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Miss Cindy's Bread

Best bread machine bread

I'm a bread lover-I mean I'm a fool for bread! At most meals, I'd rather have the bread than whatever else is served. I like biscuits-I like cornbread-I like rolls-I like bread! When I try to think of someone else who likes bread as much as I do Miss Cindy immediately comes to mind.

Like me, Miss Cindy likes all kinds of bread especially if you've got some butter to go with it. When The Deer Hunter and I were first married Miss Cindy shared her sourdough starter with me and for a good long while we both made sourdough bread. But somewhere along the way Miss Cindy decided to get a bread machine and give it a try. After she got the hang of using the machine she found us one at a local thrift store and showed us how to use it. The bread machine makes good bread. It came with a cookbook which has recipes ranging from regular sandwich bread to elaborate Danish pastries.

Bread recipe for bread machine

Miss Cindy wanted a basic bread for sandwiches, but one hearty enough to be served with a meal too. When none of the recipes she tried fit that description she made up her own bread recipe.

Miss Cindy's Bread Recipe

Her recipe is so good I glued my hand written copy inside the cover of one of my cookbooks for easy access I knew it would be my go to loaf bread recipe.

You need:

  • 3 cups of unbleached bread flour
  • 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of gluten
  • 1/2 cup quick cooking oatmeal
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of peach or apple jelly (or 2 heaping tablespoons of sugar if you don't have or don't want to use jelly)
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon yeast

Easy bread recipe for bread machine

The best thing about using a bread machine is you pour all the ingredients except the yeast in together (the yeast goes in a separate place) turn it on and forget it.

The bread machine Miss Cindy found for us is a Panasonic SD-YS200. Bread machines can be pricey, but by keeping an eye out at thrift stores and yard sales Miss Cindy has managed to nab several for friends and family at a good price.

Once I add the ingredients, I choose the Basic Bread option which takes 4 hours. If I'm in a hurry or just want my bread faster I choose the Rapid Basic Bread option which takes 3 hours.

I've never tried it, but I'm sure Miss Cindy's recipe would work well if you made it without the bread machine ane went by a basic sandwich bread's rise and bake times.

Best ever bread machine sandwich bread

Once the bread is baked and out of the machine, I let it cool slightly and then slice the loaf down the middle long ways-so I end up with 2 smaller loaves.

Things I love about Miss Cindy's recipe:

  • the addition of oatmeal and wheat flour make it a healthier bread
  • it gives me an incentive to use up that last spoonful of jelly in the frig
  • its very versatile-good for making sandwiches, but good with an entire meal too
  • best of all it tastes so good we usually eat half a loaf with butter as soon as it comes out of the machine



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i am such a noodle. this was the post that caused me to go out and get a bread machine again, having gotten rid of mine a decade or more ago--and then i forgot to try the recipe! am trying it now (yes, i brought the machine up here with me!) only my machine doesn't do four hours, but only three for a basic 2lb loaf. i also don't have the whole wheat flour here so i increased the bread flour to 3.5 cups, used regular quaker oats instead of instant (why does anybody use instant anyway, regular takes only one minute in the micro, what's more instant than that?) and the sugar instead of jelly, which i don't have here either. i use the gluten all the time and did this time, too--unless you're planning to go totally gluten free, which i'm not, one more tablespoon won't change anything!!

i'll let you know it comes out.

Yes, it was delicious, the best I've ever made! My 13-yr old son ate two large pieces. The loaf was almost too big for my bread machine. And, the next time, I think I'll add a little salt.

Tim-I bet it will still be good-the texture might be a little different-but Id say the taste will still be yummy : ) Let me know how you like it!

Blind Pig The Acorn

Celebrating and Preserving the

Culture of Appalachia

Went to Ingles today to pick up some White Lily for my wife's biscuits. Decided to look around for gluten and there it was. Bob's Red Mill Gluten.

I make bread several times a week, but I use the "dough" cycle only, preferring to handle the bread myself after the first rise. When the cycle is done, I simply put dough on a floured board, knock it down, knead just a couple times and put it in a sprayed bread pan or a cookie sheet depending on crust preference and let it rise again. The dough setting comes in handy for making rolls, which are favorites among friends and family. My recipe is similar, though I use half wheat, half bread flour and I use an egg. I don't add gluten. I'm surprised you don't use an egg. Hmmm..I think I'll make some tonight! New bakers make sure your water is lukewarm so as not to kill the yeast (yes, I learned the hard way.) Also, if you don't have a separate yeast compartment, but it in last on top of the flour.

Never used a bread machine, but I do dearly love bread, especially homemade bread, even preferring it to cake or pie or any other desert.

God bless.


Martina-I typed the wrong word! I should have put gluten : ) I fixed it for future readers. Maybe I put glutton because I am a glutton for bread: )

Blind Pig The Acorn

Celebrating and Preserving the

Culture of Appalachia

I'm like you, I love bread and just
can't have a meal without it. But I
don't have a bread machine nor have
I ever tried to make bread that you
slice. Actually, I didn't know what
gluten was either...Ken

Sue-Thanks for the comment! Took me all day to realize I spelled gluten wrong : ) Hopefully everyone knew what I meant : )

Pap does sing lead some-and sometimes they switch back and forth in the same song : )

Blind Pig The Acorn

Celebrating and Preserving the

Culture of Appalachia

There's nothing like Johnny Cake (corn bread) hot from the oven served with butter and molasses on it. MMmmmmmmmm Good!

