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My life in appalachia -  Extry special

We had such a fine Christmas! It seemed like I kept hearing different family members comment about how good it was.

We're all well-the 2 Yale Boys are home where we can see them and sleep better knowing they're just down the hill from us instead of way up north. We had good food-good music-good love-and much laughter.

The funniest quip of the day came when we were talking about Pap and Granny's grandkids-back when they were babies.

Chitter reminded everyone that her neck was bent and her head was misshapen because somebody sit on her for nearly 9 months!

Steve's wife said Guitar Man's head was misshapen too. She made us all smile-telling us she thought "uh oh this is an ugly baby" until he looked up at her and she instantly fell in love with the most beautiful baby in the world.

Chitter asked her Aunt "Oh well what about Mandolin Man what did he do when he was born?" She said "Oh we didn't see him for about 30 minutes because they whisked him right away."

Without missing a beat Mandolin Man said "Yeah that was when they were switching your baby for superman."

Extry: very good, excellent, especially. "Our Christmas was extry good this year."

I still hear people in my neck of the woods say extry instead of extra on a regular basis. I heard 2 people say it on Christmas day-Granny and Pap.


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My wife's great grandmother used to say that all of the time (she was an Appalachian gem!) and I took to saying it in honor (I guess) of her. It's a habit now I guess after saying it at least ten years or so now...

My in-laws say "exter". At least, that is what it sounds like to me.


It sounds like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas Tipper.. I'm glad those boys got to be home with ya'll for Christmas. I was at the doctors office the day your sister in law ( my cousin) came in the door in labor with her daughter.. needless to say they sent her over to the hospital after Steve got there and my appointment was postphoned due to the doctor running over there to deliver.. I was suppose to relay the message to the other grandparents when I got home.. But she had already been born and they already knew about it when I told

I'm so glad you had a very good Christmas. An Extry special one! Have a very happy New Year as well.

tipper .. i am so glad that the whole family were together to celebrate the holidays. i love hearing old stories and tales from long ago.. loved the descriptions of the babies heads.. lol
sending big ladybug hugs and keep warm.. its cold and snowy here in pa

Tell Miss Chitter she wears her asymmetry awfully well.

Well, wasn't yore day "extry spacial" with all the young'ins, inlaws and outlaws...LOL
Sounds like you'all had a fun time yaw'in to and fro about this and that. I loved it, so funny!

I'm waiting on that extry special family music video..

Tipper, that was a fun post. We had a purty extry spacial Christmas ourownselves..Having it on the Sunday afternoon before, so the children and grandchildren wouldn't have to be on the road a runnin' twixt and tween relatives!

whut r them yungins doin up to Yale? i heer tha mak sum purty good lox an stuf up at Yale. is that whut tha r doin?

That 'y' sound at the end of words that end in 'a' is not confined to North Carolina or East Tennessee. Arkansans use it to, extry just sounds right. I grew up with great aunts (pronounced ain't, the insect sounds just the same) Cory, Glenny and Lizy (Cora, Glenna & Liza). We also looked out the winders at yellar dogs trottin' up the road.

Tipper and all I,m glad you had a extry good time,food, love and all things. I've heard extry all my life and one thing is our son lives in WI and he can speak the way the people do in that neck of the woods and change over just as quick to our good old mountain way when comes home. Happy times to all in the coming new year and may you all be blessed.

Peggy L.

Yes it was an extry good Christmas, including the before visit and the after visit. The after visit including the after Christmas shopping for school clothes for the girls.

Chitter may have had a crooked neck at birth but she has more than made up for it being now so tall, straight and beautiful!

I didn't know Mandolin Man was up
at Yale too. Guess big brother ain't got nothing on "Superman."
It good you all got to share the
blessings of being together at
Christmas Time...Ken

Hi Tipper and Gang,
The word "extry" sounds like a word used to shorten the word extraordinary.
Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas spent with family members handy to your vicinity.
May you ALL have a blessed 2013 and everyone stay healthy and enjoy the coming year better than the last one. Happy New Year!

I grew up in East Tennessee hearing "extry" a lot, mostly from the older folks (they were probably only 40 or 50), but to a kid, they were VERY old. At 64, they don't seem so old anymore...

We too had an extry good Christmas and I've heard that word used as long as I can remember. We were blessed this Christmas with good health, good food and abundant love!

The Mandolin Man's comment was hilarious!
If any of you have Captain D's Seafood Restaurants in your town, you will remember their commercial a year or so back. It featured an elderly country lady approaching the counter while the employee tried to suggest a special offer dinner. The old lady said, "I ain't paying extry for that."
Glad you all had a merry Christmas!

An 'extry' happy day is wished for all today. That was a bit awkward for me as a former English teacher, but I am learnin' the Appalachain way. I am happy that your Christmas was wonderful and your family was there to make it perfect.

Tipper: Hits allers extry speshall to read your riten on a chilly mornean in Decembur!

Eva Nell

It sounds like you had a wonderful family Christmas. Extry is something I heard when growing up, don't remember who it was that used it though.

Oh, Blind Pig Gang! What an Extry Blessing your Christmas and genuine zest for life give to all of us with whom you share! Every day has extry-ordinary people, events and memories for us to enjoy if we will but take time to "count our blessings!" As we face yet another year, we have "Extry-time" added to our lives! There's a reason behind it all. Let us be able to look beyond the common and ordinary and see the extry-special meaning of life!

There was one man - just one - who used to say "extry" in this neck of the woods. No idea where he got it from but he always pronounced it as "extry" except for if he was talking to someone he considered to be educated. Then it became "hextry"! He was always impressed by those who'd had a "hedjamcation" and some of his words became "hextryhordinary" in their company!

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