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June 07, 2010


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I don't think of myself as a bluegrass fan but I do love almost any kind of guitar or banjo music. Perhaps after reading this I'll look for a local festival.

Diana Lynn-thank you for the lovely comment! Makes me wish I could peek back into your memories too : )

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I spent most of my Summers away from Michigan and with my Mamaw and Papaw in Cumberland Gap, circa 1960's-1970's, visiting family in Blacksburg, Roanoke, Big Stone Gap, even a little place called Bean's Fork. I remember listening and watching in amazement my Papaw and kin "makin' noise" as Mamaw called it, pickin on the banjo or old guitar along with an old mountain dulcimer, sometimes even a hammer dulcimer, tapping his boot on the wooden planks of the porch and keeping time...I was mesmerized by the sound as it blended through the air. That was long ago, but not to be forgotten. Thankfully, here in Michigan, we have some nice festivals that feature guitars, banjos and dulcimers, so I still get a taste of it.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful things I miss so much.

I know Michigan has some great Bluegrass groups and I have attended several festival and shows up there. There are many events in Indiana and maybe foremost among them is the annual Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival at Beanblossum Indiana which runs all this week (June 13-20th) with old time bluegrass gospel dominating the Sunday shows.

Our next planned trip is that of going to Bristol in September for the GREAT GREAT UNBELIEVABLLY GREAT Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion.

Thank you and your family, Tipper, for your support of this precious artform and great music.

Mulit generations is the key for music being passed down. We have three generations in our family that play and sing together. Sometimes using my grandmas piano which would add another generation of memories. She is gone on to sing in heaven. Barbara

Great post. Thank you Pam and Tipper. I wish I could have gotten into something like this when i was younger. I just recently bought a violin and once I get the hang of it, will convert it to fiddle. I love all aspects of bluegrass music. the music itself and the history and stories behind it. thank you again for bringing it to light and keeping it alive.

Great post, Pam. And thank you, Tipper, for bringing it to us.
I love bluegrass music. But there is not a lot of it going on in my area.
I've always wanted to learn to play banjo. Maybe I should get one, learn to play it and get something started here. I'll bet it would bring out the other bluegrass lovers in this area. I know they are here....somewhere.

Interesting post with good info. We would go to festivals , but the $$ tends to be more than we can afford. One day, if the Good Lord is willing and the creek don't rise, we WILL go see Nothing Fancy. And I gotta add this -- everyone should try to go the Carter Fold once. True, Janette is gone now, but still...it's the Carter Fold.

Tipper: Music is a special part of mountain lore.

Love that old-time music! Great post, Pam and Tipper.

Thanks to everyone for their nice comments. I hope everyone will attend a music festival of some kind this summer, and I am rooting for you to choose bluegrass! Definitely hit the record tables and visit with the artists, it is part of the experience, and they really do enjoy meeting you.

Hi Tipper: I love your site and the music is wonderful! I'm a mandolin player and would be a fourth or fifth generation fiddler if the music gene hadn't skipped my Dad! When I lived in the south, I frequently went to the Ozark Folk Center in Mountainview, Arkansas to enjoy pickin' with the folks there. Their music sounds a lot like yours!

Keep up the good work!


Thank you, Tipper! :)

Mountain Music is as much a part of some of us as breathing..I worked in the ticket office at Renfro Valley to attend Eastern Kentucky University and consider that the best part of my college experience.
God's love to all....
Uncle Dave, Richmond, Kentucky.

Interesting post, Tipper... My experiences take me back to the 1950's in my hometown in Southwest Virginia (Big Stone Gap). Our little town hosted the Tri-State Singing Convention for many years ---and groups of singers (I called it Hillbilly Music back then) would participate. Sometimes, we'd have thousands of people at the yearly Singing Conventions.

My Daddy was a member of the Kiwanis Club and they always were in charge of providing food to all of the people who attended. Daddy would take me to the park (Bullet Park) and I'd get to watch and hear the music. But--as a little girl, I didn't appreciate the music back then... Now--I love Bluegrass.

Thanks for a great post.

Wow, these stories are so interesting. Makes me want to have a chit-chat with the bandmembers of the next bluegrass band I see.


I enjoyed reading this piece by Pam Warren. She gave me a new appreciation Everett Lilly.

You should already know I love this post, with all my open mic and WAMPP stuff going on- I am about to pick up my old guitar and go practice!

Check out my new website for the charity event that will be all around Jersey raising money for CHD-

Have a great week Tipper and family- Mountains I miss you...

What a FUN post! I love your blog and have enjoyed learning about the music and details of Appalachian life. My hubby introduced me to Bluegrass (he's crazy for it, I took a while) and I think our family would have a great time at the festival and camp. It's quite a drive and, worse, comes in the middle of hay making season, but we'll talk about attending... Thanks for all you share here, I'll be back often!

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