Glutton? What is that ingredient? Of course, that is what I am when fresh baked bread is around. Like you, I love bread etc.

Oh, bread!!! I know I shouldn't eat so much of it, but I seriously can't help myself. We ate a whole cake of cornbread for supper last night. Don't think my waistline could stand a bread machine-LOL

It's not homemade but you should be downwind of Waldensian Bakery in Valdese on a summer evening. The whole town smells like you just opened the oven door. The very air itself has calories.

This recipe sounds really good. I have bookmarked it and I intend to make it as soon as I can gather all the ingredients. Thank you for sharing it!

I feel way back in the sticks.. I 've never tried making my own bread would love to though.. we really love bread...Susie

I'm a "glutton" for bread, too, with or without gluten :) butter is a must and cheese tops it off just fine!

Loving The North Wind -- appropriate for today (even in FL). Does Pap ever sing lead or just harmony -- seems I hear a real "high lonesome" there. Love the blending of his and Paul's voices.

This sounds like a great recipe.
I love bread to. I'm going to try this one.

I, too, am a bread lover. With lots of butter. Thanks for the recipe. I'm always looking for good bread recipes.

Ignore my previous comment. Shows my ignorance! I've worked for a wholesale food distributor for almost 35 years and didn't know that you could buy gluten and use it in cooking. Don't tell my bosses.

My goodness - you are a woman right after my heart. I haven't used my bread machine for a number of years, but not you have tempted me. I have all the ingredients except for the yeast. It is now on my shopping list. I love bread - just any kind of bread. Thanks for the recipe!


Like you, I am a huge bread lover and can make a meal out of just bread! Have to try Miss Cindy's recipe, looks and sounds delicious. I'd love to have her recipe for homemade pimento cheese!

Nothing like the aroma of bread baking...When I was a young housewife I decided I was going to make all my bread products...Bread for sandwichs/just eating with butter...Rolls, cinnamon rolls, etc...and of course cornbread and biscuits....The better half loved it...but in a few months the pounds had crept on...ewwwww!
So I had to back off somewhat...I love bread..especially sourdough bread...lost my starter a long time ago...but it is simple to start over...but at my age I am afraid I would end up with a freezer of breads..since we could not eat or should not eat so much bread..especially since we love the other foods at supper that go with it too...LOL
Thanks for a great post...I will hunt down my old bread maker..and at least give your recipe a try...I got hooked on Dill bread years ago...I would eat it like candy...

That really sounds good and unique! My neighbor gave me a bread machine, but we never used it so I gave it to my sister. Oh well. I put oats in my pancakes all the time, too. I've got to go make some biscuits to eat with our sausage gravy breakfast we're having this morning. See ya! And, have a nice weekend.

Hey Tipper, looking at that loaf of bread makes me hungry.
A few days ago I emailed Ken the directions for homemade pimento cheese. Of course by the next day I had to go buy some cheese and pimento to make some for me. Now, I'll have to make some fresh bread to go with it!
I really like the Rye Bread recipe too and the Deer Hunter's favorite is Pumpernickel. They are all good, with butter of course.
I've modified the bread making a little, I don't add extra gluten any more. It makes the bread rise better but there is so much bad PR about gluten that I gave it up.
I have one extra bread case one of ours quits!

Ohhhh, Tipper! I woke up thinking about wanting some good homemade bread, slathered with real butter! The doctor has me on a diet to lose 30 lbs. The first month, no bread whatsoever. Then, I click on The Blind Pig and what do I see?! That bread sounds like heaven and I am going to save that recipe and get me a bread machine. 27 more days to go...will she make it?

My wife's Aunt bakes and hands out as gifts the best Sourdough bread I ever had. My Grandchildren love it also. Her Bread makes the best French Toast you've ever sunk a tooth into. However as a diabetic I have to be careful not to consume to much as it will wreck havoc on one's blood sugar not to mention your waistline when smeared with butter and drizzled with Sourwood Honey which is my preferred way to enjoy it.

I had a bread machine once, but never used it, so I sold it at either a yard sale or Goodwill! I guess now someone else will enjoy making your yummy bread in their machine. I do love bread, though, and sometimes when I feel ambitious (WHEN) I make regular bread. It never lasts long! There's a wonderful recipe for molasses/oatmeal bread on Window on the Prairie's bog! (I don't know how to post her link here, but it's

What's glutton? I'm a bread eater not a baker. Except cornbread. Now, I can make a pan of cornbread.

Bread! The staff of life, at least mine!
I love bread, and make it often.
I like Miss Cindy's idea of using jelly instead of sugar in the dough and will be trying that.

I love bread of any kind, too! But I'm happy to buy it and not have to bake it myself.

My Dad had a bread machine that he used to make a couple loaves to take to the Wednesday senior church lunch. I have it now and used it quite regular until something broke. I hope I can get it fixed soon. Every time I use it I smile as I think of my Dad making bread with the same machine.

Umm bread! The best recipes are handwritten like the pic of the recipe....reminds me of when my Mom would write down a good recipe


There is not much better when it comes to home made fresh bread. I can remember mom making it and still does occassionally .

I'm with you on the bread, I told my wife, it wouldn't have done much good to put me in prison with just bread and water because I believe I could live on bread and water a long time, looks delicious. We use to have a bakery in town, back when the hospital, grocery store, general store, drug store, shoe store, clothing store, bakery, were all connected by a side walk, the smells coming from that bakery was unbelievable, if you were not hungry before walking by you would be when you got to the other side.

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