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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Father's Day

My life in appalachia father's day

Papaw Tony holding a baby Deer Hunter; Pap holding a baby Tipper; and The Deer Hunter holding Chatter and Chitter when they were just babes.

Father's Day in Appalachia is special dinners with Daddy's favorite cake or pie. It's fathers-young, middle aged, and old-feeling backward and uncomfortable from all the extra attention. Father's Day in Appalachia is gifts of shirts-books-cds-or something as simple as painted rocks from the creek. 

In my life, Father's Day in Appalachia is about celebrating the fact that my family is blessed with the best fathers on the planet! Papaw Tony, Pap, The Deer Hunter, and Steve-man am I lucky or what. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers who read the Blind Pig-you're pretty special too!


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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Hi Tipper
Looking and rereading, I see a picture of Pap surely with a beautiful blonde child in his arms.
And I see one of the details that marked the youth of our generation, I see the short sleeves of his shirt rolled up, as we liked to seen the biceps well marked, as a sign of a true young strong and healthy, and the pants on your waist. This practice is no longer seen much, right?, Many young people in big cities, with long hours at the computer and not much air and sports, show thin little arms, white and smooth like freshly pulled from the water noodles, and his pants in the middle of the part used to sit, is not it, Paul?, hahaha!
A big hug for this father and grandfather, José Luis from Buenos Aires.

sorry, (friends, not frins)

Pap,Deer Hunter,(Paul?), happy father´s day,
and all fathers of Apalachian Mounts
Congratulations from Argentina,(without translater, dont laugh for my english), dears frinds of Presley Family, José Luis.

My father was sad failure as a father but our grandpa stood in in so many ways as a surrogate daddy to us & we loved his deeply & miss him to this day. I am blessed to have a husband who is and always has been the best father in the world to our son.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. I am blessed to have my Dad still with me at age 90. He is one of my best friends and greatest blessings.

Just want to say "Happy Father's
Day to all the Dads out there."

I like the way you are looking at and touching Pap's hands. It's as though you knew they were strong and loving and would keep you safe. Happy Father's Day to all.

I always considered myself lucky to have had many Fathers' days with my dad. Now he is a special memory as I remember him in many beautiful ways. Happy Fathers' Day to all readers!

Ah,the sight of children held secure in strong masculine hands paints the perfect picture of love between father and child.

Today I honor the memory of my Appalachian father, Jewel Marion Dyer, a wonderfully steady and godly father who loved me so much! I honor the memory of the father of my own two children, the Rev. Grover D. Jones, also a wonderful father who influenced many beyond his own two! And I honor the fathers of my seven grandchildren, the Rev. E. Keith Jones, my son, and Carlos Berenguer, my son-in-law; and I honor the fathers of my seven great grandchildren: Matthew Jones, father of Samuel and Joshua; Nathan Jones, father of Brenna and foster-father of Chance; John Megale, father of Cydni and Jake Megale; and Ernesto Aguirre, Jr., father of Gavin and Elisa Aguirre. These knew (and know) what respectful, honorable, responsible and loving fatherhood means, and put these principles into practice. All of you fathers, have a wonderful Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day to Pap Papaw, and the Deer Hunter. They are fine and loving fathers!

All are handsome Dads and holding beautiful children!
Happy Fathers Day to all!
Thanks Tipper hope you have a great day....hmmmm, I wonder which pie you will make?

Indeed you are very lucky, such a wonderful heritage.

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