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August 08, 2009


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Wow, looks liks a Civil War bayonet scabbard. The axe looks like it may date from that period as well. You may have stumbled across and old Civil War camp. If those things are there, there's bound to be more. These things don't just end up in the woods by chance.

I love to go on outdoor trips but never get the chance to go.

Amazing day! I have a daughter like yours who says, "Something is telling me to..." and she usually is on to something! Some folks are just gifted with extra intuition. I love the blue and white piece of pottery, and of course the scabbard is a fabulous find!

I've never gone treasure hunting. Too nervous about bugs and such, I guess! What do you do with all your treasures? Can't wait to hear what you learn about your scabbard!!

Sounds like spirits in thee mountains to me. I have not doubt they exist and Chitter was in tune with them!

If only those treasures could talk!! You know there is a story behind every one of them.

And a hundred years from now what will people find when they go treasure hunting?----a cell phone, walkman, action figure from a fast food restaurant, and lots of plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups and boxes I bet!LOL

I love treasure hunting. We have a metal detector and go hunting with it sometimes. We've found old coins, buttons, and so forth. I love finding Indian arrowheads! You made some great finds.

What a fun and strange day! Love all your treasures :)

Wow. What an exciting day for many reasons. I wanna go along sometime. :)

What an exciting day! Something was leading Chitter. :)

I thought those springs were from a materess.

I love reading about your treasures. We don't find much here. Maybe some shells and shark teeth at the beach.

i think the scabbard could be a real find. leather is so fragile, hope it turns out to be something very interesting. finally a really warm day...mid 80s...i was thinking we might not have any summer at all. the broccolli was great, and cut off the new growth, pitiful as it was today. my hollihocks bloomed, they must be a hibred cause they arent the single petal ones i see around here. will have to take a picture of them. they arent that tall but they are pretty none the less.

I have never gone treasure hunting this way, but sounds like fun.
Your post today gives me a good idea for a post on my blog. Love the music on your site.

That sounds like it was a fun and very productive day to say the least.
Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feelings no matter what your doing.

wonderful-and how spooky, the two legs directing the day i think!
ohh i so love finding old bits and bobs, to find a bit of old china is a exciting. when i lived by the sea we wouls beach comb and my best find was a thick piece of stoneware with the visible words '...prop...BOTANIC B...t be illeg'
what on earth do you suppose that was?!

Love this post. Maybe Chitter just has a special "treasure sense" about her. We have remnants of an old spring house down by our waterfall/cave area (I need to do a post about this.) We have found many pottery shards there and some pieces of mason jars and old lids. Your scabbard is a good find.


It's interesting that Chitter seemed to be lead to the places where she would find treasures from the past.

I love hunting for treasure. There's an old dump not far from here and I've poked around in it a few times. Found some bottles and broken household items. The blue bottle in your former post is identical to ones that were sold here containing milk of magnesia.

I would love to visit you and go treasure hunting with you. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my rainy day post. It was fun...even if I did get a bit wet.


Tipper: It is amazing what you find on your hunts.

I can't wait to hear what you find out about the scabbard. My girls and I love to go treasure hunting, too. Our best finds in our backyard have been some old coins.

Oh, Man. It's my favorite thing to do: Find old home sites or their long-since rotted away trash piles and dig up pieces from another time, other lives.

Members of my family often tease me about my collections of broken bottles, jars, porcelain arms and legs from a once little girl's baby doll, rusting tools and utensils, Bromo-Seltzer bottles, glass tops for fruit jars, rocks, crock pieces, parts of plates and cups.

Don't you hold each piece and close your eyes and try to imagine that father or that brother or mother or sister, using that plate or that jar or that axe or playing with the little red wagon that that wheel came from?

I think it's archeology at its best.

Sounds fun!! Did you all find any chiggers?I always find treasure @ my moms house. It's funny how it just emerges.

To be a kid again. I remember doing things like that. The things they found looked cool.

I love to find old pieces of the past. As a child, I lived in the mountains of southern West Virginia. My dad worked the coal mines on the hill behind our house. There were three tram roads (train tracks that carried the coal out of the mountains). About six years ago, I was walking back on the mountain and found an old rusted railroad spike. I was thrilled with my find. It now sits on a shelf beside a picture of my Dad.
Your scabbard is a great fine. Wish we knew the story behind it. Blessings, Annie

Those treasures are fragments of stories. They are like glimpses into the past. I can see why you do this.

That axe is in some condition!

I love to go to old house plases!they
are easy to find in the spring because of
of the many fowers that are there.
the things I find are not worth anything
but,they tell us of our past!!

Mary-Chitter mostly kept mum about her 'feelings' other than saying she had them-she wouldn't tell us anything. Hopefully I can try and date the scabbard-I'm going to try!

Blind Pig The Acorn
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Martina-we did look-but no sword : (

Blind Pig The Acorn
Music, Giveaways, Mountain Folk
All at

Sounds like a very fun day!! Did Chitter have any explanations for her 'feelings'? We love to treasure hunt around our property, too. My great grandparents homesteaded this property and we find lots of china shards, bottles, colored glass, etc. The sword scabard is a really neat find for you!! I wonder if you can date it?
Hope you are staying cool~it's HOT here!

Well you know I love treasure hunting. Most of what I find are old bottles, which I gladly bring home and wash up.
Running legs...hmmmm....that's a good one. I'll have to think on it a bit.
But if I were you, I'd keep followin' Chitter!

A weather worn seashell from the thrift shop rattled while I was cleaning it. Submerged it in water and out popped a clear marble with tan in the middle, frosted like beach glass. Same kind of marble like the one Dad gave me from his childhood collection! Bits of china,an old glass bead, some coins in the gardens. Crows dropped an old marble one day and I found another one while helping a friend garden. Ooh to have a metal detector! I love treasure hunting. Did you look near where you found the scabbard for the sword?

Oh what fun! You found some really great treasures! I enjoy treasure hunting too but I had to stop bringing the stuff home, I just couldn't find any use for all the broken pottery and glass. I do have a nice collection of bottles and marbles. My house is next to a creek here in my small town, early spring and late fall (after the snakes are gone!) it is a great place to find treasures.

Wow, such wonderful finds. Could the springs be bed springs? Or maybe springs from an old car seat maybe. The scabbard has to have been the find of the day. Good hunting, all of you.
My mom and her best friend used to find old dump sites and bring home treasures.

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