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  Veterans day 2012

A few weeks ago, Chatter and Chitter performed at their school's annual Veteran's Day Program.

The pressley girls 2012

There was a pre show warm up;

Nerves before performing

There were pre show nerves;

Pre show fussing

As always-there was pre show fussing;

Pre show silly

There was pre show silliness;

The pressley girls veterans day 2012

And there was some mighty fine singing and picking by two pretty girls if I do say so myself. Take a listen and see if you like it as much as I do. 



Pap's our favorite veteran

And their favorite Veteran was even there to tune the guitar for them. All in all it was a fantastic Veteran's Day Program-made possible by all the kids-and grownups who participated in it.


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Beautiful voices!

Beautiful, that is absolutely beautiful. The girls just keep getting better and better!!

Bradley-yep thats a granny hat : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Wow! They are awesome and what beautiful young ladies. I know you are very proud!

Beautiful girls and beautiful music! I know that you are so proud of them and should be.

Mighty fine singing and playing, and your right they are 2 pretty girls, want be long or (may already be) bringing some ole germy boy home with them. A friend of mine told me when his daughter got old enough to date he was going to shoot the first boy and hang him on the porch like a crow and it would keep the rest away... ;)

Beautiful.. Brought tears to my eyes.. What talent, I know you are so proud of them..

Oh that was so beautiful.
And those girls are beautiful also. You have every right to be
proud of them.

Mighty Fine!!!!

That was beautiful and inspiring. I got chills when I heard the harmony.
Tom Cochran
Polk City , Florida

What a wonderful tribute to our Veterans. The girls did a great rendition of the song. They are so lucky to have a Veteran mentor to help them along.
I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Just great!
Thanks Tipper,

Ah, my! I see the beginning of great and wond'rous careers here....

Such a lovely rendition. Brings a tear to an old soldier's eyes. Thank you and blessings to your fine daughters.

Best I ever heard. Two might beautiful girls man can they sing. going to save this

Dear Girls,What a way to start the day,thank you!!!God bless. Jean

From one old, well middle aged veteran, Thank you Girls

Great Job! I'll bet their favorite Vet was about to burst with pride. I am delighted to see all the schools recogonizeing the sacrifices the Vetrans made.

Everyone in your family seems to have great talent. You can be proud of your beautiful daughters.

Oh No!!! My sound is not working and I can't hear it.
I know their wonderful and I want to hear it. Guess I'll have to go visit a neighbor with a computer while I try to figure out what is wrong with mine.
I love the hats! I know that is Grannie's work. She can crochet anything. In fact at this very moment I have on a hat that she crocheted for me.

I agree. Some mighty fine picking and singing by two beautiful girls. That's an excellent way to model one of Granny's hats.

Now that's what I've been talking about. The quitar had its part and Chatter did very well playing it but it didn't dominate. Their voices were clear and distinct. Their harmony was excellent! Beautiful to hear and beautiful to see! Bravo! Encore!

I see stars on the horizon!

Beautiful rendition of a wonderful hymn. Seeing your family work together in harmony makes me smile and smile. Thank you for sharing.

Absolutely wonderful!

Great job girls!

Your daughters are so lovely and talented. I have 3 yr. old granddaughters. One has the most beautiful red hair and the other is medium blonde and has a darker complexion. I can see the Cherokee Indian in her. Needless to say, they don't favor(old-fashioned word). Their father is an accomplished pianist and guitarist. I dream of seeing them performing like your daughters one day.

Thank you, Chitter and Chatter, for a a very fine Veterans Day tribute in song; well-performed and stately. You inspired me! I am glad schools still have days to remember and in tribute, and allow students to perform! And thanks to Pap, your favorite veteran, for his service to our country, and for helping to bring up two beautiful, patriotic and talented granddaughters! I went to a Veterans Day service here at Georgia War Veterans' Home, and a student led us all in singing "The Star Spangled Banner". I always thrill to the words and music, and having young folks sing it makes it even more inspiring!

the song is beautiful and so are your girls. i harmonized with them, but you would not want to here it.

Best I ever heard, sweet sister harmony. Will compare all others to this now.

Well done! They are such talented girls and I just love the way they present themselves. They show pride in what they are performing. Thanks for honoring the veterans; I am married to one who gave thirty-one years to his country.

Beautiful girls and talented musicians! Your heart must be fair to bursting with pride!

Know you must be so proud of the girls, as they're growing up to be very beautiful and talented. A blessed family. Thanks for sharing.


The music was great (as usual). One of the girls (and I still can't tell them apart) had on the neatest cap. Did your Momma make that or was it store bought?

Very nice. No wonder you're proud.

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