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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Taking Pictures In Mirrors

My life in appalachia taking pictures in mirrors

I'm used to finding weird pictures on my camera. Lots of times when I upload photos to my computer there are photos of Ruby Sue in some hilarious position. And someone (Chatter) is obsessed with her eyes because there are often extreme close up photos of her eyeballs-apparently she's yet to capture the right look. 

Recently there was a whole set of photos like the one above. Chitter looking in a mirror taking a photo of herself. If it wasn't for the weird blanket on her head-I'd think she was taking it to send to some boy-but who knows what she was trying to achieve with her styling new look.

The photos got me to thinking about the technique of taking a photo of yourself while looking into a mirror. Its a very popular phenomenon-if you have teenagers you probably already know that. Usually the photo is taken with a cell phone and for whatever reason the prime location for such photos is the bathroom-well I guess most bathrooms do have mirrors so that's probably the logic behind the location part.

Years from now a researcher will probably do a thesis on the photo in mirror era of social encounters. At least I know the mountains of Western NC will be properly represented in the study.


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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Never thought of doing that. Guess it's because I'd be afraid to break the mirrors with my reflection and cause 7 years of bad luck.

God bless.


Those girls do funny things. At
least things are lively at the
Pressley house and you never know
what to expect. My youngest girl
had 4 daughters, and talk about
a racket...try listening to them
all at the same'll drive
you 'bout crazy. But it's fun...Ken

I never heard that taking pictures in mirrows was a trend...
but then I am not around too many young folks anymore or at least teenagers....

I am sorry this spooks me out...
I guess I just relate to stories I remember as a child of the wicked queen chanting "Mirrow, mirrow on the wall."...and seeing her ugly reflection in it...ooooo...
The only time I recall taking a picture of myself was when I lost my hair during chemo...then I plopped my wig back on....that was scary enough for me and I shore didn't want to reflect myself back in the mirrow and take a picture...I'm over it now and might get used to taking myself a picture of myownself, that is if I don't see some ghost in the picture after I pull it up to look at it...ooooooo
Thanks Tipper, Great post...
PS...I remember bits and pieces of a time when I was a little girl, looking into the mirrow with a friend and chanting some rhyme to conjure up some likely boyfriend, enemy..etc.ect. but because it was so spooky I have since let it escape away in the far parts of my feeble mind...

If the mirror shows you a mirror image of yourself, does Chatter see Chitter when she looks at herself?

can you imagine in years/decades to come the puzzlement that sociologist as to why the bathroom was the site of self portraits! And it isn't limited to the teens either :)

Mirror pictures - never realized they were popular among the young teens. However, I remember trying to take a picture and if you look closely the picture taker is in the picture as a reection in a window or something of that sort. It is always wise to be sure you are properly dressed before taking a picture; you never know when a reflection will show up.

And what a pretty face it is!
Kids being kids. LOL!
I think that paper will be a hoot to read as prople search for answers to the behaviors of kids.

Tipper: I never thought much about making a picture of myself. The only time an indivicual picture was made in my life was in school when those sad little student pictures were taken. Then we would take them home to show mama and daddy. But we could not afford to buy them! With eleven children, buying anything was a big deal! However, I do have one which you may see SOON!

A sunny day to you!

Eva Nell

I have also noticed photos of feet taken by their person. Usually the feet wear interesting shoes or have lovely manicures. Mostly I see these pictures on Facebook. I don't recall ever seeing a guy's feet featured though.

Yes, this is quite the thing to do, also my granddaughters hold the phone/camera at arms length to take them as well.

The hills of north central Missouri will be equally represented in that study.

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