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April 21, 2013


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Some mighty fine listening music here on an early Wednesday May 1st.

This song was one that my sister and her playing partners always included in their performances, and it makes me think of her whenever I hear it. We used it in our church at our annual service on hunger and homelessness - used Nancy Griffith's version -- and I don't think there were too many dry eyes while it played.

Songs like these may seem sad to some, but in truth, they're encouraging because they teach us people faced hard times before and got by, and so will we. Praise God!!!

God bless.


One of our favorite BP family songs and very well done! Of course, being from KY we love all of Stephen Foster's songs.

Sometimes I think that if it were'nt for bad luck I'd have no luck at all...he he
That is usually when I'm having myself a pity party all alone..
Then I start thinking, what is the worst that could happen! Then I think what is the best that could come out of this situation.
Then I ponder all the people that are having way more hard times than me at that moment...and all seemed such a waste of pity time!
We are independent and resourseful..
Thanks Tipper, Loved the song

love this song and this rendition! How wonderful to have this talent in your family and especially to sit around kitchen pickin'!!!! Does Pap ever do a solo?

This is one of my favorite songs
of Pap and Paul and the Blind Pig
Gang. Number 48 on the Playlist is
another, I just love that one.
Paul is probably the best picker
I've ever heard. Sometimes in my
quiet times I like to just sit and
listen to all the Playlist songs.

Hard times seem to invade many families some time during their lifetime. Enjoyed listening to the words as well as the music. Good morning to all and may your day be filled with happy times.

Hard Times not only came to my cabin door, but he brought all his stuff and most of his family. When people say "Stop trying to give me a hard time," I reply "Why not, I have way more than I need!"

Tipper- We wish the same for you and your family. This has always been a favorite of mine. We hear it sung here in our bluegrass circles a lot. Many times I click on to your playlist to listen to this song. The Gang does a great job. Thanks for reposting. Greetings from New Brunswick, Canada

thanks for nice post and song. i had never taken time to ponder on the words.

One of my favorites, the Blind Pig Family has done a masterful job with the song.

I never heard this one,, but as always very nice job.. As I heard someone say if it wasn't for the valleys there'd be no mountains.. Sure feels better to be on the mountains tho literally and figuratively...

Well done rendition of 'Hard Times Come Again No More.' The song is one of several favorites of mine by Foster. When the Blind Pig Gang goes into the refrain, the words seem to sigh from their lips.

This is one of my favorite songs ever. It can bring a tear to my eye any time I hear it. The lyrics were inspired in whatever context they were written. Thanks for the info.

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