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Come See Us On Oct. 5th @ The JCCFS music

If you live close enough-come out to see The Blind Pig Gang on October 5th. We'll be performing for the John C. Campbell Folk School's Friday night concert series. The show starts at 7:00pm.

We are honored to have been asked to perform the night before the folk school's fall festival kicks off.

As usual we'll do a mixture of gospel, bluegrass, and traditional songs. I know for certain we'll be doing this one:

(*Before you watch the video you need to stop the music player-the music controls are along the top of this page on the far left side-just above the Blind Pig logo. Click the center round button to stop the player)

If you make it to the fall festival-The Blind Pig Gang will also perform Sunday at 2:00pm on the Festival Barn Stage.

Want your own Blind Pig Gang cd? Leave a comment telling me your favorite song from my music player and you'll be entered in the giveaway. (giveaway ends Saturday Sept. 22)

I've got 4 tickets for the JCCFS's Fall Festival to giveaway too-so drop back by in the next few days for a chance to win them.


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I absolutely LOVE that video!!!!

I wish I could be there Friday night and for the festival. I have hardly missed a Fall Festival in the past 15 years, but I will be gone on vacation during the weekend of the festival this year.
I like several songs, but I'll say Angel Band because I first heard that in a delightful play some years ago. I like the arrangement you all do.

You little heart of stone or The deep elm blues really I enjoy listening every morning to as many as I take time for.
grandpa ken

Jim-No but The Pressley Girls do : ) Maybe I can get them to let me video it for you soon!

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

The Boogie bumph is not the modern day one...oops....I am thinking more of the Boogie Woogie bumphing bass....LOL
A'liken to going up the scale and back down...cdegacgdc then change my drift...
Long ago...

Tipper--Do Pap and Paul ever sing "Rank Stranger?" It's a great, haunting song that really lends itself to the high lonesome sound that seems to me almost to be the voice of the hills.
Jim Casada

Steel Rails by far is my favorite.
That could change though, every
time you all do a new one that
touches me. There are many that
would come in second, but back
when I wrote you a story for your
fishing series, Steel Rails was
number 1 on your playlist. I felt
that it was just right while
reading. On Youtube I found all
your songs, "right clicked" in a
white space and added to my

We would give most anything to be able to see and hear you folk in person. Miles and miles separate us sadly. You do music the way music should be done. It is a very hard thing to choose when you like all but our choice would be "Hard Time Come Again." You live in a great place! Thanks for this opportunity to maybe have our own CD of you folk.

Those girls are so talented--and the rest of ya'll too. Her voice is so sweet and pure it goes right through does the fiddle.Undescribable!

I love them all, but I especially love "Little Old Ladies" that Paul sings...
I can't choose, it is very hard to do...all the musical harmony and the girls harmony, Pap and Pauls harmony is done so well. How can I choose between them? Just not fair to ask us, Tipper!
Then of course the quick glimpses of the bass player that adds so much to the sound...I would love to hear you do the "Boogie Bumph" on the Bass...Love it,
Sorry, I just can't plan anything definately anymore but would love to see and meet you'all...
I have to "ditto" Eds poem...
Thanks Tipper, We are having a beautiful blessed here...I just can't stand to turn on the "TV ruckous", though we have to keep up with world news I suppose...or do we?

Enjoy every song on the list. Hard to pick a favorite, but I think it might be Angel Band.

Tipper--You ask what is for me an impossible question; namely, to narrow things down to a single favorite. I'll do the best I can and name three--"Until Then," "I'll Fly Away," and "There Is a Time."
Jim Casada

Wish I could hear your gang in person, but I can't. I'm proud for you and happy that you keep the old music alive. Makes me smile that your family gets together to make and enjoy mountain music. Hard Times Come Again No More is my favorite, I think. There are too many that I love.

I would love to be able to see your gang perform in person. Maybe some day I can find time to make the trip and meet you all before the girls get famous and untouchable. My very favorite song is "Poor Man". I could listen to that song over and over!

My favorite? Whatever is currently playing! Awhile ago, it was "'Way Back in the Hills." "I'll Fly Away" is forever a favorite; and "Steel Rails" is nostalgic and pensive; "Until Then" has such hope expressed! With such a repertoire as the "Playlist" gives, we have many good choices! Thank you. And best wishes at the Folk School Festival. I would like to attend, but won't be able to get there. I know many people enjoy the weekend! Keep up the good work!

I like to be there. But from Germany it is to far away :-(

Gosh, It's hard to pick just one. I do love Silver Wings though. Do yall ever do Where the Soul of Man (never dies)? If so, I'd love to hear it sometime.

It is hard to choose a favorite. I do wish I could be there on the 5th. I miss seeing you guys in person.

Just marked it on the calendar! I'll be there.

Well OK then. We're ready to go. We would love to see and meet you folks. I would like to teach whittling there at the school some day.

The spirit is willing,
but the body is weak.
The mind is determined,
but not so the feet.

So I guess I am relegated to gleaning bits and pieces I find here on your website.

My most favoritest song on your playlist is "Until Then"

I don't know if you intended to put all your videos on today but I going to enjoy them as long as I can.

I will wish you good luck! Your family is so respected and very talented. Of all your songs I like enjoy listening to :Like a Candle in the Wind. There are others; many of them I am still listening to; I am beinning to enjoy and appreciate country music.

Wow, which one's my favorite? Your asking a lot. Hard to decide, "Way back in the hill's", but understand that's closing your eyes and picking they're all good..

I'll be there, Tipper! Plan to arrive early afternoon.
I always look forward to the festival. It's a great day for me cause I get to see you guys perform on Sunday, see the girls dance both Saturday and Sunday, and now add the Friday night concert.
There is also all the mountain art that the festival offers on Saturday and Sunday. It's always an exciting weekend.

I love all the songs on the playlist and it's had to say which one is my favorite. If I had to make a chose it would be I'll Fly Away by the Pressley Girls. A few days ago I bought a new speaker system for my PC so I could get more bass. Now when I am working on a project on my computer or playing games on facebook :) the playlist is playing in the background.
Gonna try to make it on Oct 5 but now sure yet. Have a Great weekend. Thanks again to all the group for the fine music and keep it coming.

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