Appalachia In The Winter
Robert And Elizabeth Beck Collins - Pioneers Of The Pioneer Church Of The Smokies

Appalachia Through My Eyes - ICE

My life in appalachia ICE

Every surface and plant surrounding the Blind Pig house was bejeweled with ice yesterday. Although it made for a beautiful landscape-it also made for dangerous travel-by any mode of transportation.

Valentines 2013

Since we were home for the day I did some of the things we talked about yesterday-you know cooked a pot of Granny's soup-read a good book-and made a few Valentines. 

Leave a comment on this post to win one of said Valentines for one of your sweeties-givewaway ends Sunday-Jan 27.

Ice at your house? (Check out the Blind Pig facebook page for more photos from my place)


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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Yep, we had it, but we had to get to work and back anyway (we work in a grocery store, and true to form with most storm warnings, everyone was acting crazy snatching up bread and milk), so we did - VERY CAREFULLY!!!

Thank God Bro Tom knows how to drive on that stuff.

God bless.


I know I'm late with this, but I was in sunny South FL. I bet it was beautiful!

That sounds like a wonderful day. We had a little ice in the foothills. My grandaughters ages 9 and 12 spent the night with me. We made chocolate chip cookies and stayed up late. The next morning (early 6:00 AM) they were up and very loud. I got the spray water bottle usually reserved for the cat and sprayed them after asking many times just to be a little quieter. They thought the water was so funny. It was like adding fuel to the fire. We had a great time and stayed warm.

no ice here in the Ozarks, we usually lose our electric when we have Ice storms. no elecrice, no computer. so I don't like ice storms.

Out here in my part of Oregon, we saw the sun today for an hour or so total. Before today, it had been over two weeks since I'd even seen the sun. Now, it is raining cats and dogs again. Before that, we had eight or nine days of freezing, thick fog. I've been working on my family history and reading books. Tomorrow I'm making a big pot of potato soup and thinking thoughts of sunshine and spring.

We had plenty of ice yesterday and I'm glad that it melted today. I don't drive on icey roads. I had a wreck coming down Soco Mt. and came around the curve and hit black ice and of course the first thing I did was step on my brakes which sent me in aspin and into the guard rail, then back in to bank and ditch, right in a curve. I had to get out and go up the road to tell people to slow down and not hit my car because I had my pregnant daughter in my car.
It didn't do much good because here comes one woman and didn't pay any attention to me. When she hit the black ice she changed her mind, when she got her car under control. I said, "there smarty pants." Next time slow down. One of our fireman came a long and called the ambulance and took her to be checked and she was fine.

Peggy L.

No ice here in Florida. But we have had our share of cold frosty mornings this past week. I crave hot wonderful homemade soups this time of the year with some hot cornbread!

We had plenty of ice too Tipper.I was glad when the temps started coming up.. It could have been worse.

Fortunately, the only ice that was experienced here in southwest Georgia was handily contained in a tumbler, swimming in sweet tea....

hiya tipper, here in pa we are getting lots of snow which my brother and sister in law brought from michigan.. but you better be careful in that ice.. i dont go out in it at all when its like that.. soup sounded like a good plan.. and a good book is always enjoyable.. i would love to win one of your valentines for my sweetie..
big ladybug hugs


Lots of ICE and SNOW here!! It's been bitter cold too, can't wait for spring!Laughing at Miss Cindy's comment about Boomer the cat sliding on the ice and staying in the rest of the day. Granny Mandy often says animals have more sense than we do!

We were icy here, but it could have been a lot worse...
Twinkling limbs on the shrubs glassy arms is like almost like seeing them for the first time.
This morning the Blue Jay is giving his hawk warning call, (big faker), trying to scare off the other birds so he can have all the seeds to himself.
The sun is shining and the ice is gone.."Fluffy cat" checked out the weather thru the curtain first, before meowing to go outside without hesitation today..LOL
I love homemade Valentines. A lot more fun than slip-slidin' on the ice...Hope everyones icy bruises heal and the soreness is gone soon.
Thanks Tipper,
I think early Crappie might be bittin' by next week...Oh boy, fresh fish!

