Appalachia Through My Eyes - Teenagers
Appalachian Grammar Lesson 19

Hunting Rocks

Relaxing in GA

Recently, we got to spend a few days with The Deer Hunter at deer camp. Besides enjoying being away from every day life in general (and wearing our pjs till dinner time), we enjoyed more than a few hours of rock hunting.

Garnets in Georgia

It didn't take Chatter and Chitter long to spot out a prime rock hunting area just down the road from camp.

Hunting rocks in georgia

While the girls dug in the dirt with their knives (don't tell the Deer Hunter) I admired the landscape and snapped pictures. 

Garnets in north georgia

By far the most interesting rocks found-were what we believe to be garnets.

Black garnets in georgia

In certain areas they were laying about like a fairy had sprinkled them there just for 2 mountain girls to find. 

Looking for garnets in ga

In case you didn't know-cowboy boots are perfect attire for rock hunting.

Grasshoppers in georgia

Even with all the rock hunting we still found time to make some new friends-visit with some old friends;

John q arnett 1856

wander around a few old graveyards;

Riding 4wheelers in georgia

and make more than a few hundred laps on the 4wheeler.

Looking for rock garnets

All in all rock hunting is pretty fun-especially when that's all that's required of you for the live long day.

Beautiful country-but way too flat for me. The Deer Hunter poked fun of me for saying I couldn't breathe as well down there. Maybe I am crazy-but I swear I could feel a change in the air once we reached this side of Clayton, GA headed for home. 


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Joe-The stone is in Lincoln County GA. There is a church on the other side of the road-Anthonys Chapel.

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

hey - there are two way cool cemeteries on the crusty old guys hunt property -- next trip we go there???

Tipper, Glad you all had fun. Rock hunting is one of my favorite thing to. Hunting for arrow heads and artifacts is really great. First you look for chips of flint or quartz or anything that looks like some one chipped it off another rock. Our granddaughter comes from Wisc. every year, except this year. We take her to place to search for arrow heads. She found some and she was so happy.
She took them to school to show and tell.She lives in a place where they have plenty of Indians, but no N.C. Cherokee and she is enrolled, so the arrow heads had a greater meaning.Part of our culture.

Glad you had a rest and good time.

Peggy L.

LOVE that, sounds like my kind of fun... I'm a rock-picker from way back!

Looks like a wonderful time!
You are NOT crazy! I live in a fairly hilly area, but after a weekend in the mountains I feel like I'm suffocating when I come back home.

Sounds like ya'll had a great time.. I would love to visit the flat lands but there's no place like the mountains.. Hope the Deer Hunter brought home lots of

tipper i am glad that you and the family got away for a bit.. and hopefully the deerhunter will be awarded a wonderful hunt later in the season.. garnets.. wow how lucky.. to find such treasures.. id love to root through their cigar boxes of goodies they have found.. :)
sending big ladybug hugs ...

I would not be surprised if your rocks are garnets. One of my best friend's Grandmother, Miss Allen, grew up in Atlanta and when she was a young girl the I-75North interstate was being cut through the rocks near Windy Hill and above. Now her Father had the habit of taking the family on Sunday afternoon car rides and decided to take them on an adventure there to rock hunt. She said that she personally collected a small box full of garnets in one afternoon. Unfortunately the box disappeared later on. When asked who she thought took them, she replied someone that needed them more than she did and just smiled. :)

That flat land brings back a bunch
of memories of my past deer hunting adventures in Putnam County, Ga. I loved the hunting,
but usually stayed lost most of
the time. I didn't care, though,
I knew I'd come out somewhere. It
was trying to tell a stranger just
where my camp was...was the problem. I breathe so much better
here in the mountains too. With
a four wheeler and little trailer,
the Deer Hunter misses all the fun
pullin' that booger in...Ken

rock hunting is one of my hobby i use to hunt for arrow when
i was a young man we lived on a farm and there were plenty of them around.i don't what ever happen to them i guest they got
misplaced when we moved.
johnie in ark,

I grew up in the flat land and I know I breathe better in the mountains. We have dryer air in the summer and that helps.

Sounds like you had a fun and adventurous trip. Know the girls had to be excited to find garnet rocks. No telling what you might uncover if you had a good metal detector. Hope the Deerhunter shot a big ole buck. Nothing better than backstrap with gravy and biscuits.

I have always thought a garnet is prettier than a ruby. Like to find one big as a canned ham sometime.

and Tim and Jim....
I was wondering the same thing...
A metal detector would be lots of fun...and did the 4-wheelers scare away bambi....
I am glad you had a good time...
Must've been a little warmer where you were, as our little grass hoppers are snug as a bug in a rug here...with all the frost on the ridges...
Yes Tipper, seems like the low land air is harder to breathe...I really think there is more junk in the air that settles on the flat lands...
Thanks Tipper,

Was that Hunting Rocks or Hunting Rocks? Hunting rocks rocks if you find some goodins. Hunting deers don't rock if you don't get any. Am I makin any sense?
The Blindpig Rocks because we are always finding something interesting.

Sounds like you had lots of fun. When I was teaching science, I had a gem stone company come in with lots of dirt filled with treasures for the kids to find while water flowed over the mixture. It was great excitement to say the least. Even the teacher had fun. Now the air - well try living in South FL for many years, go skiing out West, or drive back to our birth places and see how the lungs have to work hard to breath in air. However, the mountain air of NC has been just the best for me.

What fun!! Camping and looking for rocks...I am envious.

I agree Tipper. Not sure what it is but the breathing is just better. There are still rocks on my window sills and lined up along the porch from our rock-hunting days. I've labeled some, and some I just remember, but they are all special. Glad you guys got some down time. It's important.

John Querns Arnette, born abt 1804 in SC, died 10 Aug 1856 in Goshen, Elbert County, GA. That's almost to Augusta. No wonder you couldn't breath. The air is too thick and soupy down there.

In case YOU didn't know -- cowboy boots are perfect attire PERIOD! :) especially if you are a teen-aged girl.

Jim-sadly no deer : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Oh yes, Tipper, the mountain air is the best. Was that another Granny hat? The woman is so talented, she can crochet anything.
I've always loved rocks. It just seems to me that some rocks call for my attention. When they do I give it to them. lol
I'm really glad you had a little time for R & R. You push yourself hard and some down time was just the thing you needed.

Tipper--You left out some vital information; namely, how did the deer hunting go? Also, why aren't those young'uns sitting on a deer stand with solid intentions of putting meat on the table. If they had success they could put those knives (duly sharpened) to excellent use in dressing deer.
Jim Casada

I, also, have trouble with flat land. I felt like a bug on a plate all the time I lived at Myrtle Beach. I never did learn to estimate how far away things,like stop lights, were. I tell people that physiologically I have one leg shorter than the other. My husband often called me Ridge Runner, especially when I complained about the "flatness."

Hey there,

Where is the tombstone located, what county, etc. I want to put this on

Sounds like a perfect way to wind down.

Yea, There is just something about mountain air, never have liked low land, actually we're not as high in elevation here as I'd like to be, but got dreams of moving up higher when I retire (maybe).... You and the girls need to get you some metal detectors and have a look see when you are around some of those old home sites, you'd be surprised at what folks lost years ago.... It's a hobby of mine...

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