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Cures for hiccups

Do you ever get the hiccups? Every once in a while I do. If I have them once during a day-I always have them again before the day is over. My record-is 5 different times in one day.

We've all heard drinking water is the remedy to stop hiccups-or holding your breath. According to John Parris saying this tongue twister will cure them:

Hickup, snicup, rise up, right up! Three drops in the cup are good for the hiccup.

Back in the day-I got the hiccups when I was on a date. The fellow told me if I'd swallow a spoonful of sugar it would cure them. He stopped at Grizzle Bears and got me a packet of sugar from the resturaunt in the back of the store-but the sugar didn't cure my hiccups.

If I'm in public-I try telling myself "you will not hiccup again you will not hiccup again!!!" but that usually doesn't work either. I found this page full of hiccup cures-my favorite of which is "scream as loud and as long as you can" wonder what would happen if I tried that one at work?

How about you-got hiccup cures?


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I have never met anyone else who has the condition I do - I hiccup only once, and usually at 4:00 in the afternoon. I live in the West and when I was visiting family in the East, my nephews were fascinated by this - and I hiccupped just once at 7:00 - which would've been 4pm at home! They thought it was just hilarious!
I do remembering doing the drinking water from the far side of a glass, as a kid - I think it worked?! Or at least was very entertaining! : )

marked this. please try more!

Tipper, My heart doctor told me something about hiccups, but I dont remember what it was. I will ask when I go back to see him. I just drink some water. Have a Happy New Year to everyone.

Peggy L.


Nothing cures or stops hiccups better than gargling two tablespoons of peanut butter (if you can ever get it started). Just joking but, I have heard eating a little will work.

After reading what these folks recommend I think the cures are worse than the condition.
Hiccups can be as much fun as sneezes. Unless of course the victim is having gastro-intestinal issues. In that case they're not funny, they're hilarious. Ask the Deer Hunter. I'll bet he agrees.

I've heard of so many things but one that comes to mind is let someone scare them out of

I forgot lest anyone doesn't believe me..The doctors name is Dr.Fesmire from the University of Tennessee....
I think I'll drink vinegar!

In your mind look to the blue pasture and see the green cow..Irish cure..
I know another one but can't repeat it here...The guy actually won a Nobel prize for the cure...

Drink at least a teaspoon of vinegar..Makes you take in a quick breath that startles your spasm...

Stand on your head...and sing
"Yankee Doodle Dandy"

Hold your breath for as long as you possibly can...Don't faint!

Go horseback riding on a crazy mare!Don't let her throw you off, but trot at a fast pace!

Turn around in circles repeat, "There was a hiccup way down in Dixie", and then sing Bonaparte's retreat backwards...

Borrow the girl's hula-hoop and do some "hooping" (make sure it goes round and round)while downin' a pint of yore neighbors "medicinal stump water". If it don't cure you, it will knock you out so you won't remember having the hiccups.

Thanks Tipper, Hope these help!
My black-eyed peas are done and so are my collards....Yummm, gotta make the Mexican corn bread..Also made a peach fluff fruit salad....

Hi Tipper,
If changing the PH of your stomach acid with sugar or vinegar does not help (I like Braggs best for the long chain amino acids in it)then it is probably a vagus nerve issue and this yoga position should help:

Stimulate your vagus nerve with Jalandhara bandha. Here's how:

1. Take a comfortable seat with a long straight spine.
2. Exhale as you gently drop your chin towards your chest. The back of the neck will become long. Be careful to NOT drop the whole head forward which can strain the neck muscles.
3. Inhale as you fill the chest with air and allow the sternum (heart center) to rise up towards the chin. The shoulder blades soften down the back as the chest stays lifted.
4. Hold this position and continue to breath.

I find that it only takes a few breaths and the hiccups are gone.

The only thing I've ever tried that works for me is to hold my breath and count to 30 (as slowly as you dare). If you hiccup before 30, release your breath, breathe normally for a little and start over. Do this until you can reach 30. When you do, your hiccups will be gone.