Ice and snow I can deal with.
The slickest thing I have ever encountered was a pile of fresh owl excrement while trying to slip around for a better view of a deer. I really 'SLIPPED' and startled every animal within five miles.

The ice is beautiful when it coats the world but it sure is treacherous! Yes, we've had ice as well which is very unusual here. It's gone this morning and we're sure hoping it stays that way!

No ice here in Texas although we welcome moisture in just about any form these days.

I'm wondering how your Valentine mailboxes were made. Our shoe boxes were claimed for storage so my mailboxes were usually empty oatmeal boxes which I carefully and hopefully decorated with wrapping paper and yarn scraps, ad stickers that came in the mail, crayon drawings, and, if lucky, construction paper and (most special of all) glitter. Everything was glued on with the sticky substance in the end of the eggshells from the eggs we had for breakfast. (My grandparents had chickens.)

In later years I recall being allowed to use a shoebox but by then it was "in vogue" to decorate a lunch sack - easier to fold down and put in your notebook or library book (I know you librarians out there are shuddering now!!)

No matter what they were put in - each valentine was a precious treasure.

Lordy, Tipper: Judging from all these wonderful comments, it must have been icey all ober da worl!

Today I will stay warm and cozy as I continue writing my lastest book "Fiddler of the Mountains" thanks to you and some other wonderful people who inspire me on a regular basis!

But I want to share my slippery experience - so folks will really heed your warnings! I learned a tough and rough lesson yesterday morning on my ice-covered patio. I was very carefully taking my GLASS coffee pot full of warm water to the bird fountains. The first pouring of the warm water went very well. But at the second fountain my pouring went very badly - as down I went! Holding the glass pot HIGH in the air, my elbow took the impact of my fall. Now my shoulder and wrist are 'talking back' to me today when I try to use them. SO MY WARNING IS: "DO NOT GOT BAREFOOT INTO THE FROZEN GARDEN! IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MANY POOR ROBINS ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO FEED THEM!" Pass it on, Tipper

Well, I don't envy your ice, except your view from the window.I would sure love one of your valentines, though :-)

Just having a yucky day with clouds and some fog. Like the others said, it's a good day for soup and a good book.

The Fed-Ex driver posted 'customer not at home' for two days on the tracking information. That happens every time this area gets snow or ice. They figure it's just easier to fib than tackle these country roads. The news reporter said we had over 100 reported accidents yesterday.
My grandsons used to make a valentine card for me when they were younger. Now they buy one for their girlfriend.

Wow, you got a lot of ice! We seem to be in our own little micro climate here, as the day was icy and made travel impossible, but when the sun went down, the temperature rose above freezing and everything melted! Interesting and strange!

Cold and Ice here yesterday too. Not safe to walk much less drive. I'm happy though as long as I have a book. Actually I have a basket of books under my nightstand. When I finish one and list it on paperbackswap for exchangeI pick a fresh on out of the basket.
I do hope to go out today. I need a good walk and a few groceries.

Yesterday morning my neighbor called to tell me just how bad the ice was. Her cat, Boomer, stepped out the door onto her deck and slid all the way across. That's slick. Do you get a mental picture of a cat on ice? I do and it's a good laugh. Boomer is fine but declined to go outside for the remainder of the day.

I miss the mountains of my birth land but today I am content with California. I loved all the ice stories.

Waiting and watching for lambs here in MD. The sheep always seem to wait until the coldest nights to lamb.Temps have been about 11- 15 degrees at night with a high of 24 or less in the day this week. Even so, some of the ewes slept outside their shelter and came in with snow on the backs yesterday morning. They have warm ,wooly relatively waterproof fleeces.

I would love to have one of your handmade valentines. If I win would you sign it. And Chitter and Chatter. And Pap, Granny and Paul. And any other of Blind Pig Gang that might happen to be nearby.

