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What Is It?

What his he doing

The Deer Hunter has been working mighty hard on a new project. As you can see from the photo-he's done lots of digging in our hard red clay yard. Anyone know what he's doing?

Come back by tomorrow to see.


p.s. If you live in the area-come out to Western Carolina University this Thursday night-March 28th at 7pm to see The Liar's Bench. The Blind Pig bunch is hoping to be there-so if you make it and you see us please say HELLO! It'll be a great night Gary Carden will talk about imaginary critters from Appalachia as well as host the whole shebang.

In Gary Carden's own words here are the details:

Shelia Kay Adams will be there, as will Marvin Cole who became famous doing Mark Twain. (He is a WCU graduate). I intend to talk a bit about imaginary critters, and the Belled Buzzard in this promo is one of them. William Ritter will be on hand to play an old fiddle tune about the winged messenger of doom. Marvin has been thinking about outhouses and wants to share some thoughts with you. Marvelous doings are being planned and I will talk a bit about that, including the "Tears in the Rain" project. Come early. Admission is free.

Cardens_Liars_Bench_March_28_PC-1 Small Web view

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In your what is it, would it be an over flow catch basin

Looks like it might be part of a well or cistern, but not sure.

God bless.


After my guess of a biodiesel devise (like Seth Gaddis over at Young Harris), I thought of a charcoal making rig like Elmer Roush has in Brasstown.

Don't worry,I won't send any more guesses ...

An earth berm biodiesel generator.

Y'all ain't making liquor up there in Wilson holler are you?

Is it some kind of trench stove?

It looks to me like something to do with the draining or moving of water, but I'm basically clueless. It will be interesting to see what it is you're getting up to, you folks are always doing something interesting!

First thing I thought of was a smoker.

Seems as though he might be able to use that for anything. Hmm miniature cistern to catch run off for garden, or you sure could cook a mean pot of soup beans in that hole with a fire under it. I need to get on later as I miss all the good posts. I particularly liked the zombie trap Ed posted.
A zombie trap could be used in the daytime for a port-a-potty. My better judgment tells me not to hit the submit button, but here goes.

It looks like a drain from the house to the septic system. Maybe the girls are getting their own bathroom. :)

A pond...pipe for drainage
Seems nary for a cistern..ours is wide as a sheep dip..
Could be a hog waller for when it rains on that red clay....
Does it have anythang to do with the greenhouse?
A new backhouse..built the modern way!
How about a swimm'in pool.
Seems like I see a white lime line to the left a'markin' something off. Is that the edge of your new wheelbarr ?? If it is the nerve of him using yore new wheelbarr...
I give...unless maybe you'uns struck gold or jewels in them hills and hits a wash-run!!
Always look good, fer you'all ain't that fer frum Coker Creek.. and a vein could run yore way down the hill!
Other that thar..I don't have airy a clue!
Thanks Tipper,
PS we have a skif of snow here this morning and lazy flakes are floatin' around.
I also loved the fiddle yesterday, it added just the right demension to the music. Pap and Paul are so talented, as well as the rest of the Blind Pig. Sorry, it was jest to late for me to comment yesterday....

It must be a man thing, since our men seem to have a fix on what it is.
Sounds like a fun program at WCU. I knew that they had a Mountain Heritage Center but I've never been there. Tipper, you'll have to tell us all about it.

He's a buildin a layover to catch meddlers. That's what Mama always told me when she did not care to answer one of my questions.

Looks like he might be digging footings for a project and fill the hole with cement. Digging in the red clay of NC is definitely challenging - a muscle developing projct to say the least. Good luck!

I can't think what it is unless it has something to do with catching up water or a trap of some sort.

Ed's comment about the Zombie trap reminded me of this cute story I once saw on the evening news. Some may remember it too. This rather sophisticated lady was interviewing this little tot. She asked the little girl what she would do if she saw a monster in her yard. The little girl leaned forward until she almost touched the microphone and said, "If I saw a monster in my yard I would kick his a#!@." The interviewer turned rather red and said, "Well, honey I don't think that would be very nice do you?" The little girl thought a minute and said, "No, but if he got in the house he might kick my a#!@ !"

I'm sorry, I just had to tell that.

A portable-potty?

He's building a cistren to catch the water from a spring , I see the blue water pipe coming into it or he's making a water holding tank for the veggie garden .

It looks like a smoker to me.
I wish I lived close enough to get to the program on Thurday. What a treat that would be.

Is he cleaning out a French drain for the house?

Looks like a well or cistern. Otherwise, I have no idea

That is a zombie trap! I have them all around my house. Zombies don't watch where they are going and fall in. Those metal thingys sticking out from the sides get caught in their rotting flesh and hold them there 'til they die or whatever. Anyway they work good. Ain't been nary a zombie got in my house yet.
Or it's a fire pit or outdoor stove.

I'm guessing the Deer Hunter is building either a kiln or a smoker.

Uncle Wes

Looks like a dry well

It looks like an old Boy Scout trick for building a fire over, it always a draft to come up through, makes a hot fire..

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