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Pickin' & Grinnin' Moves to the Living Room on Carolina Crafting

Move to the Living Room 

I have special treat for this week's Pickin' & Grinnin' In The Kitchen Spot. Paul and Pap's show aired on Carolina Crafting this week. I thought it would be part of their next series of shows-but they squeezed Paul and Pap in to finish out their season.

The podcast turned out really nice they sing a song written by Pap and one written by Paul. Some thoughts that came to mind as I watched the show:

  • Wow they are really good!
  • Do Paul and I have the same eyes? His looks bigger than mine.
  • Wonder where they got the extra footage of the churches and river?
  • Why in the world don't Mandolin Man SMILE? He looks like one of The Darlins.
  • Jackie made Pap blush and me laugh out loud.
  • I wish Pap could "be young" forever.

Hope you'll watch the show and tell me what thoughts cross your mind. Click here to see it.



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Tipper I just finished watching the video. They sound and look so good. You must be so proud. Great interview and your dad was cute when she embarrassed him.

I heard a comment long ago by Emmylou Harris, I think it was on one of the "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" albums. She stated how as a musician, she had lost the feel for the living room,the feeling she felt just playing, and singing for enjoyment with family and friends, but after playing that particular session, she had got it back. I think that your family has captured that wonderful feeling and it flows out into the audience. The harmony of your father and brother and the simplicity of their Appalachhian songs and music are to be treasured. I had always desired to have the gift to make music, but that was not to be. I hope they will strive to keep this family tradtion of making music alive. Their gift of music, lifts the spirit,and blesses so many. Thank you for sharing this Tipper. And I hope to see you playing more along side your family! Take care.

The group is very talented. I liked your newsletter very much. You are doing an excellent job with your blog and now with your newsletter. I enjoy reading both of them very much. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Tipper: I'm so glad I took the time to visit the video and watch the performanc. The boys did a great job on their songs.
I loved your Darlin remark, everytime I watched them play it made me laugh. Send my best wishes to Pap and Paul.

Just loved listening! So much talent! Yes, I had to laugh, the mandolin man must have been kin to the Darlins. Loved it all, blessings,Kathleen

Tipper, that was a great treat! They are very talented musicians and songwriters. They did seem very somber in the first song, but I suppose it matched the tone of the music. In the second, they did seem a little more lighthearted, but still no smiling. Mandolin Man definitely was trying to contain a little smile there though. Cute boys! All of them!

Nice picking. Looks like your nephews are doing fine, too. I enjoy hearing original songs.

Such neat news about being in the crafts show! That's awesome. As for the bass, I expect we'll be seeing you playing along in a video soon?

Hi Tipper,
What a treat that was! I love Paul and Mr. Wilson's music. You have a very talented family. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Tipper this was fantastic! I enjoyed it so much. Seeing your Dad reminded me of my own and how much I miss him. Easter blessings,, marlene

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the advice about my quick time problem. My hubby tried several different things but didn't work. Finally, he went to the browser and changed everything to default. That worked! Now I am back to listening to your family and just watched the great video. Wish I was sitting in the living room with you guys. I could listen all day long♥♥♥

Hi Tipper....what a talented group and my hubby and I love their music. Enjoy each and every song. Tks for sharing and look forward to seeing you play bass. Happy Easter to you all!!

Tipper, I felt like a groupie, sitting at their feet in awe of their talent. Pap will never get old! He has a young soul and is ageless. And his voice is angelic! He can hit those high notes with such sweetness.

Not only was it lovely on the
ears, but learned so much! Pap
wrote over 100 songs?! Amazing! Paul wrote such a lovely song, which I think Pap could really savor. And Paul has the biggest eyes, filled with life and wisdom. You both share the same.

*laughing* I was watching for Mandolin Man. He seemed to want to smile, but just kept stifling. Maybe he's a bit shy. For starting out rather recently, your nephews play beautifully. What a sound the four acoustics created. And you play the bass, Tipper? No pressure, but that would be something to hear--you pickin with the rest of your family.

I'll take this post as an Easter present. It really added to what is going to be a beautiful weekend!

Blessings to you and your family
this Easter! :))

Tipper, the guys are /GREAT!
I have some observations also:
> There is more light in this video so we can see the guys better
> Mandolin Man does NOT look like a Darlin'! He is much better looking
> Yes, your eyes look like Paul and you both have eyes like Pap
> Handsome as well as talented!
> Why is Paul's "sister" not playing with them?
> Wish we could see their eyes more.
> Jackie did a good job!
> Pap wrote 100 songs, hope they are all recorded somewhere.

Thanks for showing us your very talented family!
It is wonderful how you are preserving this musical heritage!

Bravo! This was a great podcast. Thank all the guys for getting together and playing some great toe tappin' music. I loved when she made Pap blush. He's such a humble man. And you know I was watching Paul's fingers right? One of my favorite things. Glad to finally hear the voices of the people whose music 'rocks' my world. Didn't know you played bass though. How wonderful! Thanks for linking us over so that we could share in the Wilson magic. You all make us feel like one big family. xxoo

Hey Tipper!

I just wanted to let you know that I "renamed" my blog so that I could include more topics besides cookin' *smiles*

I've also started a giveaway today if you or any of your readers would like to participate.

Oh...and I think the mandolin player is way cuter than the Darlin's ;D

Tip you have so much talent in your family. It's just such a joy to come over, sit a spell and listen to wonderful stories and great Appalachian music.

Thank you and each of your kin for being so kind as to share it all with us.


Most excellent! That is well-deserved praise.

These guys need to be playing on XM raido. They are great.

YOU PLAY BASS?! You didn't tell us that! When will we see you in a video with the rest of the Family Band?
Loved the song and the interview, too!

I enjoyed the video. My favorite was "I'll be young."

Oh Tipper, I am so sad. I don't know what is wrong with my quick time. I can no longer hear or watch music and videos. My quick time icon has a question mark inside. I tried removing quick time and re-installing, but that didn't work. I am missing out on all your great music and videos!
Have a great Easter!

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