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February 20, 2013


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What a detective Tipper is! It must be like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together, only to find more pieces at the bottom of the box to continue to flesh out the puzzle picture.

God bless.


Dolores-I wondered the same thing about his beard!! I read another page on Dwights great site that said he did indeed shave because both boys came home safe-and that everyone was glad he got rid of the beard LOL : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Thanks for the history. Of course, I am wondering and hoping that Thomas was able to shave once the boys returned.

Tipper, I've just finished a book of early settlers in WNC. It's fascinating to read of the day to day life of these people. They had a hard life. Those early settlers must had been made of some tough stuff to first get here from Scotland then to survive eking out a loving from the ground.
The stories are amazing. Thanks for focusing on this.

Oooh, this is great stuff! Thanks for your diligent research in finding Dwight Childers sight which is fascinating in itself, but I still have not found my own elusive Haywood connection, other than census, etc.

Adam Corn was called into the ministry in Henderson Co.,N.C. in 1812. He preached to Indians and organized churches for Indians and pioneers. He and Humphrey Posey organized the Locust Field Church in Canton,N.C., 1st church west of French Broad River. He helped organize several churches in N.C. before becoming the 1st. moderator at the founding of the Tuckasegee Baptist Ass. in the Cullowhee Baptist Church in 1829. Also in 1829, Adam and Humphrey founded Mount Zion Church, 1st church in the Tenn. River Baptist Ass. Adam had a part in the founding of the Lufty Baptist Church on June 6,1836. Much of this info came from Tommy Flanagan, Families of Towns Co.,Ga. Adam Corn is my gr,gr,gr,gr. Grandfather.

I love this -- and I also like rambling through cemeteries reading headstones, looking at old pictures even if I don't know them. Thanks for sharing (and doing all the hard work of researching).

Tipper: You have opened a vast door of knowledge. It will be a great pleasure to read more about this Childers/Shepherd Family. It is amazing that the mother, Bertha was able to survive so many 'deliveries' of babies - probably right there in the home! AMAZING!

Eva Nell

The history of ordinary people is fascinating to me. I look forward to more.

So interesting, and what a great find the site was. Local history is fascinating and a graveyard is a wonderful place to start.

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