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Ashes Of Love


Picking and grinning

Lately we've been doing an old Johnnie & Jack song-Ashes of Love. The musical duo of Johnnie Wright and Jack Anglin were popular during the late 40s and early 50s, both men were born in Tennessee. The men became brother-n-laws when Jack married Johnnie's sister. Jack actually started his music career with his brothers Jim and Red-as part of the Anglin Brothers. After they disbanded, he began performing with Johnnie. 

In the beginning (1938) their style of music was similar to brother duets of the time such as The Delmore Brothers and other brother acts. But as time went on they developed their own style.

Johnnie's wife is one interesting tidbit of their history-her name was Muriel Deason aka Kitty Wells. WWII temporarily hindered their career because Jack joined the Army. Once he returned-Johnnie and Jack-and Kitty were back on the stage performing across the country. Their young guitar player of those post war days is another interesting tidbit-it was Chet Atkins. 

By 1947 Johnnie and Jack were on the Grand Ole Opry but it was a few years later-1951 before they had their first true it-Posion Love. By the late 50's Johnnie and Jack's hits had slowed-but Kitty was still cranking them out and since they all played together. Johnnie and Jack enjoyed continued success. 

After the tragic deaths of Patsy Cline, her manager, Cowboy Copas, and Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jack Anglin was killed in a car accident on his way to the memorial services of his fellow performers. 

For this Pickin' and Grinnin' in the Kitchen Spot-the Blind Pig Gang does Ashes Of Love a Johnnie and Jack song.


Hope you enjoyed the song! To learn more about Johnnie and Jack click here.


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Thanks for all that information.
I could hear your base loud and
clear as Paul and Pap did "Ashes
of Love." Years ago I went to the
Grand Ole Opry and got to see
some of the hero's of country music. Porter Wagoner sung "Carrol
County Accident" and that made my
day. I loved Kitty Wells singing
anything, never knew her real

An old favorite-haven't heard it in years!

Ashes of love is my all time favoret and KITTY wells was and still is the best singer every was

That was David Phelps. Don't know where I got Michael.

Sorry if I startled you. I do have an unusual taste in music. I do like Eddie Arnold and Jim Reeves. I wouldn't cross the road to see Ernest Tubb. But I loved Ernie Ford before he got on TV. I wouldn't use Little Jimmy Dickens for a doorstop. Loretta Lynn should have been a coal miner. Hee Haw was by idiots for idiots. I used to try to stay awake on Saturday night listening to the Opery until Archie Campbell slopped his dripper. Had to listen to a lot of crap to get there.
I loved the Oak Ridge Boys and the Statler Brothers before fame ruined them. Garth Brooks is a joke. Who would name their kid Garth? Why not Grench? I liked Randy Travis til he got big. I like wormy chestnut better than Mark Chesnutt. I've heard of Kenny Chesnee but couldn't pick him out of a lineup. I like Big and Rich's "Holy Water," nothing else.
The best singer I ever heard is Michael Phelps and the best song is Michael and Lauren Talley's "The Prayer"
Why would such a discriminating man choose to listen to the Blindpig Gang? 'Cause I like what I like and I know what I like and I know what is real music and I've found it here. Amen!

Ed--You don't say what artists you like, but I've got a suggestion that might possibly soothe your troubles. Listen to Alan Jackson and Teorge Strait sing "Murder Down on Music Row" and rare back with a good glass of tanglefoot. Sounds like you are a bit cattywampus today, but like Tipper says, each to his own.

Me? I'm a big Kitty Wells fan, really like Willie's early stuff and his distinctive voice, and surely you have to like Dolly singing Sha-Koh-Na-Hey (I may be off on the spelling, but it's the Cherokee word for the Smokies)as a tribute to our beloved mountains. Her Jolene is wonderful to me.

I'll throw out a name you'll maybe like--Red Smiley (he's buried not all that far from where you grew up, in the DeHart Cemetery out at Jackson Line).

Finally, one last attempt at lifting your spirits. Do you know why Dolly Parton's waist is so small? Surely you do, because any son of Swain County knows things don't grow well in the shade.

Jim Casada

Great music, as usual!!

I'm learnin' about this country music. It sounded like they were in tune with each other. I'm not familar with the other groups, so I'll say that I enjoyed the music, but the words did make me a little sad.

