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The Guitar Giveaway Winner Is...

Guitar giveaway is over 

There were 684 entries in the guitar giveaway. I used the neat random number generator you can find here-to tell me who the winner was.

Guitar giveaway number 8 Small Web view 
The winner according to the random number generatior is number 8-

 Guitar giveaway winner Small Web view

who as you can see above-is Mike McClain.

I still can't believe how many of you played along. I'm truly thankful to everyone who was part of the Spotlight on Music in Appalachia-whether you wrote a post, let me interview you, or left a comment-I thank each of you.

I only wish I had enough guitars to give you all one-who knows maybe Paul will buy me another one to giveaway next year!


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What an interesting question Jim....I would think the native Cherokee flute be considered a wind instrument and the earliest...also I'd say the Scotch bagpipe was the first traditional woodwind instument...
You have to find out and share...
Thanks Tipper....

Congrats, Mike! It's a great win, don't know if you play or not, but, if you do, please play that guitar like it was meant to be played! Hope you make great music for many a year. Had fun entering and reading, simply some fantastic articles every time I've visited this site. Everyone, please have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Congratulations to Mike!

Thanks for the chance, Tipper and for introducing me to such wonderful history through music. I have enjoyed it greatly. Congrats to the winner!

Congratulations, Mike! I was close, but that only counts in playing horseshoes.

Congrats to Mike!!! It's been a great series.

It's been a great series, Tipper!

Yay! Congratulations, Mr. McClain!! i know you're gonna wear those strings out in no time.
I am a little disappointed that I didn't win, along with all the others who didn't win. tee hee
But who knows....."maybe" next year!!!

Congratulations Mike....

'bout the only thing I play really well is the radio!

Thanks Tipper for the musical posts...

Close but no cigar. I was only 3 numbers away! Congratulations to Mike!!

Congratulation to Mike !!!!!

To answer Jim Casada's question, I have a photo of the 1900 Sylva, NC town band. I am a tuba player by avocation, and what caught my eye about the 1900 Sylva Band is that there is a tuba player in the group. He is my grandfather, Fred McLain, as a young 18-year-old!! So at least, there were definitely brass wind bands in WNC in 1900. I don't know about woodwinds, though. This band was all brass.

Thank you Tipper for the contest.
Congratulations to Mike. I had someone in mind to gift the guitar to, had I won. I already have 2. Maybe next time. Loved all the interviews too.

Hey Tipper: I JUST KNEW I was going to be the winner of the fancy string instrument! But like another feller, I have NO talent in the strings department. BUT IN DECEMBER I AM GOING TO HILTON HEAD, SC to defend my Tennis title! MAYBE I WILL WIN THERE! Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!

Eva Nell

Wow, what a surprise! I look forward to trying out the guitar. I have played a bit of guitar and I play a bit of 5-string banjo, but now I need to get to work to try to catch up with Paul!!

Thanks, Tipper, for the guitar and for the fun web site. I have enjoyed so much being able to participate in your site.

Congratulations, Mike. Will you tell us if you play and if not, what do you plan to do with the guitar?
I guess I want to know the rest of the story.

Congrats to the winner! This has been a great series!

congratulations Mike.

this was a fun contest and learning and seeing all the ways of mountain music and mountain ways was great! AND talking to Tipper was fun too.I absolutely love this site, and now my granddaughters do,also.Congrats to Mike, to everybody for stories and recipes and memories!-Sharon

Congratulations Mike!

Congradulations to Mike McClain on
the guitar win. We're all happy for him and we've had a lot of fun
along the way getting to comment on various things of interest.
Today I just opened my Christmas CD of Pap and Paul's Music that I
bought awhile back and I got to tell you which song I liked best.
The 2nd song "It Came Upon a Mid-
Night Clear" is just wonderfully
done, and you can hear and understand every word. That don't
happen in most of today's music.
Thanks for sharing the Blind Pig
with us...Ken

Tipper--I reckon it's a good thing I didn't win, since I could catch a tune with a trout net, much less elicit one from a stringed instrument.

That being said, here are two interrelated musical questions I hope readers might help me with.
(1) Does anyone know when dulcimers came into usage in WNC?
(2) Were wind instruments used in WNC early in the 20th century?

Any insight would be welcome.

Jim Casada

Congrats MIKE!!

For those who would like to pass on the gift of music, but don't have a lot to spend, one can often find decent guitars for sale at www.shopgoodwill.com for very reasonable prices. Who knows, you might be the inspiration for a terrific career, or at the least, a lifetime of enjoyment of making music with friends.


Congratulations Mike. Hope he has alot of fun with it.

Congratulations to the winner. Darn it, I wanted to win it for my granddaughter who is becoming quite the guitar player. Maybe next time.

tipper: congrats to mike. it fun to be in a contest like this. it got me to thinking and i bought my youngest granddaughter one. she was already a fiddle player, so i knew it would not take her long to learn guitar. and she is doing great now if i can get her to play bluegrass, wow will that be the cream on the blackberry pie.happy thanksgiving . k.o.h

congratulations, Mike!

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