Appalachian Vocabulary Test 52
Appalachia = Five Things


Woods in appalachia

Woods written by Evelyn Louzine Wilson aka Granny

Someday I knew I would return
    to yonder shaded wood.
And dream the dreams of yesterday
    to keep the ones I could.

When springtime lusts have left the paths
    we've wandered on below.
Through time we've struggled on to keep
    the ones who could not go.

To waste the time of writing this
    is just delight to show.
When winter's wrath erupts our path
    we will have the snow.


*Copyright Evelyn Louzine Wilson


I wanted to share one of my favorite poems written by Granny-because it's her birthday! If you have any to spare-send a good wish her way today.


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Happy Birthday Granny!

I do love that poem as I look out the window to another 12+ inches of fresh snow.

Opps sorry catching up on my reading,, Happy Birthday Granny,, May God bless you with many many more,, enjoyed the poem..

What a wonderful poem-hope Granny had the very happiest birthday!

Happy Birthday, Granny. Hope it was your best birthday ever and that you have many, many more even better.

Happy Birthday Mrs, Wilson hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends.Enjoyed the poem beautiful job.Can see where Tipper gets come of her creative talents Again best wishes from Newfoundland, Canada P.S How are you faring with the snow we still have lots like two feet.Barry.

A great poem, just right for March!

Happy Birthday to Granny!!

Although my grandmother has been gone now for several years, March 6th is her birthdate as well. My birthday was yesterday, and I've always been glad that our Birthdays were so close together.
Hope Granny agrees that March is a good month for Birthdays :)

What lovely thoughts are in the poem.

Happy Birthday Granny, with prayers for many many more.

God bless.


Happy Birthday Granny and may you have have many more and each one be better than the one before

Happy Birthday to Granny!!! Hope she has a wonderful day.

What a talent she has. You come by yours honestly -- from both sides.

Happy birthday Granny!!! Beautiful poem!

Happy Birthday, Granny! May the good Lord bless you for many more years of good health and happiness! I loved your poem; it was a delight to read!

I so Love the poem.I ditto above comments.Tears fall as I admire the poem writers abilitys!Thank you Granny,wishing you a very Bless Birthday.Jean

Tipper, I do not know who Granny Wilson is , but I wish her a "Happy Birthday" and many, many more.

I have a Granny Mary Wilson in my maternal family line, which I know nothing about except she married Alexander McDaniel and they lived in Cherokee County, NC and he died coming back from the West in KY. Also, have the Rapier's/Raper's that lived in Cherokee County, NC in the vicinity of Nottley/Nottla Ri. Each had a 640 acre reservation in 1817-1819 and were part Cherokee.

Have snow here today.

"Great Poem." Has great meaning.

Peggy L.

Happy birthday Granny! We love your poem and wish you a very wonderful day!!

Happy Birthday Granny!I hope you have a great day!

What a moving, wistful poem! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Granny!

I have gotten on late, and usually do not post when this happens. But, just have to compliment Granny on her wonderful poem. I suspected she had a lot of depth, and now we know. When one lives in these mountains, it seems only natural to explain the beauty in poetry or song.
I also love to write poetry, and I can be inspired by the simple things of nature. And as you, Tipper, I have a need to study and write about those folks who have long ago left this earth, and sometimes the only clues they actually lived are names etched on a tombstone. I have unraveled some amazing stories with the Ancestor sites.

Happy Birthday Granny! I love the poem. Tipper, you have great talent on both sides of your family!

Happy Birthday Granny Wilson----and I loved your poem--you should share some more of your work.

Happy Birthday!! Love the poem!

Happy Birthday Granny Wilson. May God bless you with many more happy and healthy years. I love your Poem and maybe Tipper will be gracious and print more of them. Happy Day from Canada!Bob and Inez Jones

I loved the poem and happy birthday to Granny Wilson!

Beautiful poem. Happy Birthday, Granny, have a lovely day.

God bless you Granny, and Happy Birthday. Tipper, crack open her notebook and give us more of her gems.

Beautiful poem !! Happy Birthday to your sweet Mother !! I bet everyone would love to hear her read the poem . So fitting for this beautiful snowy day.

Happy birthday Granny. Enjoyed reading your poem.

Tipper, thanks for sharing Granny's much-more-in-depth-than- surface reading reveals poem! It is not only beautiful, but insipital--that is, has many "in depth" meanings. And yes, Bradley, I did read what you said about my reading it! I not only read it, but made a copy because I want to keep it among treasured poems. I even thought of our superb Georgia mountain poet, Byron Herbert Reece. Granny Wilson's poem has echoes of the poems he wrote with such depth of thought and expertise of form--flowing, as a mountain stream! First of all, the "shaded wood" is a beautiful place; but it is also a symbol for all of life! How insightful! Indeed, in memory, we all travel the roads back to the "shaded wood" and glean from the journey much "to keep the ones I could"--not only of memories but of people! And with what perception did she give us the passing of youth in her selection of "springtime lusts have left the paths." How aptly stated--and how poetically! And, indeed, she did not "waste time" to write the poem, Evelyn Louzine Wilson--Granny--for she not only "showed delight" with what she wrote--and with her perception and insight--but the product of her pen gave us delight as well! What a line is this--with so many poetic devices in one line: allliteration, assonance,internal rhyme: "When winter's wrath erupts our path" Indeed, I see that as a brilliant line. And then to close: "we will have the snow"--physically, but much more in depth the winter, the snows of life itself--as it moves naturally on to a close. Did I enjoy this poem? Yes! Happy birthday, Mrs. Wilson! I would love to meet you in person and listen to you read your own poems! I'm sure you must have more! With this one selected to post Tipper no doubt considered the particular weather in the mountains now. As I look back on poems I have written, I can be easily transported to the time, place, event or persons who inspired them. Thank you for "Woods" and its level of meanings! Happy, happy birthday, Mrs. Wilson! Keep writing!

It was smart to copyright the beautiful poem. I would hate to see it published under someone elses name and have them get credit for Granny's talent.
Happy Birthday Granny! Wishing you good health and happiness.

Beautiful Poem. Happy Birthday Granny, may your day be filled with family and happiness.

Wishing Granny an extra special day!

Happy B.Day Gran!! Keep it coming!

Have a Happy Birthday, Miss Evelyn. Love your poem! Love to hear more.

Tipper: We wish Granny a perfect BIRTHDAY today. With a 'touch' of snow she very well knows that SPRING will be here soon. Sunshine is on the way from the WEST!

Warmest regards,
Eva Nell

Enjoyed the poem. Happy Birthday, Granny!

Goodness, I forgot to say how much I like the poem! Read it three times, and will come back and read it again, I'm sure. Thank you for sharing it!

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