I stayed here at my shop last night, hadn't done that in awhile.
Wouldn't recommend sleeping in a
recliner very often, I'm so sore
it hurts to point. Actually, I was
afraid I couldn't get back in to
my house cause the temp just made
it to 28 degrees.
Next to Christmas, Valentine's Day
is my favorite holiday. Perhaps
having two girls had something to
do with that...Ken

I remember an ice storm on Christmas morning when I was a little girl. I got up very early and went into the living room, and there was a beautiful doll by the fireplace. When I went to reach for it, the lights went out. We got flashlights and there sat a big tape recorder about the size of a small tv. It didn't run on batteries. Our fireplace was pretty, but it was fake. We went next door to my grandparents to open gifts as usual. They came to the door, my grandfather said, "Christmas Gifts" like always. It was even colder there because it was an old house. I thought that day was pretty crummy. When I look back, it wasn't crummy at all.

Beautiful but treacherous, good day to bury under a blanket, with a good book, and a huge fire.

Tipper--We had (and still have) sleet and freezing rain. Right now it's 23 degrees and everything is slick as the south end of a mole headed north. I read every day and usually have at least three books going at once (right now Stephen Hunter's latest, "The Third Bullet," along with a biography of Zane Grey and one by a kindred spirit about turkey hunting in north Georgia). We had a good salmon chowder with the last of this past year's taters as a base, and when I wasn't reading I was working on my current book, a biography of the great outdoor writer and poet, Archibald Rutledge. Hope it warms up today because I've got a touch of cabin fever and Miss Ann needs to get out to furnish some food for the family of a friend who lost a loved one.
All that being said, I'd love to see a good old-fashioned snow, but you can have this icy stuff.
Jim Casada

Yesterday was kind of a warm up for us. After several days of bitter cold temperatures it finally got above freezing but no ice.

We were suppose to get some ice yesterday but Thank the Good Lord we didn't.. Thursday before last we got ours. It started around lunch time and only lasted for about two or three hours, got slick enough we got caught on the mountain in Morgan County, tried to drive down and the truck would slide some coming down. On the way back to the office we saw 4 vehicles in the ditch, if it had started sooner it would have been a mess.. They're forecasting close to 70deg here middle of next week..

The ice did not extend to my section of Middle Georgia this time, but the cold came. It was good to stay inside and enjoy the warmth of a good heating system. I could not help but recall my place of birth and the two fireplaces we had to keep going full-blast to ward off the cold. And even then, if we were not in the rooms where the farmhouse fireplaces were, we would still be cold. Heated, wrapped stones and heated black irons helped to take the deep chill from our beds in those cold bedrooms! Later, as an adult and a teacher, I welcomed the unexpected "snow" and "ice" days that gave us unexpected holidays from school. Even though the weather absences meant we had to make up the days later, my family and I always enjoyed the gift-days of ice and snow. I cannot help but think of the thought from Job, "Have you entered the treasures of the snow?" (Job 38:16). I think we could ask the same question of the ice. Keep warm!

It is a nice cold day here today, The hens aren't crazy about the snow and took some coaxing to leave the hen house.
I would love to be in the running for one of your Valentines. I love Valentines Day, although it is referred to as a "Hallmark holiday" around here......

a simmering pot of soup, stew, etc. seems to make us warmer just by the lovely smell of it cooking...

I could see it raining yesterday morning so I thought I should fill the bird feeders before the ice arrived. I could have sworn the stoop and the steps were only wet. As soon as I stepped out the door I was laying in the yard. Spilled my bucket of bird seed and now I feel like I have been in a car wreck.

Lots of ice here as well, making chores tricky. Carrying buckets of water AND trying to remain on my exciting!

Tipper, I had to dig out my FB password (I visit FB about once every 6 months or so, and don't really understand how it works) to see more of your pictures, and I'm so glad I did! On August 14, 2010 you posted a picture of the underside of a little porch roof, and it is exactly what I needed to help me figure how to build a little roof by my back door to keep some of the rain and snow off the step. I wasn't sure how to support an added roof, but now I can see it plainly. Thank you!!

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