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As The Deer Hunter and I fixed our plates for supper last night-I realized there was a MAJOR compatibility issue in our relationship. I'll never know how I managed to overlook the problem for the last 19 years. For whatever reason, after a long day at work with everyone reaching over top of each other to pile food on their plate-there the discrepancy lay-as plain as the nose on my face.

When eating biscuits and gravy-I tear my biscuit into little pieces before dousing it with gravy-The Deer Hunter splits his biscuits in half before adding the gravy. 

Now I'm left wondering-who taught me to tear my biscuit into little pieces? Who taught The Deer Hunter to be so neat with his plate of gravy? Will our relationship survive this or will it be an impasse we can never get over?

Please let us know-are you a biscuit tearer or a biscuit splitter?


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No doubt about it, I'm a splitter. I split it in half, then cut it, like I do all my food into a straight 1" row, then into teeny tiny 1" squares while eating it, taught to do it that way by a very particular Mother. I can't remember if Dad did it that way, but that's the way Mom taught me it was to be done. Can't remember why she wanted it that way.

God bless.


We just had "breakfast" for supper the other night. I split my biscuit and Charley tears his. I hope this difference doesn't split our relationship :o) But for the record, when we have creamed tomatoes, I tear my biscuit.

HpAnd in regard to Howland's query.....we gently pull top from bottom. After the gravy is on top, we use our fork to cut into bite sized pieces.

Biscuits I split in half. Now if we are having creamed beef over toast, I tear the toast into bite sized pieces, while it is still warm and crunchy right out of the toaster. Either way, I add a good sprinkling of hot sauce!!!!!

Well now that I think about it, I am like Charline, I split 'em and I like the bottoms to be crusty. She's my sister! Hey just give me that good ole Sawmill or Memaw gravy and I am good to go!

Tipper: of course im a splitter, but you know in the restaurants they make that decision for you. but if mine come out scrambled i sends um back.boy ya got my mouth watering right now. blessings to all.k.o.h

I'm definitely a splitter- and I like the bottoms brown and crunchy!

Dan-Thank you for the comment! Go here to see how I make biscuits: and Ill try to post a gravy recipe soon : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Ron-I use an old yellow tupperwear biscuit cutter that Granny give me : ) Im glad youve enjoyed all the comments-I have too!

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

I tear! Especially when having chocolate gravy!

I split it in half by hand (no knife needed), and then pour the gravy on top. Biscuits and gravy is one of my favorite breakfasts, and, once in a while, we'll have it for supper as well.

Biscuit splitter! Sometimes I will put gravy on one side and jelly on the other.

I'm a biscuit splitter. When splitting your biscuit, the bottom's free of gravy and you can clean up the plate easier than with the tearing method, splitting is more efficient, at least that's what I think. I watched my dad for years do this and me wanting not to leave food on my plate or crumbs I do the same. I'm trying to teach my 8 yr old grandson how to clean his plate and it's difficult.

Maybe when you were a small child your mom and grandma tore your biscuit so it would be easier for you to eat and you didn't see any reason for the change. Only a guess.

Split sourdough biscuits with corned beef gravy. Wash it all down with fresh milk.That is my kind of decadent dinner!

Splitter. I am ashamed to admit that I have argued with my beloved wife over much less important things than that. Which just goes to show that the world's not a perfect place.

I'm a splitter, but now that I've heard about tearing, it sounds like a better idea! Next time I hope I remember to try it :)

I must admit, I am neither. I have only tasted biscuits and gravy, but never eaten a full serving of one. Now my Southerners seem to split the biscuit, but if you tear it into pieces, then you don't have to cut it apart after you smother it with delicious gravy. I think you will survive the difference - at least for another nineteen years and by then - who really cares!

Have no patience to read through all the responses today so will just add my little bit. I eat Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, hubby does not. I like my gravy in a bowl and tear my biscuits as needed in to it. No waste and can sop up the last bits with the left over biscuits. Hash browns on the side of course and no ketchup. Opposites attract and after almost 30 years it still does.

Tipper,I see you do what we do some times for supper. I'm a biscuit tear upper and my husband is the same.
And thank the Lord for Gravey & Biscuits, we would have starved to death, as the Old Indian Man said, "way back ago." Good old man he was.

Peggy L.

Had to post again...An old departed friend told of an old buddy who lived up in the hills of Gilmer County who after many years of marriage was divorced. My friend asked him if he thought he would ever get married again and his answer was that since they came out with those store bought biscuits he didn't see much need in it.
I see your biscuits are cut and not hand patted. Did you use a real cutter or a snuff or jelly glass? I have had fun reading the responses today!

