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October 13, 2010


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I just know ya'll will make the cut. You and the girls are so talented. Can't wait to see it.<3

What fun! What a wonderful experience. I hope you make the cut and I have the opportunity to see it.

How exciting! I can say I know movie stars. I hope you make the cut.

Wow -- talk about exciting!! (And lovin' those boots!) What a wonderful experience and the anticipation!

That should read...Chitter, Chatter and Tipper are going to Hollywood!
I'll bet you all had a blast.
You've definitely got my curiosity up.
I hope all three of you make the cut!!

this is way beyond exciting!!! and they got to wear The Boots. i got excited when i saw the goat in the movie, since i am first and foremost an animal lover. congrats to all of you

Movie stars...what will you girls get into next. LOL!!!!

so cool!!!! :)

Oh, what a wonderful opportunity for you and the girls. I cannot wait for the movie to come out! How exciting.

Howw exciting for you and the girls to be in a film. I hope it is very successful and you will be up on the big screen.

Great interview,Tipper. The guys sound like nice young men. I wish them well.

Looking forward to the movie Tipper...
By the interview it sounds like the movie could be an interesting mix of generations...gaps and bridges..LOL..contemporary and traditional...many parts to complete a whole...
One can try to shake tradition from their past or change it in some way but in their attempts to do so their past heritage will conform to their lives without most even being aware that it is happening...don't you think so?
Thanks for your interest in everything about our Appalachian heritage...you work hard...
and you and your girls will be an asset to the film, I am sure...

Tipper--Br'er Don mentioned the inescapable link to Judge Alley, and readers of your blog might appreciate the chance to read his book, "Random Thoughts and Musings of a Mountaineer," if they can find it (it's highly collectible). He is pure poison on the writings of Horace Kephart and Margaret Morley.
As for the starlets in waiting, reckon I'll just be proud to say "I knew them back when they were just simple Brasstown belles." Or there might be the other perspective, the one taken by wonderfully colorful "Uncle" Mark Cathey, the most famous of all N. C. mountain trout fishermen. When Tom Mix invited him to participate in a Hollywood production, Cathey's pithy pronouncement was: "I ain't lost nothing in Hollywood."
Jim Casada

DAANG!! The camerawork and the feel of that clip are really good. I get a good feeling about where the film is heading, and I'm happy you got to be a part of it, Tipper. Also interesting to hear about the experience with trained and non-actors. Fantastic.

Sounds like it was fun and interesting. I hope it will come out next summer as planned, I'd love to see it!

Uh... my first question is "Can I buy that house?????" I love it!

How exciting about being in a movie... SOOOO COOL!

What fun! You uns are going to have to be careful now, not to get above your raisin'! ;-)

How exciting!! It really sounds great.

Years back my husband and I were part of the making of "Foxfire", a Hallmark movie filmed in GA, staring John Denver, Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronin. What fun that was ... a crowd/concert scene that took 6 hours to film and lasted maybe 3 minutes when all was said and done. It's an experience I'll never forget!

I've never used the following phrase in my life, but since you are going to be a big shot movie star, I reckon I'd better slick up my mountain hoosier speak, so here goes:

"Waaaay Cool!!!"

My granny always said that fatback and crock pickles would make a person known for miles around. Here I always thought she just meant that they caused gas, little did I know that those are the very things that'll make a person famous!

Congrats to you and your girls. Now that you went and got famous on us, I hope you remember all of us little acorns out here in interweb land! :-)

Congratulations! This sounds like a great experience, Tipper. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it.

I hope you all make the cut!

Aghhhhh, now your really gonna be famous, a Hollywood celeb and all. Will you have time for the little folk still?!

Hey I hope it all turns out well and that joint "ownership" makes for a good project and that there are several festivals on the horizon AND that the film is well received. WooHoo.

This sounds like a great movie, I can't wait to see it! I very much enjoyed the interview, and the teaser was excellent, it looks like a beautiful film! Congrats to the Blind Pig starlet trio!

Great! Can't wait to see it!

What an awesome experience Tipper, I'm sure you and the girls loved every minute of it. Really enjoyed reading the interview. If they sell DVD's of the movie I'm buying one.

Wow - possible celebrities living in Brasstown. Better get your fingers warmed up for autographing! Very neat stuff, Tipper, and am happy for you'uns.

Surely the use of Felix Eugene can't have been random. The full name of Judge Alley, who I've mentioned to you (and I think in the post on fences and flowers) was Judge Felix Eugene Alley. You might want to do a follow-up question to ask about that.

How exciting, Tipper!

What a nice surprise! And it couldn't happen to a nicer family.
You have become a special friend of mine and those beautiful girls
deserve their walk in life. Go for
it! And Good Luck. I know that its
been trying at times for you to drag the kids to events all around, while loving it at the same time.
My favorite video and song Paul and Pap and you do is 'Just a Touch of the Past.' ...Ken...

How exciting for ya'll to get to do this. Am looking forward to seeing the movie.

I'm so glad Bruno and Harrison included the girls and you in on the movie. Thanks for sharing the interview, it just makes me more interested in seeing the movie.
;-) Keep sharing the music.

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