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January 20, 2013


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It's a very pretty song, so plaintively sung like a child singing to a father they long to be with and be just like. I am thankful, our heavenly Father gave us the instructions to do just that in what I believe is His Word - The Bible.

God bless.


nothing colder than a closed up church but the girls surely did that hymm credit! xox sandyk

Really enjoyed hearing the girls sing this song, they sang it Beautifully ....was just something really special about hearing it in that church building....loved it!

Thanks, Tipper and girls. You did a good job singing and the pictures were good.

All brother and sisters love to do their thing. Fuss and aggravate each other.
One time when I was young probably
12, my brother just kept on messing with me, so grabed up a file which was laying on the table and told him I would hit him if he didn't stop. Well, Daddy had put the small end of it down in a corn cob for the handle. Did you ever see one like that? I acted like I was going to hit him and it slipped out and hit him right smack dab in his mouth and knocked his front tooth out. Guess you know I never did that again. Did I get in trouble. You better believe I did.

Thanks for all you do.


Very nice!!! Who needs practice?

Just beautiful and made my day!
A favorite of so many of us and
thank you, dear girls.

You can tell from their red noses that the girls are cold. But, they handled it well. Chitter's movement are probably an attempt keep time and keep warm. The cold crisp air, bare walls and stark furnishings helped resonate their already beautiful voices. Picking the guitar with cold fingers must have been painful for Chatter, but she didn't miss a lick that I could hear.
Personally I think Elvis is one S short of being a Pressley.

the hymn was beautiful -- but I have to admit I enjoyed the back-and-forth interchange -- so typical of teens! :) I loved the shorter hair, too!

Good job, ladies!

I used to play in Dixieland bands (tuba) and it is said that "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" is a traditional funeral song in New Orleans. It is played slowly and dirge-like on the way to the cemetery and it is played hot and fast returning, as a celebration of the life of the deceased. We played it the same way, first time through at a tempo of 60 beats per minute or less and reasonably straight and then double the tempo and really jazz it up.

I used to play with a group that had an old clarinet player named Irv. He was Jewish. He called this song "Just a Kosher Walk with Thee", which I always found to be funny. Irv had probably played the song thousands of times in his career.

Jackie try going directly to youtube to hear the song-go here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUBlgfUL-lslist=UU-qASEdDmIEW_q02Og1nStwindex=1

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

That was excellent! Have the girls ever taped a recording of Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling? That melody has been running through my head for the last week.

That has to be my favorite performance by the girls. I loved it! The shot of the church was beautiful. Thanks for the history lesson yesterday.

I can't get either video to play. I've restarted several times and there's no change. The play list works fine.

tipper i sure love the way the girls sound in the church.. their voices sounded like angels song.. going straight up to heaven.. such a wonderful song ... and i even listened to it three times :)
thank you so much for sharing.
big ladybug hugs...

That was absolutely Beautiful! I
loved the way Chitter led and kept
time swaying. And Chatter, with
that beautiful voice blending, I
don't know how she was able to play the guitar, being that cold.
I bet Pap was so proud!!!...Ken

Oh, the girls do a great job and I guess extra conversation is just teenage angst bleeding through.

Next to Elvis, the girls sing that song the best! I, like Chitter(?), couldn't be still during the performance.

God bless those girls, they sing like angels!

Lovely. They did wonderfully with so little practice.

Loved what they did! The arguing may have been worth it as they made a wonderful presentation. I remember when Elvis made a recording; I'm slowly learning about what I call gospel music. Great information!

and girls...Loved the rendition of "Just a Closer Walk With Thee".
I wonder if the porter ever got any credit for the tune and words to the song?
I guess his credit is knowing it is now being sung by two talented ladies in church in the mountains...With the history, I automatically think of the original singer and writer of the song....
Thanks again Tipper and girls,
It was well worth the trip and singing in the cold church for me...I betcha' you just had a warm feeling after completeing the song....

Sounds like they got just enough practice! It's great!

A spectacular version! Enjoying it this Sunday. Thank you for the honest inclusion of the bickering too. Nice to see the "real" moments that make up life.

Wonderful way to start my Sunday as I get ready to leave for church. I predict a great future for the girls. Beauty and talent...they can't miss.

Unbelievably beautiful. I guess the venting has to go on prior to the preformance, but the end result at show time is what matters the most. Thank you so much, I'll watch it over and over.

Beautiful-even with hardly no practice.:)

One of my favorites! Good job by the Pressley girls on that one,I can tell they are coming into their own style and I like it...sing on girls, sing on!

Something that just struck me is how much difference the location of the hearer (inside of the church) makes on how the song sounds. I had a little pocket recorder with me, and stuck it up on the pulpit where the girls were. It is a good quality recorder, and I just listened to its recording to compare with the video. My recorder's version sounded good, but it completely failed to pick up the resonance of the church building structure - which Tipper's did beautifully.

Might be a parable in there somewhere.

I remember so well that my cousin Frank Dyer who was a "music school" teacher over in Choestoe taught that song. It was always the custom to have a "concert" at the end of a music school. That was a hit when it was sung--and as you've noted--continues to be a favorite among southern gospel singers. Cold fingers and all, the girls' rendition of the song was beautiful--such wonderful harmony (and playing, Chitter!). Thank you! We enjoy hearing you and also of learning from Tipper's posted research! Have a wonderful Lord's Day, all you readers! And sing!

Very nicely done, I enjoyed it.. I get a kick out of their little disagreements,, Reminds me of when my Brother and I argued (a lot). One day they will grow out of it, have families of their own, and look back like we do...

The girls did a fine job as always. That song was always a favorite of mine too. Grew up singing it every Sunday at the little country church we attended.

Beautiful as always. One of my favorite gospel songs.


Beautiful! I have been hopeing to hear you all sing that one since the "Gitgo". That song was the one my Daddy always hummed when we were working in the yard.

My wife's family was a musical bunch kind of like yours. They would always sing and play every Sunday. Whenever we arrived they would stop playing and then start up with "Just a closer walk" because they knew I loved it so. I can still hear my brother-in-law with that Gretch guitar as he played. They wern't all that keen on playing and singing it until one Sunday I kept on at my wife's Daddy to do it. Once he did, they did it over and over several times that Sunday. It became sort of a theme song with them.

I have wanted to ask your family for that song but, was not sure whether to do that. Thanks, the girls were so good.

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