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December 21, 2012


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You bless all of your readers with the marvelous gift you have of putting words together. Thank you so much for sharing thoughts about your mother and her love of Christmas. May you and yours have a joyous Christmas 2012.


Tipper and Jim,

Thanks, Jim for your story about your parents and the love in your family.
We all need more love and to be told or tell our children and family that we love them. My mother lost her mother at the age of nine and was put in Boarding
School and was raised with several families.She was the best mother to us, 8 children and the best cook ever. Have a Merry Christmas.

Tipper and Family, have a very Merry Christmas and to all the others on your list.


What a sweet and tender memoir! Makes me feel all Christmassy!!

This afternoon I went to visit Aunty at the nursing home. She saw I was wearing the red stone ring my Dad made for their mother in the 40s. I told her that I wear it often and how I miss Grandma all the time. Grandma died 30 years ago. Aunty got tears in her eyes and nodded and said "I miss her too". Grandma never was materially wealthy, but gave us a treasure chest full of love and memories.

and Jim....I loved, loved, loved your story of your Mothers role in your life...How wonderful she must've been. I read so many things in your post that remind me of my own Mother, Aunt and Grandmother during that time period. After moving to the city, my own Mother insisted that my Father find her some Mistletoe, Holly and pine or fir boughs. He would manage to bring it in, who knows what country farm he borrowed (swiped) it from!..LOL
The Orange Slice cake Mom made was to die for, and Grandmothers fried chicken, in the iron skillet cooked on the wood stove, like your Mothers chicken cannot be duplicated, no matter how hard I have tried...
I can't smell a clove or cinnamon and not remember my Aunts Russian Tea...yummmm!
Thanks Jim for writing your story...I am sure some of those recipes are in your wife's and as well as your wildlife cookbooks...
This to the commentor who asked about the squirrel recipe...
Thanks Tipper, Great Post and thanks for sharing...

Thanks for letting Jim share the
life of his Christmas Momma. Many
of the touching things he talked
about was the same with our family. Every Christmas my just
older brother and I would hike
miles deep into the mountains for
a perfect tree we had spotted back
in Squirrel Season when the leaves
were still on. We didn't have much
either, but we had lots of chickens and boy, mama sure knew
how to cook! Thanks Jim, for those
wonderful memories...Ken

You brought back some beautiful memories for your family. I hope they cherish them as you so purposely wrote them for happy memories of years gone by. My parents didn't have much either - they were raised by the blessed nuns in an orphanage in NJ. My mom lost her parents before she was two; my dad lost his mother when he was about nine. His dad had seven children and he was incapable to take care of them, thus he and his brothers, all younger than he, were place in the orphanage. That is the place where my parents met, but they didn't marry until they were 27. Thanks for your Christmas memories. It made me refect on a few of my own. Merry Christmas, Jim!

Wonderful story Jim. I too was blessed with a wonderful mother who grew up with very little and knew hard times far beyond anything I have known. She always put her family's needs above hers and did without so we would not. I did not appreciate that enough until I became a parent myself. She told a few stories of the hard times but I know they were harder than she expressed. She received her reward a few years ago when she went to be with the Heavenly Father and wear her crown of many jewels where hard times are no more. Merry Christmas mom and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Our Precious Mamma's and memories will always remain in our hearts, Jim your memories brought happy tears to my eyes, Thank you for your sharing and Merry Christmas to you and to Tipper and family and all the readers. GOD BLESS. Grandmother Joy.

Jim, you were indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful Momma. I can well see why a person can affect generations to come. You are making memories with your family and friends just as your Mother did.
Merry Christmas to all the Blind Pig readers and our own wonderful Tipper and family.

What a beautiful story. Though I never met your Momma, I can almost hear her say, "Oh foot!" and I'll likely think of her anytime I eat fried chicken, especially if I fry it up myself. Merry Christmas to all.

Wonderful post. My mom loved the Christmas season and I miss her so much this time of year. I once wrote a story about her called, The Old Santa Hat. She loved to give of herself, not only at Christmas, but all year long. Merry Christmas to you,Jim. You were blessed with a wonderful mother.

So much of Jim's story reminded me of my mom. She was raised by her parents, Mammy and Pap, who had 10 children and little if any money. She doesn't remember ever getting a present at Christmastime. Later in life, she was more excited than the young children when it came time to open presents. She would fuss at us for spending money on her even before she got the gift open.

Thank you for sharing your Christmas memories that reminds me of times gone but precious memories that hold a special place in my heart.

Many thanks to Jim Casada for sharing his Momma with us . She was a real lady and mother as we know the same . I can't seem to get my mind off that fried chicken really warm in the oven after church. Bet she made good gravy too.

lovely story - brought many memories back to me. Thanks for sharing your blessings.

Nice tribute. Makes each of us stop to consider our own good fortune and the love we have received and witnessed.

What a beautiful tribute to your mom! Embrace the memories and keep them alive in your family:) Merry Christmas!

PS...I would love to know how she cooked her squirrels. That happens to be a favorite in our household :)


Wonderful article. I would love some of the recipes referred to in it.

Jim what beautiful memories of your precious mother and Christmas from times past. Have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

Jim, You and I share a great blessing. You could almost have been describing my own mother. Norma Lee Carter Mincey is now 87 and still a driving force in her family and community. Thanks for sharing your memories of a very special lady.

I recall a Christmas when we fixed up a gag gift for Mama with some "hillbilly bubble bath" (pinto beans) - and then put stickers all over the outside of the box "Fragile and breakable - please do not shake."

It like to have drove Mama crazy that she couldn't pick up and shake the box like she always did the others. And then when she opened the box and saw what it was, she laughed and said "Oh, foot" - which was as strong a four letter word as was found in her vocabulary.

Daddy loosened up CONSIDERABLY in his latter years, no doubt influenced by his grandchildren. Here's a picture of him modeling some Mickey Mouse underwear at the age of 86:


This story Mr Cassada has absolutely played havoc with my emotions this morning. There is so much I wish I could say but I don't know where to start. We all will be reminded of our own Momma when we read this. I will just say to everyone. Look to see if within your dictionaries or your thesaurus if there is a word that can define love more than the word Momma. And as for you Tipper, your legacy with your girls is already made.

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