'd love to hear about it-please leave me a comment.



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i love this story, you are so right, memories on top of memories. love it a lot tipper.

Love this.

Sadly my memory of my own childhood is not nearly so pleasant.

tipper!! i feel like i'm right there with you. i love the stories and i miss you so much!!!

tipper!! i love this!!! mama found your sight and called me to look at it. it is awesome!! i could listen to the music all day. i will be checking back daily to see what else is up!! i miss you and love you always!

What a great story. I liked the way you linked past and present. Those girls are blessed!

Oh I love this Tipper! Don't you just love to watch your children use their imaginations.. it makes me so excited to know they don't have to have the worlds gadgets to keep them busy. This sounds much like my little ones..they even do this in the winter when it is too cold to be outside. They take mommas quilts and make tents in the house just about anywhere they they have a room below the stairs they use as a cave sometimes. Love the post Tipper! Hugs to everyone..keep us in your prayers for the job transfer! We so want to be back home in the mountains!

The tee-pees brought back some memories- I remember spreading sheets out beneath my grandma's fruit trees and using low hanging branches to create forts. It's been a long time since I've put down a sheet and sat in the grass.

What lovely princesses! I cherish those days with my kids.

This brings back so many memories. My brother closest in age to me was my childhood playmate as was yours and we used to have some great adventures. Never did we stay in the house. One was we had these Tonka trucks and we would build roads for hours and drive our matchbox cars on them. We would fix up the old woodshed into a play house and build forts in our apple orchard. Wonderful memories those little princess' are building.

My sister and I grew up in Phoenix where all you could do outside in the summer was swim. We played mermaids all the time in the pool, swimming along reef (the bottom of the pool). Our other favorite was to play "friends," where we were well, friends. Cause you know as sisters at 9 and 12, you can't be have to pretend. :)

I can't wait til my girls are old enough to play outside all day by themselves.

Not that I'm wishing away these precious knee hugging days...just sometimes, mama needs a teepee of her own.

Your pretty princesses are so fortunate to be able to live so near to nature. My kids didn't get to experience that growing up the way my brother and I did.

In the summer, our days were spent roaming from sun-up to sun-down, coming home only when called for meal times. We'd then spend our evenings playing Tag, and other games in the yard with neighbor kids, and catching fireflies, or lightening bugs, as we called them.

TV didn't tempt us. Computers and video games were unheard of, and hardly anyone had air-conditioning, so it was cooler outside than in the house. Those were fun times. :-)

Children who are allowed to be children,imagine that. What a great gift you are passing on to your girls and I have to wonder how many kids of their generation are allowed to have the opportunity to build teepee's, play in the woods and most importantly...just be.

Beautiful Princesses and life long memories! Out of your imagination you spin the most beautiful stories out of every day life!

Boy, I would love to spend some time in their teepees. It is wonderful that they have a place to have this kind of fun.
When I was little, my cousin and I would play dress up, then sing and dance for my grandparents on many a summer night.

How adorable is this. OMGosh what sweet, beautiful, innocent girls they are. Love it Tipper...just love it.

That looks so cool and fun. I remember when we used to make houses in the woods. :)

What beautiful princesses. And a wonderful photo from the past. Lucky girls. What a beautiful, rich post. Made me happy to read it. Clear where the princesses get some of their imagination and inspiration.

what a joy to have indian princesses living in your holler! my sisters and i were just talking about getting up in the summer and finishing our chores so that we could take off on our bikes and explore all day. we made it a point to stay far enough away from home after lunch so that my mom wouldn't be able to make us come in out of the sun for an afternoon rest. it seemed as though we lived a lifetime world's away in the hours of those sunny, summer afternoons.

Tipper: I can remember going out by 8 to 9 and only coming in for lunch and supper. I loved 'kick the can' and it was fun until dark. We loved to explore our wooded areas.

Tipper, you captured some precious memories here! My kids were looking over my shoulder just now and were dying to know where this was and could they go there!

