How To Plant By The Signs
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Moonphases In Appalachia

Full Moon 

All week we've been discussing the theory of planting your garden by the signs of the moon. In Appalachia the folklore of the Zodiac Calender goes way beyond when to plant your corn-it sometimes serves as a guideline for everyday activities as well.

Cutting your hair by the signs of the moon 

Schedule your next hair cut under the sign of Sagittarius, Aquarius, or Libra-and your hair will grow back faster and thicker.

Deer Hunter 

Plan your next hunting trip during the sign of Taurus and you'll have better luck.

Cutting firewood 

Cut firewood in the old of the moon-it'll dry faster-and burn better.

Fence Post 

Fence posts stay tight if set during the old of the moon.

Other sign advice:

  • Paint during a dry sign like Leo-and the paint will last longer
  • Leo is the sign for love
  • Wean a child from it's bottle or pacifier during Capricorn, Pisces, or Sagittarius
  • Quit habits on the 2nd day of Sagittarius-the new moon-or in Pisces
  • Never shingle a roof during the waxing of the moon or the ends will turn up
  • Always slaughter when the signs are in the knees or feet-in the last quarter of the moon
  • Cut hay in the old of the moon-in the waning days

Got anything to add to the list? Ever try any of the ones I listed? I'd love to hear about it-leave me a comment.


p.s. Signs also dictate when you do your canning/preserving-I'll discuss that whole issue later in the summer.


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I was raised by my grandmother and she always followed the signs for planting her garden according to the almanac.
One year her grown kids belittled her so much about it that she went ahead and planted her beans even though the signs weren't right.
Her beans grew beautifully and were full of bloom but did not produce one bean! That was one mad little woman and she never again varied from the signs when she planted.
She also said to not get teeth pulled when the signs were in the head. To ignore this warning was foolish because you would be in a lot of pain. I cannot explain it...I only know I was a witness to the truth of doing stuff by the signs.

My father used to follow the signs of the moon for planting and such. I find this subject fascinating and am looking forward to the canning portion.

These were great to read ~ lots of interesting info.

That is really fun info. I do wonder if there is a sign to indicate when I might actually get a good haircut for once :)

Wow, a lot of these are new to me. I think I'll just copy and paste them for reference.

Tipper, Nice to meet you! I have been enjoying your music and your blog very much! Up here in Minnesota many of the old timers planted during different moon phases.. the best one I ever heard was back when we pierced our own ears, my one Aunt said..don't do it during the full moon..why escapes me, but she was very serious. Presently I am waiting for the next full moon, as I am sure it will freeze one more time because our spring has been so cold :)

I don't know any of these!

Oh yes, I follow the signs for just about everything. When I gelded my stallion, the sign was below the knees...didn't matter the sign...just that it be below the knees. The bleeding wasn't so bad and he healed...physically...a lot faster. Emotionally, he took a while and I'd get the eyes rolled back whenever I'd approach him. But, now that it's over he's happier because he's with the mares and other gelding and not on his own, stuck behind a strong fence.
I've got a great book, written by some fellers in NC that helps me.

Hi Tipper, I'd like to print this post and keep it for reference. I believe there is a scientific reason for these sayings. Like the comment above about the gravitaional pull, etc. The moon controls the tides, why should it not control other things in our lives?
Great post. I'll pass this one.

Neat, Tipper! I have heard a few of those, but the haircuttin' time is new to me.
My Dad and grandfather ALWAYS planted garden by the signs.

Interesting! I've never paid attention to zodiac, but it's fun to read about :)

Tipper: I must say that the only thing I believe in is that the fish spawn under a full moon. I plant when the frost is gone and that is all I worry about.

I love this post. I also had to laugh about the haircut part. I AM a Sagittarius, but get my hair cut when I go to the foot doctor every couple months on a Tuesday. :)

Tipper, I'm enjoying your 'planting by the signs' series very much. I'm learning things I never would have thought made much difference but they do. Thanks for taking the time to research and inform us. xxoo

My mother used to tell about when to cut your hair, and she always seemed to know stuff like when the signs were in the feet and the hands etc. For instance She seemed to be saying that if you got a foot injury it was because the "signs were in the feet!' etc.
I liked this post..

I was really careful last year about planting the whole garden by the signs and this year we just barely got stuff in the ground in between all of the rain. The lady who cuts my hair has talked to me about "hair growth days". It was only after moving back to my small town that I purchased an almanac!

Well I got to admits I have heard most of what you mentioned before but, I am quite interested.
Thanks for this post.


Grandpa always planted root vegetables, like beets, carrots and potatoes in the waning moon. It was believed that this ensured the root growth would be strong. Nothing was EVER planted on the day of the new moon or the full moon.

Enjoyed my visit. I hope you had a great weekend.


I've not heard of one of those. How funny they sound, and yet, I'm sure they were taken quite seriously by those who believed in them.

I love the "love" picture. Is that Chitter, or Chatter?

Good advice. Remember, a barking dog never bites twice in the same place, and wet birds never fly at night. I hope these will serve as guideposts for living your life from now on. If I can be of further help please let me know. Pappy

I've heard some of those, but other ones are new to me.

I will try this with my haircut and with painting! This is so very interesting.

Hi Tipper, When I was young, my in laws always followed the planting signs and we had much food for all. I am a believer. Everyone who ate had to weed, harvest, snap and shuck can and freeze.

Now, I grow flowers. Since I last saw you, I bought two hearty tomato plants and three okra plants. I've missed the May signs for planting them this month. With sunshine on the mountain, I may resort to Pap's plan and get them to growing before it is to late.

There are so many! One I recall is not to nail up green lumber in the new moon or it will warp and pull the nails out--similar to the one aqbout the shingles. As you say, there are many that deal with canning and preserving food.

Breeding animals, castrating, de-horning, etc are also believed to be affected by the sign of the moon. That could be a whole 'nother post!

Run lesson on folk lore. I've never heard many of these!

My Grandmother used to say if you need to dig a hole, always dig on a full moon and you will have dirt left over to fill it up. Any other time, there won't be enough soil to fill it. I asked my brother about this. He is a journeyman for the electric company back home in West Virginia. He said there is truth to that saying. It has something to do with the gravitational pull of the moon.

While I hadn't heard about which sign to get you haircut I had heard if you want your hair to grow out faster, get it cut during the waxing of the moon, slower... during the waning of the moon.

I love this stuff. Thanks.


A fascinating read, Tipper! I never heard the tip about your hair growing in faster and thicker. For that matter, there were many I was unfamiliar with!

I thoroughly enjoyed! :))

Mayhap that's why the Deerhunter is such a good hunter. He was born in the sign of Taurus----and we won't even talk about stubbornness of Taurus the Bull, will we Tipper!

And I guess you and I are the lovers!

I have heard many times about setting posts in the correct moon phase but do not have personal experience.

Nope, not a thing. I think you covered it all.
Some, I hadn't heard. But will definitely be referring back to.

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