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Faded Love

Faded Love

Faded Love is one of the most famous western swing fiddle tunes in the history of country music. The song was written by Bob Wills, his father, and his brother.

Bob based the melody on an old fiddle tune that his father taught him. In 1950 Bob Wills and his band, The Texas Playboys, had a major hit with Faded Love. Patsy Cline, Dottie West, Ray Price, and Willie Nelson have also produced successful versions of the song in the years since it was first written.

A few months ago, Chitter began learning to play Faded Love and while she sawed on the fiddle, Chatter decided she might as well sing along.

I hope you enjoyed the song-as the last post in this week of Love. A few of you didn't get your daily Blind Pig edition yesterday-if you'd like to go back and read it-click on the link: Games about Love on the right side of this page under the heading Recent Posts.


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Mighty fine job, this song was a regular when my wife's family got together for family reunions and just jam sessions.. It's one of those songs you just don't get tired of hearing..

Jackie go here: and look down the page for Faded Love. The Pressley Girls now have their own youtube channel : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
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Culture of Appalachia

I can't get the song to play. Maybe you can give me the youtube link like you did recently. Thanks.

A lovely presentation to say the least. The girls are so talented and while the family performs, it sends out a family together; a perfect memory for the girls. Thanks for sharing!

Chitter and Chatter and the entire
Blind Pig Gang always seem to maintain that beautiful beat. On
your Playlist, #49 is probably
still one of my Favorites: Just A
Touch of the Past.

One time my oldest daughter called
and I had that song turned down.
She listened awhile and said "that
song in the background reminds me
of coming home." Sometimes a nice
song can bring those wonderful

I wanted to remember the words of "Faded Love," so I went online and found (and copied!) the lyrics. Chatter played the fiddle well on this song, and Chatter sang it with much expression and beauty. And the accompaniment from "Pap" Jerry and Paul Wilson was the perfect setting for a wonderful Sunday afternoon experience. It had been a long time since I'd heard the song. I was glad to hear it so well-performed by the Blind Pig Gang! It was a good way to end out the "Week of Love," and makes me a bit nostalgic for everything we've remembered during this week and the memories that have been stirred! But again, we Appalachian people tend quite a bit toward the nostalgic anyway--and so it all has worked together to make this a fine week to remember our love for one another and how it is furthered from one generation to another! And music and words are such an important part of that transmission! Thank you!

Awesome job, girls! Love, love, loved it!! Thanks sooo much. Oh yeah...the guys weren't too shabby either! ;.D

Good job. The girls just keep getting better and better.

good job -- good song! Have a blessed Sunday...

good job girls---you should be able to make it in the big world of music if that be your wish...

Ripey-YES you are right : ) I went back and corrected his name. Sorry about my typo : ) But I'm thrilled to know you enjoy the Blind Pig!!

Encore. Encore! Great Job on one of my favorite Bob Wills hits. All they need now is for Chatter to take up the fiddle also so they could have the great double fiddle harmony that Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys made their signature sound.

That's beautiful, the Pressley Girls just keep getting better....and prettier......and sweeter!

Tipper: When can we schedule a performance of "Faded Love" at the Bluebird Cafe on Hillsboro Road in Nashville? Chatter has got that song down pat and sounds as good or BETTER than lots of folks I have heard sing at the Bluebird! The Cafe is a small place where 'producers' come on Sunday nights to listen to 'would be stars' perform! It is a nice place to just sit and listen while you make predictions about the performer.

Our evening with Don Byers was unforgettable!

Eva Nell

Tipper, isn't the name supposed to be "Bob WILLS" instead of Bob Willis? Seems I remember the Texas Playboys, a few years ago.

Just wonderin'.

I sure enjoy "The Blind Pig.." emails. I've a bunch of them I need to sort out!!

Wow! I love this song and the girls did a wonderful job. They are so talented. I know you are so proud of them. Thanks for sharing their beautiful music with us!

That was a great job on a great song. I really enjoyed hearing it again. Thanks for posting it.

Creative people have a presence different from others. Your daughters have that! I have loved that song since a boy. It is sad I think but, it was always a masterpiece. I now relate to that song so poignantly but not in the sense of a faded love but rather of great memories from yesterday. It was beautiful Tipper.

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