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May 11, 2013


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I don't know the Flea or the Star one or the Bumblebee one or the Trembletoe one. I remember the Acker Backer as Icka Bicka but Acker Backer makes more sense cause it rhymes with "cracker" better, and I remember the rest. Some of them were a good way to learn how to spell "you" cause whenever the word "you" was used, it was spelled out "Y-O-U".

I also remember picking the "it" person with hands on a baseball bat and short straws. And I remember a person with a blindfold picking the "it" person too.

God bless.


Brings back memories--of the rhymes and the anxiety of being it!

Tipper--Other than eenie, meenie, minie, moe, with a solid move into political correctness for the next line, the only one I remember is "out goes you old dirty dishrag you" or "you or not it, you old dirty dishrag you."
Jim Casada

and Jackie, I had forgotten about the bat thing. The way I remember it was hand over hand until there was only the end rim left of the bat. The next person had to put his or her fingertips on the rim and try to hold it while the other kicked it out of the ones fingertips. You had to have a very strong grip to hold on. I never could so I did what they would call "I Give" which mean't I give up! I don't remember anyone sayin' totally "I give up"!?! Just like those wrestling matches between brothers and friends...a desperate call, I give, I give...laughing the whole time til the other turned loose!
Thanks for the memories,
PS...When they were fightin' me I would usually yell, "I'll tell, I'll tell, to get them to leave me alone!...LOL Girls can get away with that sometimes you know!

The first three I know the rest never heard. The straws and coins we used a lot.

I've only heard of one,, Eenie Meenie Minie Moe,, We use to use Rock, Paper, Scissors.. or draw straws.. and flip coins..

Ennie meenie and the coin flip are the only ones I remember. We had one to determine which team got to bat first. We took turns with hand over hand on a bat until no one could get another hold. Then the boy out would attempt to kick the bat out of the other's hand. If he suceeded his team got to bat - if he failed his team went to the field.

On another subject; Have you heard of putting banana peels under your tomatos to make them sweeter?

Yes, I remember quite a few of these rhymes to use to get a game started. Your post was a good refresher course. Thanks!

I had forgotten William Trembletoe!!! brings back memories of sunny days, playing till dark, lying in the grass looking for cloud shapes,catching lightning bugs, making clover necklaces (something I did last year with great-granddaughter who then made them for all her classmates). Thanks Tipper!

I didn't know there was this many
ways to start being "it". What an
imagination of sayings some kids
had! Eenie, Minnie and flippin' a
coin is about the only ones that
I recognized. But this has been

Back in the old politically incorrect days, it wasn't a tiger that we caught by the toe in "eenie meenie", though the last two letters were the same. It's a good thing we (well, most of us anyway) have gotten beyond such things.

I've heard the second one, "Eenie meenie, the third about my "Mama pickin' you" and parts of the last one. One flew East, and one flew West and one flew over the Cuckoo's nest"...I think we were to anxious to play the game to repeat that whole long rhyme..or maybe none of us could remember the whole thing.
Too wet to play outside today, but might slip out before the ground is too wet and stick some flowers in a pot or two.
Thanks Tipper,
PS....Go to Murphy and get my free cookie...Tell them that I gave you permission to have the better half and my share! We'll catch up with a purchase of cookies next time we are in Murphy!

My mother and your mother were hanging out clothes. My mother punched your mother right in the nose. What color was the blood? P-U-R-P-L-E. Out.
Oddly, I never heard the 'did it hurt'? That makes more sense than the color question, but we kids never thought anything about what we were actually saying! This one and counting taters was the most popular way of selection in my neighborhood. Perhaps you'll post some jump rope rhymes - there's lots of 'em. Every now and again I come across part of an old shoe in the woods. When I see a heel, I thiotch. That's what we threw onto the grid for jumping. Nowadays shoes don't have those nailed on heels. I don't know what kids use for hopscotch now.

I hope we are not getting graded on this because I flunked badly.

Eenie Meenie Minie Moe,
Is the only counting rhyme I know!

I have never heard any of these except "Eenie Meenie..."

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