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February 03, 2013


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See Tipper, I told you Saturday that I was sending you some snow! Power was out all day yesterday and just back on, why the late response. Sounds like we still need to send some to Miss Cindy! You are right Tipper, those snowflakes were sent from my family especially for you and the BP Gang!

Still waiting. Lovely!

I'm very happy for you, enjoy!

Wonderful post, Tipper. Two posts, actually; your great piece and then Ron's contribution of Robert Frost's haunting poem. Perhaps it seems like sacrilege to borrow from Frost's poem but your snow story and pictures reminded me that I still love to play in the snow and will for many years to come. So, I borrowed Frost's rhythm and rhyme and wrote the following:


Whose face is this? I think I know
He seems a whole lot older though
I wish I didn’t see him there
His once dark hair now turned to snow.

The looking glass will not be kind
and show the lad I am in mind
Now wrinkled brow and chin to spare
Replace the youth I’ve left behind

I give my head a hopeful shake
and think that I will soon awake
I blink my eyes but he’s still there
A fat old man, no handsome rake

But now is not a time to weep
A snow has fallen, fallen deep
Grandkids with sleds are standing near
And I can play before I sleep

Tipper: I should have responded early - as to making snow cream. You have to go to your barb-wire fence and clean the snow off the fence posts. That is the way our mother instructed us to get CLEAN snow. Then if it melts it will not have eewwwweeeee or whatever in it!

Loved your post!

Eva Nell

p.s. With all our snow and being stuck in the house, the book is moving toward the finish line!!! And I found a very impressive publishing firm RIGHT HERE IN OAK RIDGE! I was worried because our publisher has closed his business since the last book. So not to worry now! Thank HEAVENS!

Maybe I should write a post about no snow and the same thing will happen to me!
It looks beautiful in your neck of the woods.

Hats off to the readers who were able to pull this request off. The snow is beautiful, but I was looking closely for snow angels. That would have been a great thank you to those who wished it upon you. I am glad it arrived and you are having great snow fun.

Wow, Tipper, that's some storm for y'all. I " sent" it a fast as I could. It's still snowing here and we expect it to continue for most of the week. Luckily, Michigan is set up for snow. My dear, late, Myer-in-law must really be chuckling in Heaven. Every year when we'd come for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I'd be looking for snow. I'm sure getting my fair share this year.

and Ken
You said you wanted to go rabbit hunting...I hate to bring this up amist the wonderful snow conversation, but...I wondered if Ken ever went rabbit hunting in a deep snow with a stick? Poke the stick in the rabbit hole, (brush and honeysickle thicket) then twist and yank out the rabbit! My Dad said that was his favorite way to rabbit hunt! I remember a friend of his showing up when we had about 7 inches of new snow on the ground. They were bundled up and off they went. I asked Mom, Dad didn't take a gun. I don't need one he yelled back.
They did come back with rabbits...
He called the method, "twisting out rabbits!"
I love Robert Frosts poem...I love the silence of the snow. More noticible at night. Sometimes if those big fluffy flakes are falling you can hear them touching the icy part of the ground.
Our snow is melting fast, but we didn't have very much.
Thanks Tipper,
PS Before you make snowcream, take a glassful, let it melt and check out the little particles in the glass....ewwwwww! and I love snowcream...

Snow cream!!!

This has always been one of my favorite poems. I hope that next winter, I get my share of stopping in the woods on a snowy evening (or morning or afternoon or?)

I love the snow; it figures it would come now, I am visiting my daughters and grandson right now! I am enjoying my time with them, and the warm weather and sunshine. When I get back to the cabin I'll have to ask for more snow!

Look how much your readers LOVE you : )

All this snow makes me want to go
Rabbit Huntin'. I am so glad you
got your snow knowing you wanted
it so much. Now when you make
Snowcream, just remember to eat it
with a small spoon...Ken

The snows here in Kentucky have been ugly this winter...all less than an inch with grass showing through. This weekend was supposed to be snowy with several bands of moisture heading our way. The prediction was enough to cancel schools in Louisville and that never happens. We ended up with a ground cover. The wind chill has been in the single digits, keeping even the bravest sledders inside.

Glad you all got it,, just sleet here,, just keep it and any in the future, snow don't excite me at all,,

I reckon I'm somewhere past getting old.

Especially hard to get excited about snow when it's between where you are and home.

ask and ye shall.........

We look like your photos in Warne, MC
6 inches on the ground this Sunday AM
2-3-13 does that mean another snow from the folklore page?

I so LOVE that we still have power too! Smiles, Cyndi

As much to my delight as your five inches of snow was to you, we here suffered not a flake. Driving to my grandson's birthday party yesterday the sky to the west got dark and gray. I told my wife "that is snow." "But it's not snowing." "It evaporating before it reaches the ground."
My grandsons would have loved to have gotten some snow, but they are both sick and wouldn't have been able to play in it anyway.
I got my wintersworth of the frozen stuff last week.

Glad you got the some snow to enjoy. My husband doesn't really enjoy it any more, but I get a smile on my face when I hear of a snow coming. We have a beautiful snow outside today, too. I miss going out with the kids and sledding, I told one of my sons yesterday that if this was 15 or 20 years ago, we'd all be bundled up out in the snow and sliding down the hillside. I miss that sometimes.But I did go out and walk around in it and we are enjoying watching the birds at our feeders.

Wow, that really is snow. Nothing here but a few flakes blowing around.
Did you get Ken's recipe for snow cream? Looks like you might need it.
Miles to go before I sleep. Haven't thought of that in years.

You know you are getting old if snow does not excite you.

Beautiful pictures, sorry we are not there to enjoy it.
Thank you for sharing the poem, I had almost forgotten it.

Poem by Robert Frost.
It seems like we too have been missed by snow this year.

I enjoyed your snow photos for we only got a skiff of snow in protected places. My sixth grade teacher had us memorize the Frost poem many many years ago. I still remember most of it for it is one of my favorite of all his poems. Falling snow is a quiet, gentle event yet it energizes me.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful snow! It's chilly and damp here this morning. Enjoying a cup of hot tea by the heater.


I'm glad you got your wish! You know what? I almost didn't see it but, one of those girls in that photo was you. My wife jumps up and down when it snows she loves it.

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