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April 01, 2009


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Congrats to Brit! I just signed up for the newsletter. How did I miss that post? Must be my 'oldtimers' catching up with me. :) xxoo

Yippee! How wonderful, a newsletter!

I really enjoy your blog and the music. I really LOVE the folk art painting that Brit won. Knee Deep in Love is amazing. Keep up the great work

Ahh! I have been SO remiss in visiting you! I got a some of my links all messed up when I moved blogs. Anyhow, I'm here now and I'm happy! Thanks for the painting comment - I do adore yours, and it's so nice to hear from someone else who paints. I'm headed up to sign up for the newsletter - what a nice idea!

Tipper: You are always so kind to your readers.

I love the flower picture at the top and the painting you did. Both are beautiful. :)

I signed up for the news letter. I am looking forward to it.

Congratulations, Brit.

Looking forward to the newsletter, Tipper!

Oh my goodness! I'm jumping up and down!! Can you see me?? I won! I won!! I"m so excited. I'm jealous of myself!!It's perfect.

Tipper you are awesome!!!

Tipper, I cannot get enough of your writing. I am glad that I came across your blog it is truly one of my hightlight momments when I click on your site and sit back and listen to you talk, to music.

Congrats to Brit.

And I love the idea of an email news letter. Good luck on this venture. I know you, of all people will be able to pull this off and do it up right.

Way to GROW.


Congratuations to Brit, that's an awesome painting!

Congrats Brit! Lucky girl.

You are welcome Tipper. I am sure glad you are here with a great blog.

That's a beautiful angel. That wonderful photo sure does highlight the work and the texture. I love it.

And I subscribed!

Love the Hellebores ~ the colour of the blooms is gorgeous! Good luck with the newsletter. I've just signed up for it.

I love the "click on a commenter's name" idea - that was a lot of fun, lots of interesting blogs. You come up with the most interesting ideas!

Oh, now I'm anxious to get the newsletter~a great idea, Tipper! Hope you're having a great week!

I'm so happy you got the newsletter up. Gave me an idea for "green as you can be" You are an inspiration !!!

Cool new feature/adventure for you! Lucky Brit -- your painting is beautiful :)

Hey Tipper, the news letter is a great idea. I subscribed so when do I get mine?
That is a beautiful Angel, congrats to Brit. I love those primary colors. Somewhere in me is the kid who never grew up. I see the world in primary colors.

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