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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

How to roast pumpkin seeds

Over the weekend I put up 2 pumpkins. Feels good to have pumpkin on hand when we want to make pumpkin rolls or pumpkin pies this winter. Granny makes the best ever pumpkin pie-I don't think I've ever shared her recipe with you-but I must.

Easy recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds

Once I scooped all the seeds from the pumpkins-I let Chatter have the job of washing the gunk off of them. Afterwards, she spread the seeds on a paper lined cookie sheet and let them dry over night. From 2 small pumpkins we got just under 1 1/2 cups of seeds.

Recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds

The next day, we melted 2 teaspoons of butter in a bowl-added the seeds and a pinch or 2 of salt and stirred the mixture well.

Salted pumpkin seeds

Once the seeds were spread out on a cookie sheet-we baked them at 300 degrees for 20 minutes till they were just beginning to turn brown around the edges.

The best roasted pumpkin seeds

These were hands down the best pumpkin seeds we've ever roasted. The pumpkins were grown by a man down the road, who like the Jolly Green Giant, can grow anything. I wouldn't doubt that he somehow made the seeds inside the pumpkin grow extra good too-but I think the real reason they were the best ever -is because we let them dry over night.

Ever roast pumpkin seeds?


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Theresa-go here to see:

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

We all love roasted pumpkin seeds as well as pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies...and.... do you put up your pumpkin?

In Cyprus, we love pumpkin pies but they are quite different from yours. I've still got to learn how to make them! :-) You might like to have a look at the recipe:

I love roasted pumpkin seeds or cushaw seeds. I think if you throw them out you are missing out on the best part. When I lived in Florida and my mom lived in Kentucky she would send me cushaw by the UPS man and I was so happy to have them. She also sent dried green beans "leather britches" and now I have a long string of them hanging by my kitchen door that I made out of greasy beans but I don't eat them. I just keep them there and think of her every time I see them.

I've never raised Pumpkins and the
only way I ever ate them is in a
pie. But while reading Gina's
comment, I'm reminded of my aunt
Toots who use to make the best pies out of Cushaws. They don't
have the orange tint like pumpkins
do, they're more yellowish. But
she made her own crusts and knew
how to use just the right spices
she learned from the older

It could be that your punkin was a little immature and thus its seeds. The baby seeds might have a different taste. Actually baby watermelon seeds are edible. That might be an idea for a fancy smancy restaurant menu item "Roasted Baby Pumpkin Seeds" $27.87

Love them and yes I do roast them! There are so many seasonings to use - just like popcorn - but butter and salt are the best to me! Drying first does make them roast better too I think. Happy days of cooler air and sunshine for the week and delicious night air to sleep in. It's potato digging time around here. Too bad our greens were invaded and all were lost :D

I haven't had roasted pumpkin seeds in a long time and never with butter. Sounds good! I did just eat a Pumpkin Donut @ Dunkin Donuts in Janesville Wisconsin!

You may have stumbled on the secret to good seeds. I never thought to dry them overnight. The ones I did last season weren't desirable. I am definitely going to try your recipe. Thanks!

I have been thinking about "Fall foods" the last week or so, even though it is not Fall type weather yet. Ginger bread and pumpkin pie and dressing, I can hardly wait to see Granny's recipe for pumpkin pie. And to find out what kind of pumpkin it was. But I've never eaten pumpkin seeds, I think we must've sent our pumpkin seeds on to the chickens or hogs.

I agree with Ethel the women of the last couple of generations could walk into an empty kitchen and have a wonderful meal put together in no time. What was their magic?

I haven't had any roasted pumpkin seeds since I was a child. Ed is right about them being hard to clean.

I don't even like pumpkin, in any form except I can eat me some roasted pumpkin seeds. I like to sprinkle a "little" salt on them when they come out of the oven. You are right about being messy to clean but they are worth it, especially if someone else is doing the cleaning.

I adore roasted pumpkin seeds, but I have not had any in about 10 years! I think I will have to buy a pumpkin just so that I can make some! :)

I might just have to buy me a pumkpin to try these. I've never had roasted pumpkin seeds.

Yep, I used to roast pumpkin seeds with my children when they were little. I did it the same as you did, except I used olive oil instead of butter. Last year my daughter roasted seeds with my grandaughter, nice to see the tradition going on. They're good for you too!

I am looking forward to seeing Granny's pie recipe, though probably we couldn't make it as well as she does. I swear the women of that generation all have some kind of kitchen wizardry!

My daughter roasts the seeds from every pumpkin she cuts. I like them, but have to fight the grands for a bite. Have you ever eaten any Kershaw pumpkin? Mama's best friend, Chris, never used anything but Kershaw for her pumpkin pies. She called them Cushaws. I remember the consistency of them to be more fibrous than pumpkin and the color more yellow than orange. The pies were so good. I am going to the produce stand to see if I can find a Kershaw. For my last birthday I had my girl bake me a pumpkin roll instead of a cake. Too good!

I have never roasted pumpkin seeds. I bought a bag at the store and thought they tasted bland. Since we don't raise pumpkins, the grandkids go to Huber's Farm in Indiana to pick theirs. Maybe I can talk them into sharing the seeds.

My family loves pumpkin seeds roasted also. My pumpkins are still in the field!

Never tried butter on them for roasting, sounds perfect!

Tipper- You said you "put down" pumpkin for pies,etc., for winter. I have frozen squash and do each year, but I have never done pumpkin. Do you freeze it or can it? I am interested to know the procedure you use. I love your blog!!! WE look forward to seeing and hearing it each morning. I am doing my grapes into jelly this a.m.

Do you know if your friend has any extra large pumpkins? My wife has put on a few pounds and we are looking for her a new place to stay.

B.ruth-Hold your tater. Take a chill pill! Be patient. But each in his own order! It will come. Let it get fully mature. I too want desperately to know, but not before it's time.

My daughter makes her's the same way. The best were instead of salt she used cinnamon and sugar, once she added parm. cheese, those were both supreme.

I've never roasted pumpkin seeds but I have to say that the ones you all roasted were very good.
I'd like to see Granny's recipe for pumpkin pie. I've made a few pumpkin pies in my life but never thought they were very good. In all likelihood the problem was I just never had a good recipe.

You are right to get the lighter ones, they do have the best flavor I think....
PS...Now then, when do we come to your house for pumkin roll with cream cheese filling...or pumkin muffins with nuts, or pumpkin bread...No thanks on the pumkin soup...Pumpkin cookies just OK...
Thanks Tipper have a good day!

B.-I dont know why he doesnt wait till frost? Maybe he has early varieties and late ones? The 2 I put up-where really light colored inside-but had a strong pumpkin taste : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

PS...Just thought of something else...LOL Why does this farmer harvest pumpkins before the first light frost...We never grew many pumpkins, but always waited until the after the first frost...Is this true or an old wives tale?
Thanks Tipper,

Yep, and you can sprinkle a tiny bit of your favorite spices on them to change the flavor...
I love them roasted...
Still wondering about that vine growing outside your kitchen window?
Thanks Tipper,
PS...The taste could be that it was early pumpkin and homegrown as well...Find out what the name of the variety was, too...I'd say letting them dry more certainly made a difference....

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