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November 04, 2010


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Love your site. Takes me back home...

Old Time Herald is one of my favorite magazines. I read it from cover to cover, whether I know the subject of each article or not. I always like to learn about what I haven't been exposed to. Actually, I found Blind Pig through an ad in the lates OTH.

Just recently found your blog and enjoy it very much. I grew up singing and playing music with my siblings and parents. IT was such a part of our lives.

After I wrote that last comment, I realized that it might have sounded like I didn't think this post was interesting.
I found it very interesting and am curious as to how interesting the Old-Time Herald will be.
Sorry for the poor choice of words, Tipper!

I've never heard of this magazine, Tipper.
I'll bet it is even more interesting than this interview post.
How fortunate are we that people want to share their stories with the publishers of this magazine?!

Good interview, Tipper! I'm a fan of old time string band music -- just wish I were musical enough to play it.

I told in an earlier comment about going to my uncle's house to listen to music. I remember a young boy in his teens who played the guitar and sang. He went on to make a life in the country music world. His first hit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfY6bxPQ2W4

George Hamilton IV. I met him once in Japan when he was playing for the military and we talked about Winston-Salem. A real nice felow.

Yeah, I think folk and old time will be back time and again. People I think will always appreciate it.

Tipper, that is a very interesting interview. It is very heartening to hear that our music is in it's second Golden Era. That is really remarkable. Thanks so much for all you do to bring us interesting and pertinent information!

Hi Everyone:
I am sitting here reading about the Old Time Herald and listening right now to Rock of Ages. We started going to a new church and their music is not to our liking. I wish we could take this music and show them the good old days of music. Well at least I can enjoy this music here and it sure feeds my heart and soul.

When I was a small boy in the late 1940's we would go to my Uncle's house to listen to them make music. My uncle played the fiddle and my Father could play the banjo a little. There was a man with a mandolin and one with a Jew's Harp. Also a couple of other fiddlers.

Thank you Tipper, for a great interview. I have always loved the old time music.
My son has recently been invited to sit in at a weekly gathering of players, most older than me, so there is bound to be some real old time pickin going on. Will let you know how it went, if son decides to go.

Thanks Tipper,
I enjoyed reading this interview..with insights into Old time music...for instance I always thought Blue Grass had been around forever in the mountains...maybe it was just the sounds of the banjo, madolin etc..that I remember...LOL

That was a great interview with
Sarah Bryan and I hope the "Old-
Time Herald" continues to blosseum.
Years ago I remember hearing your
dad and his brother singing gospel
songs on our local radio station.
I thought then that they were as good and Jim and Jesse ( who I like alot too ). And now the Blind
Pig Gang has that wonderful sound
with a little extra from the cousins and those beautiful Pressley Girls. Thank you all for
your dedication to the sounds of
our Appalachia...Ken

I'm reminded of a song that Bill Anderson of Country Music fame wrote a few years ago, titled, "Too Country?" You can google it to hear the song.
It tells, in song, what happened to Country music as it evolved into something we purists don't recognize, and which does not recognize the purity of Country.
I pray the "Old Time Music" does not evolve in this same way.

great article, I'll have to check the herald out.

The magazine sounds like it would be fun to read. Your family must have really been excited to have a story written about them. I enjoy listening to old time music like the Carter Family. Also enjoy your post. Thank you for making it so interesting and about everyday life.

i am amazed and so happy that the younger kids are playing this kind of music . their level of talent is unbelievable. some are pre-teens, and play at a level i can only hope to achieve.

Great interview, Tipper. So good to hear from people who are working to keep the good old-time music alive and well!

I will certainly be checking out this magazine, Thanks for the interview and link.

I've never heard of that magazine before-sounds like great reading I would love to win.

As I was reading this, I was thinking, "Oh, I want this magazine!"
Unfortunately, I'm cutting things OUT of our budget, not adding new things. At least I can check out the website.

Great interview. I love mountain music and had no idea this publication existed!

I've been a subscriber to OTH since it started and I always look forward to reading my copy as soon as it arrives in the mail!!

What a nice and informative interview. I have been meaning to subscribe for some time. Kazoo Films should write an article for them once the film gets closer to release!

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