Roosters and Violets
Playing Telephone

Can't Say I've Ever Been More Lonesome


Picking on sunday afternoon

Almost every Sunday afternoon we meet up down at Paul's for some pickin and grinnin. There's much music during those weekly sessions, but there's lots of other stuff too.

Buttons in appalachia

Things like fixing button issues with pocket knives;

Pap wilson

most Sunday's there's sunshine-and its always in Pap's face; 

Silliness in appalachia

there's always silliness;

Cool beards

sometimes there's really cool beards;

Playing the guitar and texting

and there's always texting-if all 4 young pickers and grinners are there-then there's 4 phones texting out their annoying beat as fast as they can go in between songs.

Appalachian conversation

Along with all that-there's good conversation too.

And some Sundays I leave with a new favorite song. Or in the case of last Sunday it was a old new favorite song or something like that. Paul wrote the toe tapper Can't Say I've Ever Been More Lonesome when he was in high school. He pulled it out for us to play last week and I've had it going around in my head ever since. 

Hope you enjoyed the song-now you'll have it running around in your head! 


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"Kitchen Songs" are the best. I'm working on one right now.

I'm not sure how I missed this when you first posted it, but I'm glad I found and read and listened ;) Felt like I was right there in the room with you ~ thanks for sharing!

GREAT song by Paul, thanks for sharing!

I was beginning to feel lonesome today. My first email came in at 4:33 pm and yours at 5:26 pm. I guess I have to blame it on the rain. I usually get yours around 7:00 am. I enjoyed the song. I like most of those you post.

Mighty pretty tune; I'm glad to see the young'un expanding her horizons,instrument-wise.

We're packing the car today, going to East Kentucky to visit some of the young'uns and grand-young'uns too. The resident Mountain Woman has been looking forward to this journey for almost a year now; there's one grand-baby up there that she's never seen! we'll be out of touch for a while, internet connections and cell service are sporadic, if they exist at all.

I'll visit here if and when I can, and for sure when we return home.

Y'all keep up the good stuff, 'K?

I liked the song! Always thought
Paul had a nice singing voice, and
it looked like his wrist sure got
a workout pickin' that one. Wonder
if anyone else got to see that
"million dollar smile" from Chatter. She played the mandolin
without a care in the world.
You all have a wonderful sound.

sang along with Pap & Paul and I sounded GOOD!(in my dreams but it was fun). Great song/melody. Got a pleasant surprise as Gonna Find Me Bluebird started right afterwards. Guess I'll just have to sit here awhile and listen.

Had to get my old English thinker going in my head...
I can say...
I can't say...
I could say...
O.K. now I got it, I could say that this is a happy tune for a sad turn of events for the singer.
I don't think he is all that blue with such s peppy tune...
I love it, you just have to keep on with your keepin' on and keep happy even with being lonesome...
That's what that tune tells me!
The song is just great as the are the singers and writer.
Thanks Tipper,
Yep, it's runnin' around in my head...Now I am makin' up new verses to the tune....Today, I can't say I've seen more rain...

Paul should have offered that song to someone in Nashville and Pap should have been their back-up singer. I left the computer after listening to the song and sure enough, I had it running through my head.

Nice song. I guess everyone my age has Sunday afternoon memories. We are lucky to have histories that include Sunday being a special day, with church, dinner and family. Too many people today are not building that history with their families, because Sunday is just another day.

Well, I can't say I've ever heard a song more appropriate on a cold damp dark dreary Sunday here on the eastern slopes of the Appalachians with flooding rains in the offing. As to the silliness, I can't say there is anything wrong with looking at the world through rose colored glasses and that in lieu of glasses, any rose colored thing will do.

That was so enjoyable, especially on this rainy morning. I think it will be bouncing around in my head for the day! Thanks!

What a nice lively tune for this rainy Sunday morning. I heard yesterday that we were supposed to get 4 inches of rain over night.....I think we got it. Every time I woke in the night it was to the sound of a steady rain.
That's a good song. Both Pap and Paul are very talented, they sing, they play and they write.

Paul's words and music to "Can't Say I've Ever Been More Lonesome" certainly hit a knowing spot, for I think we all have known depths of loneliness. A friend has named loneliness "An Elephant in the Hoouse". Somehow, like hearing this song, so well-performed by the Wilson family on a Sunday afternoon, it brings the specter of loneliness out for closer examination. And even hearing it at the early hour of 4:30 on a Sunday morning touches a kindred chord, too. Thank you.

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