Planting By The Signs
Moonphases In Appalachia

How To Plant By The Signs

How To Plant By The Signs 

Planting during the right moon phase is easier than it sounds-basically you plant crops that produce their bounty above ground during the Waxing Moon-the time period between the New Moon and the Full Moon. You plant crops that produce below ground during the Waning Moon-the time period between the Full Moon and the New Moon.

Planting in the right Zodiac Sign is a little more complicated.

How To Plant By Moon Phases 

Click here to see a break down of the Zodiac signs-and what planting activity relates to each sign. The sign of Cancer (Crab) is the best over all for planting-coming in a close second is Scorpio (Scorpion), Pisces (Fishes) is also a good sign to plant under.

On the other end of the spectrum Leo (Lion) is the worst time to plant. Other no-no planting signs include: Sagittarius (Archer), and Gemini (Twins).

Once you break it down into the different parts-planting by the signs isn't as hard to understand as I thought it would be-getting the weather to cooperate on the 'perfect' planting day may be a different story. If you Google 'how to plant by the signs' there are tons of links that offer very detailed guidelines. 

The Deer Hunter pointed out to me-that my 'sign test' couldn't really be considered a valid test unless I got other folks to participate-by planting the same seeds I did on the same days.

Planting Corn 

So are any of you up for being part of the Blind Pig & The Acorn's Planting By The Signs Test? I'll supply the corn seed-if you plant it on the days I ask you to-and report back your findings on whether planting by the signs made a difference in production.

The next optimum time for planting corn will be June 23, 24, and 25. You would plant some of the corn seed on those days-and the other seed either before or afterward-preferably before as the signs leading up to those 3 days are 'bad' for planting corn.

One issue that may effect our test-your growing season. I know some of you are from way way out west-so it may be that it's too late for you to grow corn? I'll leave the growing season decision up to you.

Interested in playing along? I hope so-send your address to me at and I'll send you some corn. *The test has now closed-but tune in to the Blind Pig next spring for more planting by the signs tests.



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I knew that people planted according to the moon but hadn't paid any attention until recently. I live in the PNW and Ed Hume publishes a little booklet every season with all the moon and sign planting info. Great little resource! Hopefully it helps because I've yet to figure out gardening out here! (I gardened in MI for almost 20 years)

I am trying to find information on canning and preserving food by the zodiac signs. I am from the mountains of western North Carolina, Iwas raised using the signs to can. I know a lot about it, but I know there is more.I teach a canning class at my church and I want to teach them the old way like I was. If anyone has anything on this please let me know. I want to preserve our mountian heritage. thank you very much and God bless

Id like to try the corn. please send me some seeds. thanks, debbie

I'm not planting a garden this year but I have in the past few years with my pal. He learned from his grandparents and definately plants by the signs. I have come to believe in it because I have planted my own garden not following the signs, and while his potatoes have grown huge, mine "turned up" to close to the surface. I have had flower bulbs do the same. I can't wait to find out how your experiment works out.

Internet down at home right now. Sneaking this in at work. :)

I love all the advice you have about planting by the signs. I've learned so much from you and it makes me yearn to have a garden of my own. The courtyard is not part of my apartment and the only thing it grows is poison ivy. I hope you get lots of people to join you for the corn planting test. xxoo

Wish I could do this, but I'll be in Oklahoma with my grandchildren most of the summer. This sure sounds like fun!

I don't think my step-mother planted by the moon but she might have. It sounds like a very interesting experiment and I'll be interested in how it turns out. I don't have room for corn this year so we'll be killing more lawn this summer so we can add it next year.

Oh Tipper, we have tried to raise corn every year, but the moths lay eggs inside of the stalks and the larvae eat the corn..what the worms don't get, the birds finish off. Enjoyed your post. blessings,Kathleen


I just got an operation aborted on your blog. I was having that problem a week or so ago. Blogger is going nuts again. lol

I would love to try planting by the signs with you, but just don't have any room for corn. I'm interested in seeing what happens with you and others though.

Hope you're having a great weekend. It was sunny and cool here today, but the rain came again late this afternoon. This week has been very rainy here.


Tipper: I do hope you get some to join in on your venture. I used to plant corn but the garden has shrunk way smaller at this time.

That rototiller has seen quite a few seasons and it still working. Is that moonshine near the wheel?

I did put some corn in the ground - mostly to appease my Emmalie, but I don't think our season is long enough to actually produce! I'm not your best candidate for sure :) Sounds like a fun experiment though!

I enjoyed this posting on planting by the moon very much. One time we planted corn when it was a full moon, and it grew so high, we almost had to have a ladder to harvest the corn. My mother plants everything using the signs. Great posting. Good luck with your gardening!

Makes me wish I had a garden. I'd love to participate.
That's a great chart you gave us a link to reach. A few years ago I did some internet searches to find this information and could find nothing on the signs. The internet is growing so very fast.
The Deerhunter was born on a full moon,5 days before his due date.
I think we are affected by the moon and her signs whether we know it or not.
There is a moon phase for cutting hair if you want it to grow fast and another phase if you want it to grow slow. Sad to say but I no longer remember what those phases are!
Thanks for the post.

Wish I could participate, but we don't have room in our garden for corn. I think I'm going to have them till up a little more ground next year. Looks like people will be planting on my birthday (25th)! It's bound to be a good crop!

Now my Grandpa always said that the corn stalks had to be knee-high by the 4th of July to get a good crop. Maybe that only applies here in the west! Can't wait to hear about the results of your project.

I'm In!

Good words and planting advice. We're way behind you season wise - Planting time for us up in Zone 3 is right about now. I'll get it all in next week. Hope to build my beds this weekend.

Well, I can't participate, if I planted corn here at the end of June, there wouldn't be enough frost free days left for it to even make ears.

I will be waiting and watching for the results of your test!

I'm in Oklahoma and I don't have my corn in yet because we've had so much rain. I'll plant some of mine before and I'll e-mail you with my address. It may be a bit late but it's worth a try. I'm game if you want to send me a handful.


I'm in, Tipper. Send me some corn and I'll do my best to get it planted on the specified days.
This is gonna be fun!

Ooh, that bowl of corn looks good.

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