I can't remember who taught me this, but it has never failed me, not once, in many many years! Drink carefully from a glass of water while you're hanging your head down, bent over right from the hip. You're drinking from the far side of the glass, with your upper lip on the rim instead of your lower lip on the near rim. I was taught that you have to hold a pencil between your teeth while you do this, but after a few times I tried it without the pencil and it still works fine. No need to drink the whole glass of water; I take ten small sips.
I've taught this to many other hiccupers, andd once they get past the idea of looking silly and actually try it, it works! I've never seen it fail. It's one of those rare things in life :)

When I taught school, I would tell my hiccuping kid I would give her a quarter if she could hiccup again. That usually cured her. I quit scaring kids after I did such a good job that one child cried. Rather have a hiccuper than a crier. Ha!

Gosh! There sure are many cures out there. I had never heard of the sugar one until recently when a neighbor had the hiccups, only I was told to put it under the tongue and let it slowly dissolve. Years ago, I used to try to drink from the back of the cup instead of from the front of the cup like normal. I used to hold my breath and wait for someone to scare me, but then again, I was ready for the scare. I always thought that they also came from swallowing air while eating, talking, etc. Oh, well, Happy 2013 to all, including your family and you, Tipper. Maybe one of your mountain critters could come out of the woods and scare the beejeebies and hiccups out of you.

Many years ago tried to help someone who had been plagued by hiccups for days. We tried paper bag over head, encouraging hyperventilation and scare tactics. I read somewhere about the trendelenburg position helping..not sure where. Anyway, we tried it and it actually worked for awhile. This is a position where the feet are elevated above the head, and is best used in a hospital bed. It is a position sometimes used for hypotension or fainting. Not the best action if you get the hiccups in a busy shopping mall. Good luck!

Ö Noticed new pictures of some very pretty young ladies!! Ö
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The worst cases of hiccups I've had in my life were caused by drinking too much of something cold, too fast.

The only 'cure' I've found is to find something else to occupy my mind. Distracting my mind away from the hiccups, and they stop.

Tipper, I've never heard you have hiccups....didn't know they were a problem.

My sister always said that you were supposed to form a circle with each of your hands and close your eyes. You were supposed to concentrate on one hand and say to yourself "This is the sun" Then concentrate on the other hand and say to yourself"This is the moon. It works for me. My cousin had told me that My Great Uncle Ras (Erastus) had the hiccups for 90 days before he died. Aunt Pallie, his wife fell into a deep depression after his death.

This one is a guaranteed cure for me. Take a teaspoon of granulated sugar and put it in your mouth. Moisten it enough to be able to swallow it (do not dissolve it completely). Swallow it. From the moment you swallow, the hiccups are gone!

This REALLY does work. I have been using it for years and it has never failed.

Charles-The Deer Hunter usually sneezes 3 times-but you've got him beat with nine : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
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Culture of Appalachia

When I get the hiccups, I get them more than once in a day, too. The only cure for mine is to swallow a half teaspoon of mustard or vinegar. I can't get my grands to try that, so I do to them what Mama always did to me. She would startle or scare me. Always worked, too. Happy New Year to you and your family.

I started reading all the cures, some of which were quite interesting, but paused when I tried to remember the last time I had hiccups. I can't remember! So that means I am permanently cured of hiccups or suffering from some form of memory loss. In either case there is no need to read further.
We used to say "hiccup, highcup, jacob, drink three cups of cold water to cure the hiccups." It works! It is also good for dehydration and bladder infections.

How about when you sneeze?
I usually sneeze nine times
before quiting.
How about you?

I don't know if screaming as loud as you can, as long as you can will cure the hiccups, but it's sure to give some surprised soul a heart attack...

The worst experience with hiccups was my husband having them after he was in Georgia War Veterans' Home. He kept them--badly--for hours. He finally had to be given a sedative which put him to sleep, and that stopped them. I'm not sure what the medication was, but he slept a long time.

A little sip of vinegar or dill pickle juice has always worked for me.

Hiccups are caused by spasms in the diaphragm which can be triggered by eating too much or too fast. They can also be caused by anxiety and stress. But enough about what causes them and on to what to do about them. I have found that having someone scare you will cause you to gasp and helps the diaphragm relax. Works for me anyway. I would not recommend this cure for someone with a really bad heart condition or high bp. Oh yeah Happy New Year

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