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January 13, 2013


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Third time trying to comment...
Loved the music and post
Thanks Tipper, and girls

The song was great and the girls so pretty. This church is on the North Carolina side of the Smoky Mts. My Uncle Benjamin and aunt Emma Conner Fisher took care of the church for years and one day he was working there and had a heart attack and died. Uncle Ben was a brother to my grandfather Thurman Fisher who was the father of my Mamma.
They have funerals and weddings for the families who once lived there and the Home Comming the month of August. For a week they
have preaching and singing. Then on the last day have a big dinner. Pastor Dan Lambert has the old records of the church, but not sure. He lives on Tow String. That name in it's self is a good story.

Peggy L.

Love this and their singing just keeps getting better and better.. That old church sure did enjoy this, I'm sure.

Pretty Girls-Pretty Singing-Pretty Church. I bet the old members who have passed away could hear it in heaven.

Such beautiful girls and beautiful
music in a perfect Appalachian
setting. I'm proud of 'em too and
I look forward to reading another
of your stories...Ken

What a good idea! I'm sure the old church appreciated those pretty voices ringing through it.

That song was great, and those hats caught my eye once again.

That old church, if it could talk don't you just know the memories of which it could speak. Hard to not to end this sentence without a preposition!

Oh, how beautiful!! I really enjoyed the girls singing and I agree the acoustics in the church was awesome! I think better than the other church. I have been through those old churches and in Cades Cove. Thank the good Lord they have been preserved.


The girls are beautiful and sang beautifully ....really enjoyed it...and always enjoy your blog.


Great job young ladies. Just be sure that you don't get into one of those snake handling churches...there might be some rattlers hiding under the seats.

Oh how amazing - the story, the photos, the music!!! I have goosebumps listening, the sound is so wonderful.

Great job, thank you for sharing

I love the feelings you get inside old churches -- the feeling of reverence and history and community. If I close my eyes I'm back with my Aunt Cat and Uncle Don whose great joy was to drive miles to worship because they had heard of God working in such and such a church.

I really enjoyed this song performed but the girls. The acoustics in the building were prefect and the guitar volume to voices couldn't have been better. I also must add that the great big grin from chitter or chatter after finding the flowers just added to the perfection of the whole thing. Sorry that I can't keep their names straight. I am betting there were a bunch of angels in heaven tapping their feet listening to the girls. Thank you all again.

The girls really showed their stuff. Great work! Goal accomplished; I loved it! I enjoy going through old churches to see how worship was done in a bare bones house of worship. Thanks for the entertainment. I am looking forward to your story.

Benny-sorry about that! Try going directly to youtube to watch it-go here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmaaRkHvG-glist=UU-qASEdDmIEW_q02Og1nStwindex=1

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

I love their version of this song...put a song in my step today:) Letting my light shine:)

The song is beautiful. Sung by two equally beautiful young ladies. The cold crisp air and stark bare walls inside the old church are all the "studio" the girls need.
Did any of you stop to think that this same song might have been sung by the children of the community back when they and the church were still alive? Did you ponder the thought that the flowers were left from a wedding long long ago. Time stops in places like that, you know.

Very nice. I think you folks have grown up in a very nice part of our country, and have made use of every day in it.

Wonderful to see your daughters making memories in a place steeped in mountain memories.

Tried but the arrow button would not bring up the video. benny

Watched/heard the video- WOW! Great job, girls! I think the acoustics are better here than at Little Cataloochee. Great choice for a song, and such a blend :-).Makes me wonder what the difference is in the wood for building.

When I saw the title, I wondered if it was 'Ocona Lufty', or however they spell it- in the Park.I'm continually amazed at how many settlements, churches, etc. are up in there, besides the familiar Cades Cove. I love the pictures, and look forward to more tales of this venture.

Great! They're getting better and better!

what a beautiful old church, my kind of church. the girls sound amazing, i love what the empty church does to the sound. it's beautiful.

I love those old Churches,, sure is sad to know that most the people whom attend are all gone now,, But the spirit wasn't in the building,, but still gives you a familiar feeling just seeing the picture or being near one,, as the song the girls sang "this little light of mine" enjoyed it very much..

They sure know how to make a grandmother proud! I look forward to the 'rest of the story!"

That was great! They need to do all their singing in that church.

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