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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Love


Photo of Alyce and Drew Williams sometime before or after their marriage in 1931. Photo taken in Hancock County, Vardy, Tennessee. Holding Library: King College.

Since Thursday is Valentine's Day, many people consider this the week of Love. Here in Appalachia there will be teddy-bears, candy, and roses galore given to those who are loved-or who are at least greatly desired for this moment in time.

Papaw Tony calls that kind of sweet romantic stuff he-ing and she-ing. When I was young my elders called it courting. The kids today-I have no clue what they call it-dating maybe?

Aren't Alyce and Drew one of the most lovely couples you've ever seen? 


*Source for photo Digital Library of Appalachia.

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I remember our paternal Grandfather talking about he-ing and she-ing. Our dad may have said it too, not sure, maybe one of The Sisters will remember. I remember one of them talking about "spooning" and "sparking" which meant about the same thing, I think.

Funny remembering things like that.

God bless.


Beautiful picture.

As I get older and another year of marriage goes by the word love tends to take on a whole new meaning.
I have been married for 27 years now and each passing means more to me than the last.

I am drawn to the dry stacked stone wall upon which the young couple sits. It stands the way the mason erected it with no mortar to hold it together. Hopefully their marriage was the same. If it needed any glue to hold it together, it was doomed to fail. If it was assembled by the hands of true craftsman, it weathered many a storm unscathed.

What a sweet dress she has on. Wish women still dressed that way. I would be happy to have a closet of this style.

How about spoonin'! The picture reminds me of Longfellows poem..
There was a little girl that had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead...When she was good she was very good indeed. But when she was bad she was horrid!
I'm sure she wasn't horrid, but she does have one of those sweet and coy looks on her face....
Love this post.
Thanks Tipper,

What a handsome couple! I love old photos like this. I like to imagine the young couples spending their whole lives together, weathering all storms and still in love.

I have heard it referred to as sparking, but not recently. My grandparents also called it going together. I have heard some of the young people around here call it seeing each other. It is all sweet and hopeful, whatever we call it!

tipper, i really love these kinds of photos, where the love shines out of the faces, in a gentler time.
they really look in love and happy.
hope all the blind pig readers have a great week, filled with love
big ladybug hugs

Nice picture in the opening. Next
to Christmas, Valentine's Day is
my favorite. Maybe it's because I
got two daughters that hold such a
Special place in my heart. And they gave me 6 granddaughters to
love. Seems the older I get, the
faster time flies cause the oldest
one is getting married in June...Ken

Down 'round here it was called "Sparkin'"....

Sweet couple! She looks happy and he looks scared, guess that's the way it usually goes.
Astute observation, Joe!

That photo is wonderful! They are both adorable!

What a sweet photo! Looking forward to Valentine's day this year since I have my own precious little sweetheart to spoil!




Joe-Ah Ha! You got it right-I totally agree today dating is texting LOL!

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

The picture is one of innocent love in my eyes. Where did the romance of years gone by go? It was courting or dating in my day, but I think 'going together' is a term used today. I am looking forward to this weeks stories.

The definition of "dating" today for kids is texting.

Neat picture.

They are so sweet. Looking forward to the Valentines postings

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