Appalachia Through My Eyes - Is Not This The Land Of Beulah?
Appalachia Through My Eyes - Some Guitar Players Are Frammers

Blind Pig & The Acorn 2012 In Review

Blind Pig

Every January for the last couple of years, I've taken a look back at what I've written here on the Blind Pig during the year. It helps put things in perspective for me and I'm always surprised at the various subjects I wrote about-many of which have completely fallen through the cracks of my memory by year end.

One of the highlights of 2012 for me was-I wrote a book! Actually I took part of my Appalachia Through My Eyes series and made a book titled Appalachia Through My Eyes. It was very well received-and you can still buy a copy by going here

I've listed my favorite posts for each of the last 12 months below-one regular post-one post from my Appalachia Through My Eyes series. (if you want to revist any of the posts-just click on the words in orange)

 My life in appalachia - Evil Flowers

January-My favorite regular post for January was I'll Fly Away-because it captured us as we really are-when we were filming the song we had no intention of sharing it with you-it was only supposed to be to help the girls practice their harmony. 

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Evil Flowers is my favorite of the series for January. I like it because the old saying is so thoroughly Appalachian in nature. There's the warning-the religious overtones-all with a touch of humor.

My life in appalachia - Music In The Same House

February-Was full of sweet stories. Looking back it seems appropriate they all appeared during the month of love even though I didn't plan it that way. My favorite post of the month is Brand New Tennessee Waltz. I've come to love the song-mostly because of Pap's story of his one time waitress girlfriend who wore the prettiest apron with blue strings.

I like the post Appalachia Through My Eyes - Music In The Same House because it makes me feel hopeful for the future. My generation of roustabouts who played in that house turned out ok-and I'm positive this generation will too.

My life in appalachia - Alpha Omega Evans

March-A crazy conglomeration of posts filled up this month. My favorite-The Czech Come To Brasstown. Such an amazing night when 2 dance teams from both sides of the globe came together-it was truly magical.

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Alpha Omega Evans is not only one of my favorite posts from the series for the month of March-but for the entire year. The day we saw the gravestone was a truly magical day. A day spent with friends we love-and the image of Chitter running back to kiss Alpha Omega Evans goodbye will forever be burned into my memory.

Mountain folk festival 2012 berea ky

April-A month full of dancing-with Mountain Folk Festival 2012 being my favorite post. 

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Rooster Fighting With Violets is my favorite from the series. Not a very popular game throughout all of Appalachia-but for sure between my mountain holler and the Pinelog-Gumlog area just over the mountain.

Doug Mills and Bill Landry come to Brasstown

May-Was an exciting month-I taught a cooking class at the John C. Campbell Folk School-what fun! I had the best students in the world-and a co-teacher who taught me so much! My favorite post is-The Heartland Series. What an amazing group of people we got to hang out with during their visit. 

Appalachia Through My Eyes - The Perfect Arrowhead is another post I can say is one of my favorites for the entire year. 

 My life in appalachia - Way Back In The Hills

June-2 Knitters Moved In is my favorite post for the month of June.

For the series-Appalachia Through My Eyes - Way Back In The Hills. Both highlight the great opportunities the girls got to be part of over the last year.

Rex the chicken

July-We finally got chickens in 2012-and in my favorite post for July-I introduced you to them-Meet The Chickens.

Appalachia Through My  Eyes - Barelegged is my favorite from the series-the term barelegged is totally representative of Appalachia and is used in many different forms-just ask Granny if you don't believe me.

 My life in appalachia give him down the road

August-Fishing With Pap was my favorite for this month-and I noticed another neat coincidence-I published it on my birthday-but never noticed till I was looking back over the year. 

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Give Him Down The Road is my favorite of the series. I tried acting out the old saying-and actually ended up sending the girls down the road because of their lack of cooperation.

My life in appalachia Light -  Mean as a striped snake

September-The month I finally told you the truth about my secret fairytale in my favorite post for the month-The Princess Tree-the post is one of my favorites for the entire year as well.

