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Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at our Appalachian Autumn. One of my favorite things to do this time of the year is too walk in falling leaves.

The other day it was raining down leaves as I was going to see Paul-I was looking up into the sky feeling like a kid again-when I walked straight into the porch! Lucky no one saw me-or at least I hope no one did.

What's your favorite thing to do in the fall of the year?



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Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

I think the leaves are my favorite thing about fall, but we do not have a lot here.

Last weekend we went for a walk in the woods by the river, and I LOVED the sound of the crunching leaves.

One day a week we go to gymnastics in a town that is in the river valley (but not right near the river). There are trees, and the girls and I love the leaves. This week we stopped at a tree that was MADE for climing. We were there about 30 minutes. They climbed all over, and I just sat in the tree looking at the mountain and the blue sky through the leaves and listening to the rustling sound as the breeze blew the leaves. Next week many of the leaves will be gone. I'm glad we did it when we did.

Awesome pictures, some of the most vibrant natural colors I've seen in a long while! You should consider publishing a calendar!

I LOVED your photos! Oh, how I wish I could get to the mountains this fall! It is my favorite time of year, and my favorite place to be! But alas....Had to chuckle over you enjoying the falling leaves so much you ran into the porch! Glad you weren't hurt! Did you do that little "I meant to do that" shuffle?

Hey Tipper. Sorry I haven't been around to visit, but life just gets in the way sometimes. I really enjoyed your pics. What type of camera do you use? My daughter got a new fancy schmancy camera the other day and I can't wait to have my turn to play w/it, lol. You take care, Terry


I loved this post and the photos are awesome. I especially like the one of the cabin. Just perfect. I'd love to live there.

I enjoy leaf peeping in the fall and also walking in the woods, through the fallen leaves. Such fragrances that tickle the senses.


So stunning. As a child, I loved going to the mountains, where trees were plentiful, and my sister and I would gather all the leaves and take turns jumping in them--a past-time of thousands of children everywhere. Now, I mostly love to breathe the crisp air, visit the pumpkin patch with the family, make apple cider, carve pumpkins, and find renewal in the endings.

Absolutely amazing!

Absolutely amazing!

Afternoon Tipper! Beautiful photos! The first is breathtaking!
Love autumn. My favorite season; sweater weather, crisp air in addition to everything said in your post. Lovely! *smiling* at
bumping into the porch. Once I slammed right into a glass door because I was enthralled with the buildings surroundings. Have a wonderful day, Tipper!

Tipper, I want to let you know I've been reading a lot of blogs recently to help me decide how to make one of my own. Yours is the best of all I read, so colorful and inviting. I like your personal focus on Appalachia and I like the music. I know you, yes, we've met. I've heard your daughter read her poems at Coffee With the Poets. Your blog site stands out.

The music keeps me on your site. My uncles were the Cofer Brothers, The Georgia Crackers, from Atlanta, old time music. I heard them play and sing many times when I was young.

Congratulations on your successful blog.

Great photo's. I especially liked the one of the sassafras leaves. The photo's of the old homestead's were very nice as well. Also, that has to be one of the fattest dogs I have ever seen in my life.


that pup looks a lil' underfed/hungry

i love the air just before sunrise, the clear blue skies, eating Guadalupe Cafe's Jalapeno Cheese Soup, driving to Lost Maples State Park, camping, hiking, campfires, enjoying the outdoors...

My son dug a pretty darn good firepit in our backyard a few weeks ago, so now we have something else to enjoy this fall and winter (and we don't have to be camping anywhere but our house to enjoy it)!

i love the air just before sunrise, the clear blue skies, eating Guadalupe Cafe's Jalapeno Cheese Soup, driving to Lost Maples State Park, camping, hiking, campfires, enjoying the outdoors...

My son dug a pretty darn good firepit in our backyard a few weeks ago, so now we have something else to enjoy this fall and winter (and we don't have to be camping anywhere but our house to enjoy it)!

