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October 15, 2009


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I love Ms. Quinlin's story. Of course, I believe it. It's spooky but still calming, knowing there is someone watching out.
Thanks for the shout out, Tipper.
Oh, and I love Miss Cindy's comment.

That was a spooky one for sure.

There are some great stories there and I've enjoyed them very much. You know I'm always up for spooky stuff; walking in the woods at night, abandoned basements and buildings. I'll link as soon as I've posted mine. This should be lots of fun. Thanks Tipper! xxoo

Ghost stories freak me out. I enjoyed your post.

okay, I absolutely want to listen but I know better! I'll be haunted by whatever it is and then probably end up dreaming about it too...LOL!

Honestly, just lookin' at the titles above makes me shiver...

I have some friends here who went to Colorado in the winter to enjoy a lodge and some winter sports. Several of them rented snow mobiles and decided to go out for a ride. When they got some distance from the lodge, one of the snowmobiles sank into the deep snow and was temporarily immobile. They tried for hours to free the machine with no success. It was getting dark and they knew they were in trouble. Then seemingly out of nowhere a young bearded man appeared on a snow mobile and offered his assistance. He lifted the heavy snow mobile out of the snow and placed it on the path. The three of them had been unable to budge it. They asked if he lived in the area, and he said he did. He guided them back toward the lodge;, then seemed to disappear as quickly as he had appeared earlier. When they told their story at the lodge, the owners said they didn't know of anyone fitting that description who lived in the area. They all wondered if perhaps they had been visited by an angel. Pappy

Tipper: Enjoyed the recorded story and the others that have shared their spooky stories.

What a great story! Yes, I believe it. The people we love are always connected to us. Be assured that when I am gone from here I will always look after you, Tipper and the Deer Hunter, and Chitter and Chatter!

I love that story and I love her accent. I could picture her story as it happened. Anyone that doesn't believe in Guardian Angels need to listen to this story.

Thanks for sharing Tipper.


This was a good one-it gave me the chills. I could believe it. You know the Lord sends us angels at times to watch over us.

I enjoy spooky stories just as long as I am not involved. hahaha

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