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March 24, 2010


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Contra dance rocks

I have probably seen your dd dance before at Scottish Day in Franklin. I love to watch the dancing. I too am a mountain girl. Born and raised in Franklin. So much of what you write about is so familiar to me. I love your blog. It is good to know that others out there are as proud of their heritage as I am.

Becky, I contra dance-but I leave the clogging to the girls : )

Blind Pig The Acorn

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Looks like a lot of fun. I can see why the girls love it so much.
But all that twirling would make me dizzy.
Do you contra dance, Tipper? Or clog?

B.-I'm not sure of the exact dates of the ramp festival-maybe someone else knows?

Blind Pig The Acorn

Music, Giveaways, Mountain Folk

All at www.blindpigandtheacorn.com

Great inteview of Robert Forsyth. I always enjoy the folk dancers and Stick in the Mud at the John C. Campbell Folk School. My mother just loves to see the clogging. Great posting!!

Great post.....
Can't wait to see the video of the girls clogging...

I always wanted to go to the Mountain Folk Festival....maybe next year....sounds like such fun...
By the way...when is the Ramp Festival?....

Oh that looks like so much fun. I would love to try it.

LOVE this video...thanks for sharing. I actually took folk dance a million yrs ago, but wasn't good at it as I recall. But oh how I would LOVE to learn how to flat-foot. I enjoy the dancers at the Carter Fold so much...cloggers and flat-footers. I love the "mix" of the older folks and the itty-bitty youngsters, the ones who are talented and those are just enjoying themselves, and the music of course.

I love that the girls, Chitter and Chatter, are involved in folk dancing and carrying on a very fine tradition.
I did some folk dancing as a child and a little square dancing but not very much. It really wasn't available where I lived then.
I met Robert when I came to see the girls dance. I didn't realize he had such a history with the folk school but I enjoyed watching, he is a very good dancer.
I'm so excited to see the next post with Chitter an Chatter dancing!!

I have never been into dancing much, Tipper, although I did a rock-n-roll type dance when I was a teen. We also did Square Dancing when I was younger. I've never done Contra Dancing --but enjoy watching it. (Liked the video).

I love to watch clogging too...

Thanks for sharing. It's all such good exercise-- and a great social event.

thanks, bob! looks like i'll be able to hit both, then! :)

the dancing on the video looks like a mixture of square dancing and line dancing. looks like tons of fun, I love watching cloggers, so am waiting to see chitter and chatter clog

I have never been Contra dancing.

I have decided you have a fun life.

: )

So interesting! Thank for taking the time to teach us new things.

Great post, Tipper. We have enjoyed dancing at the Folk School for over thirty years--and don't see the end in sight...

Rooney and Marolyn Floyd

The Folk School has two weeks during the summer when we have free dances every weekday evening. The first is during Little/Middle Folk School (June 21-25 this year). The second is the week of our Dance Musicians' Course (July12-16).

and there's robert dancing, in the last one, dancing with nettie in the lower left:)

tipper, when is summer dance week? i'll be there for little middle week, is it then? or is it dance musician's week in july? i want to come up another week in summer and i'd like to hit summer dance week!

Music just kinda get's your toe's tappin don't it.

I remember that we contra danced and clogged in elementary school music class. That was in Lenoir, NC Morris dancing is big here in Vermont. There are groups that dance in costumes with swords and such. Always in town on May Day. They will perform at Farmers Markets. Also many Square dances at the Granges. The Sat night activity....Barbara

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