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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Snowy Winters

My life in appalachia snowy winters

      A snowy winter portends a good year for crops.

The photo above was taken almost 2 years ago. There's been no snow to photograph this winter. We've had a skiff of snow once or twice but that's it. I love snow so I'm always hoping for a big snow.

A week or so ago they were forecasting snow for us-instead it fell in Mississippi-sigh... So if any of you have snow you no longer want-send it my way-times a running out and it doesn't look like I'm going to get any before Spring.

Want to read some snow folklore and see a Snow Princess? Go here to read a post from our last snowy winter in Southern Appalachia. 


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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We had quite a dab of snow and ice in Angier a week ago last Friday. That was the day we both got called in to work early even though I was suppose to be off that night, cause everyone was acting like crazy people snatching up bread, milk and toilet paper like they were Twinkies and there would never be anymore of 'em - ever. LOL

Our dad use to say, "If the swamps aren't full in winter, it's going to be a dry summer." I've found that to be true, and was worried because we'd had such a dry fall, not only were the swamps low, all the creeks, ponds and lakes were way down too, but that snow/ice we had a week ago helped to restore much of the water in them. Praise God!!!

God bless.


Oh Tipper, how I wish I could send you some of my snow! We've probably had about two feet of the white stuff so far this winter, and my back is not amused - snow is only pretty till you have to drive in it or shovel it.

I bet somebody sent you some and it wasn't We've got over 3 inches so far today.

We've got about 2 inches of snow so far today and its still snowing.:))

We seldom get snow anymore like we did when i was a kid. Don't know the reason for it, but it's ok. Loved to play in it then, but now that i'm much older, the few light ones we have gotten are plenty.

Try my best to send some of our snow your way Tipper. We've had 5 inches over the last 2 days and we have snow in the forecast until 7am tomorrow. Sounds to me like there will be enough to send some to Miss Cindy also!

We got an inch Thursday, 6" Friday, and a couple inches so far today. It's still snowing here, expecting 6" more today, maybe more tomorrow. Send a truck, you can have all of mine. I smell like gas from running the snow blower. I'll be out again later, no point in showering yet. Make it a BIG truck, I think the neighbors are tired of it, too. Got a vacant house nearby for a guitar/ banjo player to put new roots? Doesn't need to be a fancy house. You do allow Yankees in the neighborhood, I hope!

I must be one of the "Old Timers" since I too remember the winters of my youth had much more snow than we do now. It is a matter of weather cycles. Since the Ice Age the earth has had several mini-ice ages where the winters were more severe, these have been accompanied by periods of ill health like the Black Death in Europe since folks tended to stay inside and share germs and other factors. I can remember that as a child I would scoop enough snow into a 55 gallon barrell and bring it to a boil for Hog Killing, I can testify that it takes many a coal scoop of snow to equal 55 gallons of water. My wife loves snow while I hate it, something about working for more than thirty years providing Emergency Services from law enforcement to emergency medical services up many a snow covered road at all times of the day and night seems to have taken the luster from snow storms and black ice. Tipper, it's snowing in Bryson City as I write and I have been trying to send it all to Brasstown but it doesn't seem to be working.

I'm sure glad my buddie and
neighbor has more friends to help
him this morning. They're killin'
two Hogs today. I told him yesterday I couldn't help cause
I'd just puke my brains out. When
I was little, Daddy had a couple
of friends butcher ours. One of them is Purell Miller...he's the
best. After he'd be fixin' ours,
he'd bring the bladder to me and
my just older brother, tell us to
wash it real good from the footlog
over the creek, and blow that thing up for a ball. I don't recon
we'd ever heard about germs, but
now that I've got so smart I can't
hardly stand myself, I would't do
that anymore...Ken

I've had two or three days in a
row with snow from yesterday's
1/4" dusting to an inch the days
before. It's snowing like the
Dickens in Cleveland, edgeing it's
way our direction, so just hang on.

And like Ed, I watched several of
Luis and Mechi's videos yesterday.
His granddaughter strokes the hound out of that mandelin...Ken

Right about this time in 1996 I recall so well the huge storm that shut us down for days in Martin County, KY. Nothing moved--absolutely nothing. I think schools were out for a week.

