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October 31, 2009


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I feel honored that "A Mother Defies the Bonds of Death" was included among your "Spooky October" offerings. The whole month's repertoire has been wonderful. We in the mountains have a rich heritage of storytellers and stories. You are doing a great service to encourage us to share them and to preserve them for posterity.

I really loved the story by Ethelene Dyer Jones
My story pales in comparison..but I have a story about a ghost mother, too.
When I started to read this story, "A mother's love defies the bonds of death", I thought for certain it was going to be the following story. I am not as good a story teller as Ethelene Dyer Jones, who did a wonderful job of telling that story, btw.
Well here is my story, which my mom told, long ago.
The Ghost Mother
A man who was widowed ,with small children, married a vain woman, who like the proverbial step mother did not nurture the man's children. She did not cook for them and they would complain to their daddy when he came in from work. They would say, "We are hungry, Daddy!"
The Step Mother started greasing their mouths, and when her husband would come in from work, and they complained about being hungry, she would say, "They have eaten like pigs all day! Just look at them!"
One day when she was getting ready to grease their mouths, the ghost of their mother appeared to her. The ghost mother slapped the woman across the cheek, and said, "You feed my children!"
The Stepmother still bears a white hand print on her face to this very day.

Cool Story!

Oh! I have goosebumps from that story. Really a good one!

Very well told. It takes a good story teller to make it hair raising and this tale did good.

That had me on the edge of my seat, Tipper. What a story.

Tipper: What a great story, thanks for sharing this neat tale.

Wow, This is a wonderfull story!

I loved your story. The lady who wrote it is exceptional in bringing the story to life.
Thanks for sharing it.

Tipper, that's quite a story! I don't know if it's more a spooky story or a story of a mother's love!
It touched my heart!

Tipper, I really enjoyed these stories. I had to dig out my book "Mysterious Oklahoma". This book has quite a few spooky stories and even has a mystery that happened around my hometown and I remember when it happened. People were seeing a large lion. There were reports of farm animals being eaten, and very large cat tracks were plaster cast,and photographed. My dad, granddad, and uncle all joined in the all day hunt for the lion. No one saw it, and afterwards I don't remember hearing about it anymore. I have newspaper clippings my mom had saved and someone drew a cartoonish picture of all the "hunters". Too funny really, but at the time it was a real concern.
I rambled on too long, Thank you again for all the great stories.

You have put forth a wonderful blog for October, but then you alwyas do. God bless and have a blessed weekend.

I think this is the best story I've heard in a while. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. Happy Halloween Tipper! xxoo


I love stories like this!

I am wondering whether I might be related to Ethelene; one of my ancestors is named Bluford Dyer (her brother might be named for him?), father of a girl (named Elizabeth, Jeriah, or Nancy?) who married a Bolin Clark (my gggg-grandfather) in Warren County, KY.

Happy Halloween!

Tipper, I have really enjoyed your spooky tales this month. Great writing! Keep it up. I really like this entry.

Great story, Ethelene!
And thank you, Tipper for hosting this Spooky October!!!

Great story! Happy Halloween!

Nothing better than reading a good story like that on a cloudy overcast day.

I did enjoy the story.

excellent tale!

A great story,Tipper. I heard those kinds of stories growing up also. Back in the days when there was no electricity, TV and other distractions, my uncle Jimmy and my Daddy told some great stories.

I love this story!
There are so many unexplained things that happen in this 'ol world, it's amazing.
Happy Halloween!

I hope Chitter and Chatter have a very Happy Halloween. I've enjoyed very much your scary Halloween stories. You've done a great job posting spooky stories this month. Great job!!!

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