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Mean As A Striped Snake was my favorite from the series. 

My life in appalachia Fall in the Southern Appalachians

October-My favorite post-Mountain Sayings.

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Fall Is Here is my favorite from the series-I love the changing of the seasons here in Appalachia and celebrate each one. 

Garnets in Georgia

November-Hunting Rocks tops my list for November.

With Appalachia Through My Eyes - Teenagers being my favorite of the series. 

My life in appalachia Light -  Mr. Art Teacher

December-I Dream Of Christmas is my choice for this month. Actually-it's Granny's poem so she did all the work on the writing end. Her poem speaks to one of the bittersweet things we love about Christmas-memories of Christmases past spent with those we loved the most but no longer have with us.

Appalachia Through My Eyes - Mr. Art Teacher was my favorite of the series-because I like for people to know we have smart kids in Appalachia and fantastic teachers too.

I hope you enjoyed looking back with me. Looking back helps me see the road I'm headed down in a clearer light. And I hope each of you stick around for the ride in 2013!


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Tipper and All, Thank you all for all the great pictures, singing, stories
and new words and their meaning.
Hope you have another good year and will look forward each morning to see what you will have. You do good.

Peggy L.

Happy New Year to the whole Blind Pig Gang!

I want you to know I enjoy everyone of your posts so much.. I try and get to them as much as I can.. I may not be able to catch them all but I hate it when I can't. You really have a gift for posting what people like to read and see.. Happy New Year, I'm looking forward to 2013 and The Blind Pig.

I enjoy your site very much Tipper, and I like the year in review also, just a refresher of some of the great reading and music I was able to enjoy during the year.
Keep it coming, it's a breath of fresh air to recieve your ramblings or music each day. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us.

It was another interesting, informative, thought-provoking and heart-warming year with you and the Blind Pig, thank you so much Tipper!

I enjoyed the year in review. After I write my comments, I must say that I plan to go back and reread your favorite posts. I remembered just about all of them. I liked the mystery plant also. (The Princess Tree) You really do present a great bit of education and fun with your stories. Keep up the great work!

Happy New Year and thanks for all
those daily blogs that I enjoy so
much. You got the BEST thing out
there. We Appreciate You!...Ken

Thank you for your efforts and looking forward to 2013 with you!
Happy New Year to your wonderful

I loved 'em all...
Happy New Year and keep up the great work.
Thanks Tipper,

Happy New Year to the Blind Pig Gang and all of the Acorns! We LOVE your blog and wouldn't miss a day. Thanks for being a blessing to us and for helping keep our Appalachian heritage alive. Looking forward to a great 2013. May God's abundant blessings be on us all!!

tipper - that picture of the girls from "hunting rocks" reminds me of a beautiful day spent with new friends that include your girls.

Crusty Old Guy and I are big Pressley Family fans and especially big Pressley Girls fans.

Blessed to be getting to know a wonderful family

Thank you for all the hours of good reading and entertainment! Happy New Year!

I just discovered that one of my neighbor friends also follows your blog. I look forward to 2013 and the new chances to see how we are all connected in more ways than we can imagine.

Tipper, I have enjoyed reading the Blind Pig everyday of the last year. There were funny ones,ones that made you guess, informative ones,ones that made you tap your toes and others that pulled at your heart strings. Thank you for keeping the Appalachian culture alive and the hard work it takes to share with your readers. Many blessings for you and yours in 2013!

Thanks for the retrospective and a big thanks for letting us folks "from away" see into your culture and your wonderful loving family.

I'm always a little sad at the end of the year, because it means a whole year of life has flown by. But visiting with you each day makes each of those days special.

Here's to a new year and more adventures! Thanks, Tipper!!

Tipper, it was a wonderful year. We have an interesting perspective, we see your/our blog evolve and mature with 1547 readers and we see Chitter and Chatter grow and evolve with music week, jams, CD's, and DVD's!
We also see the farm growing with apple trees, green house, and chickens. I wonder what you and the Deer Hunter will add next!

It's really been quite a year!
Happy New year!


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