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October 17, 2012


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That Mordecia video was hilarious! I wouldn't know what to do either!!!

That is a scary song!!!

I can honestly say I've never really listened to spooky or scary music but I could listen to this Josh Williams sing anything I do love his voice. Thank you for introducing me to new music.

Good to have music sure have missed it


I love it, hadn't heard it in years.

I am a cave fan, no horror at all. I spent most weekends of my freshman year in college going through wild caves all over East and Middle Tennessee.

Nothing in my mind to be afraid of, once you get a couple of hundred yards in, there are no critters except harmless cave critters. The copperheads, rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, bears, etc. don't usually like it when you get too far back - too cold at about 56 degrees the year 'round.

It has been over 40 years since I have been in a wild cave, although I did get to go through Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico a few years ago. Caves that have lights and trails and signs aren't as interesting as the wild ones that most people have never been in.


Your timing on this was close to amazing.

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis. That probably wouldn't have triggered this sort of thought for you, even if you heard it mentioned in passing on TV - simply because it predated you by about a decade.

But that was certainly a period when the thought of bombs coming down was very much in the minds of many.

Scary, scary song...For me it has a lot of meaning growing up around where I did....I had horror dreams of planes flying over like the old movie news reels in the forties...bombs by the hundreds falling out of the doors on the planes...That roaring sign you don't soon forget. It took me years to get over those dreams...I don't know which would be worse, being alone in a cave or being alone looking over the devastation...
I do believe I like spooks, haints and witch stories better...
than doom...
Thanks Tipper, for a thought provoking post and I hope this doesn't conjure up that old childhood war/bomb dream...LOL

Here is an old newspaper article about an incident that happened in 1972 near where I live. It is called "Valdese Childrens Memorial Park" I drove by yesterday and a bunch of kids were there practicing football. Your post today reminded me and I did a little research and found this. This was just some kids playing in a "cave":

Valdese, N.C. (UPI) -- A backyard bomb shelter built during the Cuban missile scare 10 years ago exploded Tuesday evening, killed five children who were playing on its steps.
A sixth child was injured in the blast which authorities speculate may have been caused by leaking gas from a butane gas tank or fumes from large quantities of gasoline stored in the shelter.
The powerful explosion blew the body of one child 300 feet onto a road and big pieces of the foot thick, steel reinforced concrete shelter were scattered over a wide area.
The children, police said, were playing "kid's games" on the steps leading down into the 15-by-25 foot shelter textile executive ED GARROU had sunk into the side of a steep hill about 70 feet to one side of his $40,000 brick home.
GARROU, during the shelter-building frenzy in the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, had stocked the shelter with large quantities of gasoline for an electric generator and also installed a butane tank.
Keither Seigall, 19, a member of the Valdese Rescue Squad, said the explosion shook his trailer home three quarters of a mile away, and "when I got here, I smelled the gasoline fumes real strong."
The dead included GARROU'S daughter, JEAN ANITA, 12, DONALD ROBINSON, 13, his sister REGINA, 10, GLORIA HAMMOND, 12, and MIKE POWELL, 10. The only survivor among the neighborhood children playing at the shelter was BEA PICOU, the GARROU child's cousin, who lives next door.
The state bureau of investigation (SBI) was called in to look for the cause of the explosion that rocked this small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.
The force of the explosion went mostly downhill, through the door. The heavy roof caved in, burying the bodies of three of the victims under such a pile of rubble that authorities had to bring in heavy equipment to uncover them.
Seigall, one of the first on the scene, said when he arrived, "the PICOU girl was in the grass, and she was alive."
Authorities said there were very few such shelters in Valdese, and GARROU'S was expensive to construct. Family friends said he "kept it up" and frequently changed the water and food stored inside.
However, Deputy Fire Marshal Sherrill Brittain said there were "a good many" bomb shelters in Valdese.

Phantom 309 was always scary to me. Then I've always thought Merle Haggard's "What have you got planned tonight Diana" was very haunting.

Put me in a cave, especially by my lonesome, I would be terrified. I thank the Lord each day that I still have my eyes and my sense of touch and smell. I would worry about what I couldn't see or feel. I am a non-lover of crawling creatures, like snakes, etc. I think the song has some very important feelings and thoughts for interpretation. Interesting to say the least!

For those who grew up in limestone-rich East Tennessee (and elsewhere through the limestone belt), a I did, The Cave-as-horror is particularly sensitive, what with the region being riddled with them, along with tales of lost explorers, never-heard-from-again-kids, midnight moonshine runs, hole-in-wall desperadoes, and such.

Let me tell you about the camel cricket turnaround...

Josh certainly has a very nice voice. I look forward to seeing Chatter play on the same stage with him.

Yes, that song is spooky. The wars of man are as spooky as anything nature can do.

Another great find. Loved it.

I have to agree with Chatter, I really like the song the Cave. I popped over and watched the the other video and the baby bird that landed on his guitar was just way too cool! I bet that little bird had a mama somewhere near by.

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