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Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag

Did you ever play freeze tag? Ed Ammons sent me this short description of Freeze Tag:

How to Play Freeze Tag

This game is to be played outside. First we will choose who is to be “It” by counting taters or drawing straws, etc. Next we will establish “out of bounds.” Now we will all gather in the middle of the field. When “It” says GO, everyone scatters in different directions. It then proceeds to chase the participants with the purpose of tagging them. When you are tagged, It will say “Freeze” and you must stay in the spot where you are touched. If you step out of bounds, you are frozen. You must stay frozen until the game is over or until someone who it not frozen can come and touch you (thaw you out.) If someone steps out of bounds to unfreeze you, they are frozen too. They must be able to reach over the line to touch and unfreeze you. If IT can manage to tag and freeze all the players, It is the winner and the game is over. If another game is to be played, the first It gets to choose the next one. If It cannot freeze everyone then the games goes until it is too dark to play or everybody gets tired and quits.

Seems like I might have played freeze tag, but I'm not sure. I know we played lots of tag type games-usually the boys against the girls. I was a pretty fast runner when I was young (forget about it now!) so I usually fared well in tag/chase type games. 

If I got too tired from all the running games at school, I slipped alongside the old brick school building. We were told not to go on that side of the building because it bordered the highway. But we did.

All along the length of the foundation there was a small ledge-the perfecting resting place to get your breath or tell secrets when no one was looking. Just thinking about it makes me want to get in my car, drive over there, and sit on that little ledge again. But I can only sit on the ledge in my memories, since the school burnt down years ago.

Freeze tag memories for you?


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I don't recall ever playing this as a child, but boy - would I have loved to. LOL

God bless.


and Ed....I do remember "freeze tag", but didn't remember the exact order of the game until Ed gave the directions...This wasn't an easy game to be able to get over being "IT" as someone was always beatin' you to a player and unfreezin' them...
Thanks Tipper and Ed for the memories....

PS...My computer nearly drowneded in the storm I guess...Couldn't get the "dog-gone" thang started til this morning!

Tipper: I used to play this game. It was so much fun to play.

I'm sure we played this game too.
I just didn't remember till I read
Ed's summery of rules. His memory
hasn't faded as bad as mine.
That's got to be Chitter above,
cause she's got her Willy Nelson
bandana and boots on.
I guess we've all been out there
on that ledge sometime during our

LOL! I've not thought of TV tag in years. Such a sweet thought though.

Yes, freeze tag was one of our late evening summer games. Amazing the different numbers of games we played in the twilight.

I remember playing freeze tag! It was one of my favorites. Another that we played was TV tag. When "It" was almost ready to tag you, if you screamed out the name of a current TV show, you were not "out". Of course, back then, there were only three TV channels, so the number of shows that you could call out was limited and much harder to remember.

Seems like I played a game like this as a kid, but I can't for sure remember the rules or exactly how it was played. Very interesting! Sometimes 'kid' memories are good for the soul.

I sure remember playing this game. Thinking about it brings a smile to my face.We played it at Camp Hebron above Harrisburg, Pa. As I sit here and think about it we played freeze tag in our neighborhood too.

You know, that "Little ledge" you spoke of is so symbolic of times past that beg our returning and reconsidering. There's so many of those "Little ledges" we all have known in our lives.

By the way, I think I've seen that girl in the boots.

Yes, I remember Freeze Tag, but only vaguely. Do kids still play these games today? Probably too busy texting. lol Life is very different in this day of technology.
What happens when the computers are as smart as we are, or smarter.

Yes, I remember this, it was so much fun unless you were left in the freeze position for too long

Freeze Tag- always our favorite with lots of giggles.

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