I practically lived outdoors as a child, since Arizona weather allowed for this nearly yearround, and with no TV and hardly a thing inside, OUTSIDE was the place to be.

We played a lot of games like "Kick the Can" and hide-n-seek, and baseball and frisbee. And building "indian" forts out of the yucca sticks and sheets. Cowboys and Indians, and King of the Hill. And it got HOT, and all we had were these giant barrels we'd fill with water, and bounce up and down in half the day.

I have so many memories like this. Worn trails through the woods and tree houses, grapevines all comes rushing back everytime I smell a honeysuckle vine.
How I wish I was 10 all over again.

Oh, I just noticed, Tipper! Thank you for adding Whose Role to your blog list. :)) Petra

So endearing, Tipper. Since there were 6 of us, one year apart, and a neighborhood of about 30 kids raised in post-war army barracks, there was never a dull moment. Carnivals were our specialty, but we'd look for treasures on the Indian Trail off the field, or play baseball (the boys never had a problem with their sisters playing). Yes, your girls will look back on these times as some of the best of their lives! Petra

We always played "war". Of course I always made my brother and his friends mad because I never "died" when they shot! I love the music Paul is playing, he is sooooooo talented!

I spent most of my time alone while growing up. Chair and sheet tents, leaves for money, and acting out tv shows. Same as most people I guess.

Gosh it looks like they have fun!
My brother and I would play army or cowboys and Indians.
On occasion I could get him to play school with me or "house". I think the mud pies and canned weeds helped on the last one!
Nice post.

Awww, I love memories like this! And they'll remember these days forever! My siblings,cousins and I built forts or playhouses in the woods near my grandparents house. And we'd always sneak into the garden and eat turnips or grab a cantalope or two! So much fun! I haven't thought about that in ages!
Thanks for reminding me.

I loved building forts and tepees as a child. I was always stealing the chairs from the dining room table and draping them with blankets and sheets. When we were picking out chairs for our dining room table -- I insisted that we get the kind that would be good for forts -- none of those padded back fancy chairs.

Anyway, I loved this post. Goodness did it take me back!


I'm assuming Chitter, Chatter, and Cheddar? Just Kidding. Looks like the kind of fun we used to have as kids. We made more imaginary stuff than anyone can imagine. All the kids in our neighborhood joined in and played until dusk and sometimes a little after. Every movie we saw was re-enacted as soon as we got home. Thanks for the memories. Pappy

Oh goodness. We had so many games! Cowboys and Indians, Town, Kings and Queens, Big Dance Tonight...the list is endless. We had no TV most of the time (and I still don't) so we played and imagined. Our games went on all summer. And winter.

My sons played in a very similar way. Like your girls (I love them!) they played outside, in the woods, over the hill at the neighbors--long games that lasted for hours or days. Today they're all successful, hard workers. I credit being able to tap their imaginations at will for that.

What wonderful memories. They will look back on this time and smile often.

I grew up in a neighborhood of girls. One of our favorite games was "lost children". We would pretend to be a band of children alone in the world forced to fend for ourselves. We would make food from the mimosa tree in our yard and weave the beans of the neighbor's catalpa tree into things for our home. What fun.

What fun they are having! I don't remember anything that imaginative, but we loved building forts, climbing trees and all that. Fun post!

Love the 3 Princesses story. Our favorite game was lining our Mom's wooden dining room chairs on their sides and sitting inside the legs to pretend we were on a train going to exciting places. We had a large oil tank out in the back yard that we would sit on and pretend we were riding a horse. But not in the summer ... oh no, the tank would get way too hot to ride our "horse" then. We would also play when we were supposed to be asleep. Our parents would be sitting on the front steps with friends and we would be belly crawling down the hallway to grab each others feet from the edge of the bed. What fun times! xxoo

As my princess would say: "SWEET".
She's almost 16 and she still loves to make a "tent". She's always been so grown-up, except for when it comes to a ten...even in the living room.
Great blog! Good music too.

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