Let's see - it's Groundhog Day and Phil has predicted that there are six more weeks of winter - perhaps, you might still get your wish. I think you should have your snow and everyone needs to go out and make snow angels because this has sure been a weird and unusual winter. Happy Snow wishing!

It's snowing here this morning.
So maybe it will move your way. We are not supposed to have much, but if it's cold, might as well snow, is what I say.
The groundhog said for here, we are going to have 6 more weeks of weather....
Now about the winter/spring thing, he just is having a hard time the last few years predicting. LOL
I just know that it's six weeks til March 15th, St. Patricks Day and potato plantin' time....So, there you are, my prediction! Still wouldn't mind an early spring!
Thanks Tipper, stay warm...

I honestly have never really cared to much for snow. I always said there is two different times that I would like to see snow, the first for deer season and the second for christmas day.

My baby brother is a true snow-lover too. He's in his fifties now but will still sit up half the night hoping to see the snow falling. He & another of my brothers have a tradition of a long trek through the first big snow & their stories are hilarious--such as a boot getting sucked off after sinking into soft mud under snow, etc.

"Ou sont les neiges d'antan?" - Villon in "Ballade..." Or, translated from the French, "Where are the snows of yesteryear?" Does it seem to "old-time" persons like me that in the mountains of our childhood we got more snows in winter than now? One of my fond memories of my childhood is a quick--and deep--snow coming during early afternoon while we were at Choestoe School. Evidently my teacher was too busy teaching to notice the accumulation. My Daddy knocked at our school house door and advised her to let us children go, that the snow was quickly getting deep and a blizzard was in progress. Daddy put my first grade brother Bluford on his shoulder to carry him the mile home. He'd also brought along a shovel in case we ran into a drift. He told me: "Walk in my footsteps and you'll be fine to get home." That cold, snowy afternoon is etched in my memory like a great lesson in love. On that day as a fourth grader both the beauty and dangers of a snow storm became real to me. But even more important in that memory is our Daddy's concern for our safety and how much he loved us. "Oh, the snow, the beautiful snow! Filling the sky and the earth below!" -J. W. Watson. And the whimsical poem for children by Mary Mapes Dodge makes us think:
"Whenever a snowflake leaves the 'ky,/It turns and turns to say "Good-by"/Good-by, dear clouds, so cool and gray!' Then lightly travels on its way."
Those who have snow, take time to enjoy those no-two-alike flakes, exquisite and beautiful!

Yesterday I went to youtube and watched Jose Luis and his granddaughter play The Grandfathers Clock. They are a delightful pair. I found it here.
I didn't know the Appalachians extended all the way to the southern tip of South America.

My son was born on Feb 11, 1993 and brought the worst snowstorm I can remember. We didn't have him at the time but whenever anyone talks about the Blizzard of 93, I remind him he brought it with him. I'll send him to your house for his birthday. Maybe he can bring you a foot or so.
We get some of our biggest snows from mid March thru April.

I guess I can't send you much snow...but would you like some of our freezing weather? :) We had such a mild winter last year...and this year too, up until the last few weeks...that we forgot what real winter is like!

Tipper you are surely welcome to any snow we get in Aberdeen Ohio have had a little this plus it is snowing here now, but I hate snow and cold weather both anymore, getting old I guess.

17 degrees here this morning but no snow. I'm with you Tipper, I'd like to see a good snow. Winter just don't seem right without at least one good snow.

Oh,MY, Tipper! We've had plenty this year already and more coming right now and through the weekend. I've posted photos on my blog. This weekend I'm going to head out to one of the Metroparks. (Up here they have huge parklands set aside for recreation, but they aren't anywhere near as big as state or national parks.) I won't be cross country skiing or snowshoeing this time. This time I'll be feeding the birds. I always feel so badly for the birds because the snow covers all the seed up and there aren't bugs. They actually come down and feed from my hands. It's magical! I'd sure send you some of our snow if I could. Maybe if I blow South (and just a little East)...

When we are lucky enough to visit for Christmas, our deepest wish is snow. We were there for this one..It was beautiful and even though we were unable to leave the cabin we enjoyed it so much.

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