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Good Company Shortens The Road

Western nc weather

In recent years, the bank in front of our house has become over grown-with small trees-bushes-and briers. The woods are constantly reclaiming what was once theirs-and its amazing how fast they work at it while you're not paying attention.

For the past 2 winters we've wanted to tackle the bank-but somehow the chore just never got done.

The Deer Hunter said the trees were getting too big to wait much longer and they needed to be cut now. I recently hatched out a gardening plan for the flower bed that rims the top of the bank; and was motivated to clean off the bank to allow maximum sunshine for my new plan. 

Chitter piling brush

So yesterday afternoon we decided the time had come to slay the bank. We dreaded the work-but knew it needed to be done. 

Cherokee county nc march 2013

The Deer Hunter manned the chainsaw and Chitter manned her saw-zaw. Me and Chatter manned the rakes and toted water for the hardworking Deer Hunter and Chitter.

Good company shortens the road

In just a couple of hours we had the bank almost completely cleared-and the flower bed cleaned out to boot! As I set on my bucket and rested I was reminded once again-good company really does shorten the road.


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Is that dog a rat terrier? It doesn't show the whole dog. We have one and love him.

Looking good.. Glad ya'll had a nice spring time day to do it in.

Our Grandmothers use to say, "Many hands make short work" which amounts to about the same thing, and I agree. I think it makes it more fun and interesting too with the talking and/or singing as you work as a team. I think that's what makes Barn Raising so much fun.

God bless.


Tipper: Good luck on the digging. I wish you were close by and I would supply you with all the bulbs, lillies, purple phlox and all the perrenials you would ever need for your hillside! However, it is tough doing and tending a garden on a hillside! You might want to just cover it with TALL ornamental grasses. That way the rabbits would be happy and you dog could chase them!

Good luck, Eva Nell

Seems as tho chores always go faster when you have good help. Enjoy the girls now cause they'll soon be grown and gone.

Good company makes you wish the road would never end!

getting ready for Spring to be Sprung!!!! Looks good.

You are so pretty and young as Jane Bolden said," You could pass for an older sister. "Great job of clearing the bank.

What a wonderful family story - working together to achieve a final end product. What might you plant on your bank? Holly mixed with some bulbs or might you make it a vegetable garden? I don't know how much of a bank it is, but if nothing is on it, it might be a problem in a heavy rain. Hope you continue to have lots of fun together!

Seeing you all working for the
coming Springtime makes me wanta
start on my garden today. Soon as
I get my garbage hauled off, I'm
gonna get dirty too.

I'll swear Ruby Sue looks just like my "Little Bit". He passed on
about 2 years ago...I miss him!
But I have another short legged
Dotson-type dog now named Whisky.
He's a real Mole getter!

I agree with Jane also, you look
like one of the girls...Ken

Looks like I am not the only one that cannot go anywhere on my farm without a little dog at my feet!

Many hands make light work.

Looks good! Remember though that soil erosion occurs when there is not enough vegetation roots to hold it in place. Clean hillsides to like to slide.


I love that little dog. Also I like those boots you were wearing.

I know it's still winter but If I tried getting in that brush I would probably be bitten all over by Copperheads or if I even heard a rattler somebody would have to send for a truck to haul me off!

Wow, that bank is looking good. You are absolutely correct, good company does shorten the road and you got some good company there. You forgot to mention the four legged one. I know Ruby Sue was a lot of help.
Your really getting your little farm well organized. I have a feeling it's going to be a good year for crops.
PS: Jane is right, you look like the oldest sister.

"Good company shortens the road."
Also, as far a getting the job done:
"Good workers shorten the load."
How you reminded me of how my father enlisted all of us at home to "help" with cleaning off "the patch" where we planted our early garden! Soon it was cleared of fall and winter debris, plowed up and ready to receive seeds on Good Friday, a good day to plant!

Looks great! Reminded me of an old saying about a task; once begun half done.

Enjoy your girls. Time flies when you're having fun. Every age is special. I swear you could pass as an older sister.

It does and almost makes it enjoyable.


We left yesterday afternoon to go watch one of our grandchildren, to be there after school. I had the better half stop going down the driveway..."We really need to get to that bank this year, before everything sprouts out, because it is easier to see what you want to hold or what you want to fold"...uhhh, I said, as we creeped on down looking at the January Jasmine that had escaped its place, or had baby sprouts...
Sooo, if you are so inclined to clean banks, I have one for you!
Mine doesn't have any of that homey Ivy growind at the bottom, wish I did..all of ours in on the ridge and not much of it...
Notice in the first picture you have what looks to be some daffodils or jonquils trying to get to the sun. Mine are just starting to bloom...In the city they are blooming around, where the black pavement warms the area.
I enjoyed this post, I must have been getting your bank cleaning vibe as we were leaving yesterday...
Thanks Tipper, Have a warm sunny spring like weekend...

Looks like you got some good help,, got some brush needs clearing around here also,, uhh don't put your tools down just yet,, come on over and I'll be glad to be the water boy.. :)

I surely miss having the boys around to help out with such chores. These are the best years, Tipper. Grab and hold them while you can for the girls, like the bank, will soon be grown, but unlike the bank, you'll not want to trim them or hold them back :) Loved Crying Holy this morning. One of my favorites.

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