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Crazy Arms


Crazy arms

There has been much music around the Blind Pig place over Christmas. For the last several Christmases the girls have made a video full of songs for Pap and Granny's gift-so there was that-because of course we always wait to the very last minute to make it. Then there's been several jam sessions with the cousins while they've been home from Yale. And lastly-one of the girls got a new instrument for Christmas-so there's been much testing of it.

One of the songs the girls chose to do for Pap was Crazy Arms. It doesn't matter how many times I hear Ray Price sing Crazy Arms-it always makes me swoon. Price had a super hit with the song in 1956.

The song was written by Ralph Mooney and Charles Seals. Mooney is often credited with creating the west coast country sound that people identify with Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. You can read an interesting interview with Mooney-by clicking here.

The girls are no Ray Price-but who is? I think they did a fair job-considering they learned the song in about 30 minutes. See what you think. (*Before you start the video you need to stop the music player-the music controls are along the top of this page on the far left side-just above the Blind Pig logo. Click the center round button to stop the player)

I hope you enjoyed the song. 


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Dang! Those gals just keep getting better and better!
Happy New Year to you all!

Catching up on the Blind Pig after discovering they were suddenly ending up in the spam folder. I am very fond of Ralph Mooney--a great steel player and song writer. I saw him several times during his touring years with Waylon Jennings going all the way back to the Outlaw tour with Jennings, Willie Nelson and Jessie Coulter and Tombal Glaser

wonderful job girls.

Great rendition girls. Patty Loveless does a fantastic rendition of this one too.
You've got a very talented musical family there Tipper. I too thoroughly enjoy your site and look forward to reading it daily. I am late today getting to it but I finally got to it before I head off to bed.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from the great white country north of y'all.

I guess my earlier comment didn't make the cut.
That is one of my favorite songs all time and I have never heard it done better. Maybe it is the studio you have set up there. Is that the hall, entrance or mud room? Whichever it is you have it tuned perfectly.

Beautiful sights and sounds today!

Love that one! I predict Chitter and Chatter will end up in Nashville, just not sure if it will be before or after they attend Yale!

A new one for me. Those girls are sure talented; I think it is time to try for the bigger time. It is so wonderful that they are having so much fun.

I was late today acceessing The Blind Pig, but really enjoyed "Crazy Arms" done by Chitter and Chatter! Great job, girls! I agree with Dr. Eva Nell Wike: They should go to Nashville! (Nashville--Watch Out! Here come the Pressley twins!). It had been a long time since I'd heard "Crazy Arms." They did it proud!
I know they will keep up the good work! (And I also like all the Christmas songs on the play list--especially "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem"! Thanks for a good Christmas!

Tipper and Family:

You all did a great job. Hope you have a great new year. Wishing you the best in every thing you do.

Peggy L.

Love it!!! Happy New Year.

Hey Tipper: I do believe those two beautiful girls are ready for a performance @ THE BLUE BIRD CAFE down on Hillsboro Road in Nashville. The Blue Bird is a wonderful venue to 'get on the list' of some of the producers. The Producers go there every SUNDAY evening to lister to 'new comers' and MAYBE EVEN INVITE THEM TO COME BY THEIR STUDIO for a 'trial' session! Check it out!


Eva Nell

Mighty good singing I must say!Happy health New Year.God Bless.Jean

Chitter and Chatter are looking
good and singing great. That is
one of my favorite Oldies and I'm
glad to see our Country Girls
sticking to true Country Music.
Chatter makes her new guitar sound
good, just like Paul does. And
Chitter's lead singing is always
something Special. No wonder the
grandparents are so proud!...Ken

Wow.. What talent and they did a super job.. I know you are so proud of them.

I am sure that your grandfather was thrilled to get that. You girls did a great job. Look forward to seeing you release an album someday.

Have been watching all the videos you have posted and the girls just keep getting better. Their voices are really maturing. Can already put some of Nashvilles best to shame.Keep up the good work and send us more videos.

Ray Price is good---but not THAT good! They do a fantastic job!

Enjoyed Crazy Arms girls! Did you get a new guitar? This is a great Blog. My wife wouldn't miss a day! We enjoy the music and all the info. Wished we lived in your area - I'd love to drop in and do some pickin' with you folks. Have a great day and keep up the great music! Bob & Inez Jones, New Brunswick, Canada. Happy New Year!

Good Job Girls : )

Ralph and Charles would be proud. Ray would be jealous. The girls did a wonderful job, especially since they learned it so quickly.

Good sunny Sunday morning to you. I played the song last night from my YouTube account. Your girls did a fine job with one of my favorite songs.

Very fine job....beautiful girls, beautiful singing. They just keep getting better.
As a Blind Pig reader we've been allowed to see them from the beginning of their singing and now we get to watch their musical ability mature....right before our eyes and ears of course!

Good job, girls!

Really good job,, as you write this I'm looking at a photo of Ray and Elvis and my wife's Uncle Gordon taken together years ago, my father in law brought it buy a few days ago to give us a copy,, how weird is that...

Love it, the girls are blessed with a natural talent.

I did enjoy the song. Somebody got their hair cut!! I like it!
I think I had at one time the LP of Ray Price with Crazy Arms on it. I also love Merle Haggard...
Their singing brought back a lot of memories...dare I say when I was in high school in the 50's..Oh my! I was just starting to love country again after a departure from country to rock and roll (Elvis rock country) for a while.
Good job girls,
Thanks Tipper, for the memories. Whatever happened to good old country anyhow?

Great job ladies. Allow me to wish the whole "Gang" a very happy new year.

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