We had the privilege a few years ago of meeting Johnnie and Kitty on WSM radio station, we were walking through the Opry Hotel and Johnnie and Kitty were being interviewed by Eddie Stubbs and he invited us to come in during the intermission to have our daughters picture taken with Mr Johnnie and Ms Kitty, we were so excited, she also got there autographs.. Johnnie at the time, I believe he said was 90 yrs old, he was just as cheerful as he always seemed on T.V, Ms Kitty was just as quite and meek as she always seemed,, except when she sang, then she transformed into someone you wouldn't relate to her voice.. truly wonderful people...who are missed..


My brother is a collector of sorts. Sometime back he gave me a vinyl 33 1/3 record by Johnnie and Jack (forget the title) but it had some killer songs on it. It had "Poison Love" with a dobro that was fantastic in that song. There was also "Way down south in New Orleans." Somebody in that song played a mean accoustic guitar. "Don't say goodbye." Oh yes, there was also "Beware" on that album. Can't remember them all just now. Now see what you've done!

Remember the way they would get to the end of a song and suddenly just stop! LOL.

Yikes! Ed I'd hate to hear what you think about my other country music heroes LOL! But as they say-to each his own : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

as usual the music got my toes tappin.. i love listening to the guys and the story was very interesting to read about. hope all is well in your corner of the world.. sending big ladybug hugs

Wow, what memories and they did an awesome job as usual..

go for it Pap!

Love the music.....what a great way to start the day. Thanks from Oregon.

To be honest, you do want me to be honest don’t you? I never cared much for Johnnie and Jack or Kittie Wells or Hawkshaw Hawkins or Cowboy Copas. They were part of the crowd that took our beloved Country Music to Nastyville and turned it into the slurry of excrement that we are still getting today. You know the ones I’m talking about, ones that had the suits that light up and their names on their clothes and guitar straps. I wonder if they did that so they could remember who they are now or so that the folks at home wouldn’t know who they had become. Porter Wagoner should have become Porter Potty. Dolly Parton should have been Polly Plastic. Whistlin Bill - Sucking Willie. And on and on.
By now, I assume, I have become estranged from many of your readership but I feel quite safe here although I am sitting here alone and unprotected on the other side of their monitors.
Chet Atkins’ name shouldn’t be on the same page as the aforementioned. He was in a class by himself. He occupied the same stage with many of the “others” but his music stood alone, outside their circles or any other for that matter. I can’t remember seeing “Chet” on any of his clothes or equipment. You knew it was Chet with your eyes closed.

The only people who should be allowed to wear their names on their clothes are those in uniform (maintenance to military) whose work get them so dirty, greasy or bloody that it takes a heavy duty cleaner to remove the spots and stains.

The "others" had spots and stains too but on their souls not their clothes!


Thanks for sharing this background the way love the music and loved Killy Wells

Mother loved Johnny and Jack. I still have at least one of their albums that belonged to her. I remember that song well. Pap and Paul do is as well as anyone!

Tipper--I hadn't heard that song in a 'coon's age, although I can remember listening to Johnny and Jack on WSM out of Nashville more decades ago than I really want to think about. I did not know about the Kitty Wells (or Chet Atkins) connection. Thanks to you, Pap, and Paul for a nice little musical tour into a world we have largely lost.
Jim Casada

Loved the song..
Pap and Paul were great again!
Could we hear a little more about Paul? Is his career in music as well as his home music? Does he have any family members that play or sing? He has a wonderful voice and plays the guitar with his own style...
Are the other drop in members coming back when school at Yale is finished? etc. etc.
Thanks Tipper,
I'm such a "nosy busy-body"! Haven't heard or said that in a long time! But better to call myself a "nosy busy-body" than an "old battle-axe"! Whoa, now that is an oldie!

Very nice, I remember that song from years gone by.
Pap and Paul do such a fine job.

Wow the memories this brought back! I always loved Johnny and Jack. You all did it so good. My Aunt Kat used to play a song for me on the piano I think it was Was Johnny and Kitty did this song called S-A-V-E-D. I loved it so much she would always play and sing it for me. Remember "Way Down south in New Orleans?"

Have always liked that song and Paul & Pap nailed it for sure.

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