I tear my biscuits, but after reading through all the posts, it seems we biscuit tearers are in the minority! To take things a bit further, I usually add my eggs and choice of pig and mix those in with my biscuits and gravy too. I'm sure this goes against all proper eating etiquette.
My 16 year old recently spent the night at a friend’s house and, the next morning at breakfast, was shocked to learn that not all folks eat their gravy, biscuits, sausage and eggs in one big pile. Of course there are those folks who can’t stand for their foods to touch. Now they would have a really tough time enjoying breakfast at our house.
My Dad likes his biscuits more as whole cakes. (Or is it hoe cakes? I’ve seen it both ways.) Basically one huge biscuit the size of a pone of cornbread. Now how would you split that?
All this talk of gravy and biscuits has got me hungry. And who ever said it’s just for breakfast…at the house the kids are always asking “Tonight, can we have breakfast for supper?” Sounds like a good plan…

I use two forks to tear my biscuit in half then I put both insides face down on the plate. I use one fork to cut it into tiny squares and then pour the gravy on it. That way I don't have to touch the outside crust of it. I remember my Grandpa would tear it up for me but everyone else would make me do it myself (to get me used to the way it felt). Well all these many years later as much as I love biscuits I still can not bear to touch the outside crust of one. I can make some really fine biscuits but once they are baked cannot do it. Go figure.

I'm a splitter. There's a scientific reason for this, the biscuit, being whole, stays warmer longer than it would if it were broken into pieces.

But now we have another question: When we split biscuits, do we gently pull the top from the bottom with our hands or do we cut them with a case knife?

Guess I have to have an extra ration of unhealthy. I split the biscuit, pile on the butter to melt, then cover all with gravy!

any kind .....split.. whole .. torn anyway you take it biscuits and gravy always wins

When we were little, my brother & I were soppers. Tear off a piece of biscuit & sop it in the big puddle of gravy. I have seen him still do it as an adult.

It's funny--I tend to split the biscuit if in company & tear it up if alone--seems more dignified, I guess.

Even though a Southerner, I had to convert my husband to gravy loving. His mom is a great cook but her gravy was way too thin & made with just water. (Of course I will eat ANY gravy).

Now he loves thick gravy either from sausage or bacon grease. I've even made it with oil or as Mama did, from Crisco sometimes for a little healthier. I use condensed milk as Mama did for really creamy gravy. I knew we had him when he began to ask for the Tabasco!!

Well judging from all this biscuit business, there are a lot of gravy-eating folks on this site! The only bread I crumple is cornbread in my glass of milk! And that is called mixen and that is for supper. We never had biscuit and gravy at supper time! And with ELEVEN kids to feed my mama just had to stay with the program!

Eva Nell

A blooming biscuit ain't worth all
that family trouble. But since you
asked, I tear my biscuits up also
before adding the gravy. It seems
a whole lot easier to shovel it in
that way. Sometimes I get this at
Hardees' of the mornings, and I
usually get it to go, so I can tear up my own biscuit...Ken

Everyone is missing the forest for the trees. It is Biscuits and Gravy! There is nothing wrong with Biscuits and Gravy and any way you eat them is right. I live in a much later time zone that y'all. Still time to make Biscuits and Sausage Gravy for breakfast. Tipper, thanks for the menu.

I am a splitter. I don't like my biscuits to get too soggy, and there's less surface area exposed to gravy when the biscuits are split. That's what passes for logic at my table!
You and Deer Hunter certainly do have a serious relationship issue there! I'd say as long as you are making gravy and biscuits everything will work out just fine!

My mom wasn't one to make biscuits. We had store-bought bread with our gravy. When I was little she would tear it up for me. Once I got big enough, I left the slice of bread whole and poured the gravy over it.
When I make biscuits these days, which is seldom because of our weight problems, we are both splitters.

Well, I've always been a splitter, never occurred to me to tear it up - which sounds much better!!! As of this moment, I will be a tearer!
My husband doesn't even like biscuits and gravy (yes, I am embarrassed) but we've managed to survive almost 33 years together despite that, so... don't worry about the splitting/tearing issue. ; )

I also just split mine in half. I have never even thought of tearing them into little pieces.

Some things are just right, and the Deer Hunter is right on this one!


It is my opinion that the Deer Hunter - being a man of obvious impeccable taste - and having successfully met all requirements of becoming the husband of The Angel of Brasstown with all the rights, privileges, and honors appertaining thereto would probably in no manner jeopardise his status by complaining about a torn biscuit which had been lovingly prepared for him by said Angel. NO Way!!! LOL

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