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Eggs With Tomatoes And Cheese - And A Giveaway

Black pepper visions folkart press

A few months ago, the fine people at FolkHeart Press sent me one of their latest books-Black Pepper Visions. The book was written by Karen Pierce Gonzalez and is chock full of folktales and stories about food-with recipes to boot.

The other night, I cooked one of the egg recipes that go with the story of Zafira from the book.

Eggs with tomato and cheese

Eggs with Tomato and Cheese

You need:

  • 4 tomatoes peeled and chopped
  • 4-6 eggs (I used 4)
  • 4-6 slices of feta cheese (I used the type of cheese I had on hand)
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • pinch of sugar
  • salt to taste

Heat oil in pan and add chopped tomatoes, sugar, and salt.

Tomato egg dish

Simmer till tomatoes are cooked down and thickened slightly. (you can see my counter is still covered in tomatoes-best tomato production ever!)

Easy supper recipe

Drop in eggs and cheese-cover and cook till eggs are cooked through.

Eggs with tomato and cheese from Black Pepper Visions

Serve while hot-with a piece of toast-or rice-we've had it both ways and it was good either way. The Deer Hunter liked the recipe so much he allowed it'd be good served on a flint rock.

The book, Black Pepper Visions, is a little gem. Although the folktales and stories are not from Appalachia-they are fascinating. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win your own copy of Black Pepper Visions. If you're interested in buying the book-go here.


p.s. Giveaway ENDED on Saturday September 1st.

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Kimberley-thank you for the comments! I'm positive the recipe would work with canned tomatoes too : )

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Culture of Appalachia

Hmmm, this recipe looks like the sort of thing I'd throw together just because it seemed quick and easy, and which unexplicably turns out tasting really quite good! Have a great weekend!

Sure does look yummy, I'll have to try it soon..thanks Tipper.

I justsearched for Pear Preserves and found your link... Thank you for the music, I could sit here all day listening, it's beautiful! I will be back, thanks again! I will be using the recipe in the next few days... I will sign up for your emails...

Thanks for the recipe, it sounds pretty good. Sounds like an interesting book, too.

Well this is a combination that I have never tried before! My tomatoes are just "coming on" so we are going to try this recipe. I hope I have lots of tomatoes as I like to can them and pickle etc. Tipper, I made the red pepper jam. It is really good. I already made Hot Pepper Jelly which we like. Please add my name for the draw. Thanks. Inez Jones

I meant to say in my previous comment, Tipper, I too have had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year. My beefstaek tomatoes are as large as a softball. So meaty and delicious.

I am making this for Sunday breakfast! If all the recipes in this book are half as good as this sounds, it's my kind of book. I love cookbooks and have a collection of 300+. I especially love old cookbooks and those with stories.
Thank you Tipper for sharing.

Wow Tipper, the recipe you shared sounds delicious. Will have to get some tomatoes at the farmers market and try it. (our tomatoes are just now starting to put on green tomatoes and I've had one ripe one so far). The book sounds delightful. The picture on the front with the dancer made of herbs is so fascinating. Thank you for all the sharing you do. Have a delightful holiday weekend. I'm going to my daughter's house and teach her how to can applesauce and plum jam and possibly pear butter if the pears are ready too.

Two of my very favorite things, folklore and cooking! Would love to win the book. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

wow tipper i sure could go for some of those tomatoes and anything with cheese is good in my boat. lol
the cookbook sounds wonderful i would love a chance to win it.... a girl can hope cant she .. ?
deerhunter is a wise man... and lucky to have such a wonderful talented wife as you :)
thanks again for always making a visit to the blind pig such a great experience... i dont think i have ever left without learning some new tidbit.
big ladybug hugs to you all

Tipper--Sounds like my kind of cookbook. I love those which combine folkways with food. Ann and I have written several cookbooks, and the one I consider the best (I think I gave you a copy, Wild Bounty, has a lot of narrative material. Still, it would have been stronger for having shared some tales. Alas, the publishers would have no part of that, so it was what is was.

If I don't come up a winner, which is highly unlikely, reckon I'll just have to buy a copy. Ann and I have been married for 45 years and I've given her at least one cookbook virtually every Christmas. This sounds like the next candidate, and goodness knows I need all the help I can get when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Jim Casada

Recipe sounds good. We have been having sliced tomatoes with sausage and gravy and hot biscuits.

Looks yummy Tipper, thanks for sharing this recipe.

Definitely going to give that recipe a try. It looks delicious. I don't like raw tomatoes, but I eat them cooked just about any way you care to mention. The combination of the cheese and eggs cooked in the tomatoes sounds really good.

Tippy, thank you so much for the wonderful review.
This particular recipe is a family favorite of mine, too!

About peeling tomatoes? I generally quarter them and add to the dish,knowing that as it cooks the skin will 'curl' away from the tomato. The skin can then be pulled off.

I have made this not knowing others had...we love feta on or in just about everything.

To me that picture looks like a piggy tailed girl riding a tornado in the moonlight! But I have an unusual way of looking at everything.

Sounds like something I would love!

With that kind of tomato crop it is time for tomato gravy and biscuits. The recipe here would be good on biscuits too!

I'd love to win - I really love recipe books like this. I have quite a few that have stories with the recipes & I'd love to add it to my collection.



That tomato, egg, and cheese thing
sure looks good for a late break-
fast. I like eggs just fried with
cold, sliced tomatoes. Usually I
mix the yellow and pink Johnson's.
With a couple slices of toast,
your jaws will just about beat your brains out...Ken

If it has eggs and cheese you can't go wrong.

Yumm, I know what we will be having for dinner tonight. I never get tired of tomatoes!

Those eggs sound yummy - includes my favorite things to eat with them, cheese and tomatoes! Love to have that book. Thank you!

Folk tales and food, can't get much better than that!
Many thanks for letting us know about the book---and sharing the recipe.

We have been eating eggs over easy on rice (pan fried) for a long time. This receipt sounds much better. We will try this on the weekend comin' up. Thanks!

Oh this looks wonderful!!! I am going to have to find some farm fresh tomatoes and give it a try. I wonder if it would work with canned tomatoes?

It sounds delicious! Tomatoes are one of my main summer food groups!!

Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! I have got to try this one. It looks delicious!
I am only growing green bell peppers this year; I miss growing the tomatoes. My mouth is watering.


I have always been fascinated with anything artistic - especially painting- and the cover of that book BLACK PEPPER VISIONS grabbed me instantly when I saw it. That image in the center of the painting looks like some sort of a scrubby time ravished tree that is slowly dying. Or is it an abstract sketch of a ballerina? What ever it is, it is very creative! Resembles something I once saw in a dream with that yellow moon.

Oh yes, anything with tomatoes I like. I'll try this.

How do you peel your tomatoes?

Yum! Tomatoes and cheese, two of my favorite foods. Gonna give this one a try, thanks Tipper!

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