Is that cabin your home? If it is I am JEALOUS!!!!! Oh, I would love to live in the boonies!

Your pictures are lovely but most of all I like your thoughts!
I like living where the seasons change so dramatically but I'm always a little sad in the fall when all all the lushness of summer goes away, and it starts to get cold.

I loved the beautiful photos you shared, Tipper!

When the fall air turns brisk, I love to take walks. I make myself walk in the summer, for health reasons; but in the fall, it ceases to become about my health, and more about my enjoyment. :-)

Tipper: Nice way to show thw Fall leaves with your spelling trick. Those were really neat photos.
I normally enjoy Fall fishing but the weather has been so unstable and changing it has been poor. I had a great August, so no complaints from me. The deer are really starting to move and that is special.

such gorgeous photos!

Besides enjoying the fall colors, I enjoy putting the garden and flower beds to sleep for the winter. It is calming to me to clean out and mulch the beds and dig out grass and weeds that invaded as the summer got hotter and hotter and I got tireder and tireder working in the heat. The peace of knowing that my gardens are in order prepares me for a winter rest also.

Thanks for the beautiful stroll.


What beautiful photos! I love the fall colors and the bright eyes of your daughter! So full of life and energy! Wonderful!


I love the picture of the cabin that you labeled "adorn" I would so love to wake up there and enjoy a beautiful fall weekend.

Beautiful photos! This time of year I'm always homesick for my New Hampshire roots. I do find the Fall to be the most relaxing time of year - no gardens to weed, no snow to shovel (ha! like I actually do that), no veggies to pick. We love to take our grandson to all the Fall Festivals going on! As he says, "Too much fun!"

GORGEOUS pictures!!! Breathtaking!! This is my favorite time of year too .... I think it's the vivid colors and the cool weather and the cozy food and the craft festivals and I could go on and on and on!!

P.S. zip on over to my blog (I'm right next door here in Blogland!) I'm having a Halloween giveaway!

Your fall is looking beautiful, Tipper! The colors are gorgeous. I went out for an early morning walk to catch a glimpse of the ducks on the pond and enjoy the brisk breeze. I try to get out early, before it warms up enough for the snakes:-O !

My favorite thing about fall is not sweating as much as in the summer. : ) In Houston we don't get the beautiful leaves so much, but we do get relief from the heat and humidity.

I like to play "try not to kill yourself driving down the road looking at Fall out the window!"
It makes my husband cuss when he rides with me. But it is so pretty!!!!
Ya'll are having a good fall. It hasn't really gotten going here yet.

Just looking at the leaves...and visiting a festival or two if we can get away.

Love the trees with the sun shining on them. God's landscape....magnificent.

I went to lunch on Friday with my friend, Auggie. As I was walking through Charles Center, I noticed a lot of leaves scattered in piles on the walkway. You know I just had to step on them all the way there so I could hear them crunch under my feet. Everyone was looking at me, but I was having fun and just kept going.

Tipper those pictures are so beautiful. You really have a knack for capturing just the right view and the right words to go with them. I haven't seen such spectacular colors in a long time. Thank you for sharing. xxoo

It's so beautiful there Tipper and that pup looks like he has been well taken care of.

Tipper you have me giggling this day. I would so do that same thing. Loftily looking up at the falling leaves and Bam! Walk into something. Ha ha! Those are beautiful pictures.

Decorate for Halloween!!!!
You knew that, right? tee hee
Are those persimmons? Or apples? The freckles make them look like apples. If they're apples my mouth is watering. If they are persimmons, I have plenty. Just don't know what to do with them.

You forgot: Beautiful!

Your pictures are gorgouse!
I like to walk in the cool autumn air. We don't have allot of leaves here to walk thru, but I like to drive around & look at them.

If we actually had fall, my favorite thing to do would be to walk in the woods, look under logs, listen to a stream, things like that. I love your photos, they are just lovely. A friend of mine sent me a small red maple leaf. I am so thrilled to get it. :)

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