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Spotlight On Music In Appalachia - Music Is Easy To Find

Blind Pig & The Acorn Spotlight On Music In Appalachia 
Western NC is a haven for music-and the musicians who play it. It only takes a little looking or asking around to find live music-mostly free for the listening.

Tuesday night dance at the jccfs 
Just before 7:00 on Tuesday nights you can find folks lining up to contra dance at the John C. Campbell Folk School. The actual musicians who play for the dancers may vary-but the quality of the music is always outstanding. If you're not into dancing-just come hear the music-it's free either way.

On Friday nights the folk school offers free (but donations are welcomed) concerts open to the public you can read more about it here.

Cornbread Ted and the Butter Beans 
Twice in the last few months I've seen Cornbread Ted & The Butter Beans. If you've never heard their music-you should-they're so good someone told Paul they felt sorry for the Blind Pig Gang having to perform after them at the JCCFS's Fall Festival.

Flat footing at jimmy's pic and grin 
A few weeks ago-me and the girls visited Jimmy's Pick N Grin in Andrews, NC. Live music-and a whole dance floor of folks from the audience flat footing-now that was fun to watch. Of course Chatter and Chitter had to get in on the dancing too.

Del McCoury Band 
Paul and I recently drove over the mountain to Franklin, NC and caught a show of one of my all time favorite groups-The Del McCoury Band. They put on an outstanding concert at the Smoky Mountain Center For The Performing Arts-of course this one wasn't free-but I promise it was worth every cent of the money.

The Icecream Parlor Hayesville, nc 
The Blind Pig Family's new favorite music venue in western NC-takes place on Saturday nights-at the Ice Cream Parlor in Hayesville, NC. You can eat supper-they serve more than icecream-then enjoy the free jam session that goes on in the back of the old timey store.

I wish you could visit the music spots in western NC-but since most of you live too far away for that-I'll do the next best thing-share some of the Blind Pig Gang's weekly jam sessions with 3 of you. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a cd of the Blind Pig Gang-if you win-you choose 10 songs from my music player in the top right of this page-just make sure you only pick songs that are by Paul Wilson or The Pressley Girls. Giveaway ends on Wednesday Oct. 27.


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Dale-thank you for the comment! Hope you drop back by the Blind Pig often!

Blind Pig The Acorn

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Here in WV we have a great music festival called the vandalia festival where people come out of the mountain hollers just to play their music and dance. It's incredible. Just thought I'd mention my fav way to hear mountain music

One day I'm going to show up at your doorstep, Tipper, and travel to all these gems! ;)

I can only imagine the feast for the senses, Tipper! :))

Oh! Now you know I want in on that drawing.
I would love to travel around with you and listen to all that music. I might even get up and dance a jig or two.

Yes, Cornbread and the Butter Beans were good as were the Blind Pig Gang. I'm with Ken, I like to watch the videos of Pap, Paul, Guitar Man, Mandolin Man, and the girls....Chitter, Chatter and Tipper!

Oh my, how I long to go for a visit...the closest thing around these parts is Orchard House Booksellers here in Smithfield, NC...They have open mic night and sometimes they have bluegrass musicians perform...serve up some fancy coffees and home baked goods. Having grown up around fiddlin', guitar playin', banjo pickin' and mandolin playin does my heart good to visit your sight and listen to some good ole music playin...Thanks Tipper for the posts...Have a beautiful day!

well, i havent been here for awhile but i read it all, the girls are growing up so fast, i like the sunburn above the boots on one of em. always so much info. i bet that concert was great, i think me and mark would of really enjoyed it too. not much good music scheduled at either casino we go to for music in 2011, kind of disappointing. but i am going to austin from nov. 17 to dec.1; and am hoping we go to the part of two that has all those clubs and tons of music.last time i went in 2002 i didnt get to go, i am sure we will have lots of fun this trip. mark will stay at home. bernie and mary couldnt pay his air fare and he said he didnt want to go if he didnt have any money, he is still layed off. but, i am planning on having a real good time. i just landed another quilt shop who wants to carry my hand dyed fabric. hoping she will buy at least forty or so packs before my trip. that would be perfect. i cut up fifty yards of mercerized cotton last night into 39" pieces, that way they will diffenately be fqs after all that washing and manipulation. good to hear you are all well and havin a great ol time. take care

So many great artists ... so precious little time. We saw Del McCoury at Bristol last month and many more but the list of incomparable artists we wish we could see seems to grow longer by the day.

