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January 27, 2010


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Tammy-I'm sorry but the Peggy Poe Stern book giveaway has ended-however you can jump over to her website at http://peggypoestern.tripod.com/ and enter a book giveaway she's having-you can also read part of her most recent book.

Blind Pig The Acorn

Music, Giveaways, Mountain Folk

All at www.blindpigandtheacorn.com

I loved this book cause I checked it out at the library and would love to win it and own my own copy so I can reread it again. My heart ached for poor Laine with what she endured. Her little brother Joey was strung by honey bees all over his faces, hands etc...cause Susie wasn't watching him like she should have.His poor little face swole so from the poison of the bees he couldn't breath. Laine tried so hard to breath for him but to no avail.He was dead by the time Laines dad got the doc there.

I finally read your interview with Peggy, Tipper, and finally met Peggy last Saturday. She is a delight and a great writer.
Watch my site for more on Peggy Poe Stern this week.

Joey was stung by hundreds of bees and then died. You are so right, I was just completely drawn in to the story. A new writer is on my list!

Wow. I couldn't stop reading and now have to get that book. Poor little Joey died after being stung by hundreds of bee's. I feel so bad for Laine and just want to slap her mother and sister. They are "fragile" so Laine has become the worker bee and the strong one of the family. Awesome story. Thanks so much for introducing us to Peggy.


What an awesome story. Joey was stung by hundreds of bees and subsequently died. I felt sorry for poor Laine, as she not only lost her brother but had been badly stung while helping him. I really HAVE to read the rest of this book. Thanks for introducing me to this new author. This kind of a story is right up my alley.


hello I adore your website, have been reading it for about four months.. thank you for showing us about peggy poe stern, and her writings.. the beginning of the book is wonderful and now I need to find out how the story ends..
thank you for giving us a chance to win the book..
while in the honey gum, little joey got stung by the bees, and laine had to run and try to save him by getting him away from the bees and into the water.. unfortunately ,, he was stung too many times by the bees and died
even if I dont win,, your website in itself is like a gift.. with all the stories and music you share.. thanks so very much
lynn legge

Great interview, Tipper. She sounds like a really interesting woman. It is amazing that she can work more than book at a time and never being without another book to write!! I'm sure all writers envy that.

Like you I wonder why she is not on the best seller list.

I couldn't stop until I'd read all of it! I'm hooked. I hope I get the book.

Joey was killed by too many bee stings - the author tells it much better than my short sentence. :)

Joey died from bee stings. Loved the first 3 chapters at her site. Must have her book!!! Thank you Tipper for the contest and the best site around.

I would love to win that book!!
Joey died from bee stings.

he wasstung by the bees and died from all of the bee stings

Thanks for the heads up. My daughter loves to read and she writes also. I will have to share this with her.
I just grabbed your dandelion. I love it.

Thank you very much for introducing us to the work of Peggy Poe Stern. I had never heard of her until I read you excellent interview of her. I sure will check out her work. Sounds like the kind of books I will enjoy very much.

Peggy's enthusiasm and passion for writing are fantastic! Wish I could find such devotion.

My ONE book on our family history (The Matheson Cove- In the Shadow of the Devil's Post Office)kind of felt like my ONE AND ONLY BOOK! Maybe my inspiration will return!

Eva Nell Mull Wike, Clay County, NC

Joey was stung to death by honeybees. So Sad!
I can't wait to read the rest of the story!!

Little Joey was stung by bees, soooo many all over his head, face and in his clothes. Just reading the beginning of this book has me totally intrigued! I really enjoyed your interview with her too.

Peggy is a born writer. I am a writer by accedent.Having grown up in the mountains of Western North Carolina I understand what Peggy is writing about. I have lived a part of what she writes in her first book.
Little Joey didn't have a chance to recover from all the bee stings he had.

A wonderful interview, Tipper. Thank you so much for introducing her to me! I'll be looking for her books.

Tipper, great interview with Peggy. She sounds like a real Appalachian treasure. Thanks for introducing her to us. I'll check out her blog.
Stay warm.

I love to read, so I'll check out her books.They sound interesting. It's so helpful that I can read with one eye and watch T V with the other.

Little Joey got into a bee gum and was stung to death. I gather he was a curious little fella, like most boys are. And I figure he had been told many times to not get near those bees but his curiosity got the best of him and, like most little fellas, when told not to do something, he had to find out why he wasnt' suppose to do it.
I enjoyed the excerpt, looking forward to readint the rest of it.

That is Peggy Poe Stern in the photo. Thanks for the comment Nana!

Blind Pig The Acorn

Music, Giveaways, Mountain Folk

All at www.blindpigandtheacorn.com

Joey was stung to death by honeybees. Her books sound interesting to me. Who is that in the picture with the deer.


He was stung by honeybees and died....only three years old..sad..
I am going to find and read her books....many stories must be based in the mountain traditions....

Joey died rom all the bee stings from the honey gum while mother and sister screamed and cried and did nothing .
loved peggy's writing and read the 3 chapters and now I'll have to order the book . thanks for the link . Malcolm from Thailand

Enjoyed the interview, enlightening, Thanks!

Peggy writing sounds very interesting - perhaps I'll read one once I finish my "required" readings. :)

Goodness. I'm enthralled. I just read Cold Sassy Tree and am ready for another Southern story. Poor baby was killed by too many bee stings. I hope Laine gets through this.

Joey was stung by so many bees it killed him. This lady is a very good writer and she holds you spellbound with her stories.

I read The Lovely Bones a few years ago, was given to me by a good friend. I have discovered some of the best reads are suggested to me by friends, so I know this will be a good read too...Do you know the IBNS number on her book, I can order it through Amazon.com or a local store...

Hi Tipper, I went over and read the excerpt. Little Joey died of bee stings. Loved to be entered into the drawing for the book.

Tipper: Great photo and story, I thought that was you with curly hair. I will have to check on her at a later time.

Sweet blonde little Joey was left unattended by his sister Susie, and he wandered too close to the bee gum and died from the stings. I think that's called anaphalactic shock. The swelling closed off his air supply and he chocked to death.

I'm anxious to see which of the two men Laine ends up with.

So nice to find you this morning. I will have to check her writings out. You have an interesting site and I will have to return to enjoy more.
I did not see where I could join.
Thanks for this post

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