Now here's a special artist: We went to see Little Jimmie Dickens last week; got to talk to him and Jeannie Sealy and they signed the poster we had with us. Not the same as Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans (and I wish, I wish we could see all those great performers you mention) but Little Jimmie is a legend and still (at 90 years of age)an amazing artist.

It is a blessing for them that you have raised your girls to love so many of the right things in this world.

Tipper--For those among your readers who are fascinated by this subject, as I certainly am, I would strongly recommend reading the wplendid life of Bascom Lamar Lunsford written by Loyal Jones and entitled "Minstrel of the Appalachians." Lunsford was a man of great musical vision as well as a rare talent (among the songs he wrote were "Old Mountain Dew" and, I am pretty sure, one I've heard Chitter and Chatter sing, "There Is a Time." Old-time WNC residents will be familiar with his long-running song and dance festival in Asheville.

Jim Casada

i would love to visit some of those "hot night spots" in NC...LOL
We have one little place close by that let young aspiring musicans sing and play in front of an audience...It's a small country oriented..they accept donations..
Most of the music is country or country rock...NO HARD ROCK...that would spoil the dinner atmosphere...LOL Sometimes some of the small children get encouraged to stand up and sing along...such fun...!

Tipper, you continue to amaze me with all the things you are a part of! I guess you find time for the things you love, so keep on loving life here in NC, and tell us all about it!

We also have the chance to enjoy local bands playing traditional greek music for free but not as often as you do. In Cyprus free concerts take place in the open air in the summer and everyone is welcome to watch the performance and even sing along.

Oh, I hope to go on Tues. to the school and Sat. to the ice cream parlor. I saw Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans at the festival in Haysville this past July and enjoyed them very much!

I was at the concert when Cornbread Ted and the Butter Beans
performed. They were good, but the
Blind Pig Gang did great too, and
besides it was gettin' colder when
you all got to come on. I listen to your radio player whenever I have work to do, but my favorite thing is all those video songs of
Paul and Pap and the Pressley Girls...Ken

Hi Tipper,
We knew about some of those venues, but I think we may have to try the ice cream parlor....if we can find a dog-sitter...


tipper: is there any other music to compare with any where else? unless you were to travel out to sedro wooley wa. or north carolina west as we like to call it. with the migration came the music. just ask the " dillsboro darter". but nothing like the home ground huh? k.o.h

I do love to hear The Del McCoury Band! I've been lucky enough to see them a couple of times. We have a lot of music in our area,too. There's a big bluegrass show twice a year with some big names (like Del McCoury), and then there is music in several places every Friday and Saturday night~but no place as cool as the ice cream parlor you mentioned!

I wish we had jam sessions like that around here.

Would have loved to have been there to see Del McCoury!! Years ago, I went with a group of folks from Sunday School after church to a pasture in the middle of South Florida almost to Okeechobee. Under a tent in the pasture was a great bluegress group playing - it was Bill Monroe!! Total surprise and what a memorable afternoon!!

Such a wonderful heritage!
BTW, a band we listen to a lot around our house is from N. Carolina -- the Avett Brothers.

Thanks Tipper.

Thanks for the heads up tipper.

Would love to visit your part of the country and listen to the music. Do enjoy listening to what you put on your blog for us to hear. Thanks.

Have had the privilege of attending Campbell Folk School classes three times and enjoy the Tuesday night dances and Friday night concerts. Love the music. Must be in my blood as I was born in Western N.C. and love to visit there. Wish I lived closer.
Lost in Mississippi!!

Thanks for this great post Tipper, having all those places to go hear music seems like heaven to me. So much wonderful local talent what an asset to NC.
Have a great weekend.

Hi, Tipper: Well, I'm going to have to have our managers try to get us down to the Smoky Mtn. Center. Looks gorgeous. I have to agree with Haystack above, the upper midwest isn't the usual place for mountain music, though Monroe Crossing is up this way though--did a show with them last season, and they are the real deal.

keeping my fingers and toes crossed! but if not, that's okay cuz i can always come here to hear the best music of appalachia!

I want to come out there so bad to see, and be in a few jams. it's
pretty far from northwest wisconsin. i think the jams in your area are a lot different than up here.

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