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June 03, 2013


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Dan-you only bake the pie shell-and the meringue if you use it. The chocolate pie filling sets up on its on without baking : )

Blind Pig The Acorn
Celebrating and Preserving the
Culture of Appalachia

Never mind as Roseannadanna said. I found it on the chocolate pie page

I don't see the baking instruction for the oven temp?

The apple pie you served us would be hard to beat!

Small world Tipper. This is the same pie crust recipie I've been using for the last 35 years or so. I love it when things make the circles.

I've tried to make pie crusts for years, even using recipes a former Sister-in-law called no fail - and failing! I'm going to try this one with hope because we love pies, this one doesn't have sugar so you could use it for a sweet or savory pie, and because as a diabetic, it's easy to find ways to make a pie with Splenda without compromising the science that puts it together like one can do with a cake.

God bless.


That sounds like an interesting discovery for pie crust. I will keep it in mind the next time I make a pie, especially an apple one. Fresh strawberry is my absolute favorite; the apple being second. Glad you had partial success.

Mamaw Hardin and Momma Dot, both my grandmommas made their pies in a deep casserole dishes and my lordy there were no finer. I have been trying to replicate the crust to their pies for many many years and it still eludes me...
It was layered and very crusty and most certainly buttery and had a nutty flavor to it...
She would go out to her apple tree and pick what she needed and man was that waiting suffering us lol.
We would go up into Burgers and Kings Mountains to pick the black & raspberries and let me tell ya something little sisters, there was no lying about eating the filling, for the evidence was all over us fer sure :)

Are going to bake this Wednesday for my Grand Daughters, it looks mighty good it does...

Nothing like a good pie crust. I wonder why one couldn't use regular apple cider vinegar? If it is just the color, or the percentage of the acid! If the color, most of the crust would be hidden under the fillin'! All those chemistry type cooks could tell us the reason, I suppose!
Is that the pecanless pie you made?
It is so pretty here today! Just right for making pie crusts. The crusts I bought for my Strawberry pie recipe from your post, were pitifull and of course I broke it while it was frozen...The pie was wonderful and is sure like the one my Mother made years ago. Now I have a good recipe to go with that Strawberry pie recipe,
Thanks Tipper,
PS...I wonder if one could use the same ingredients, except, use blackberries, and grape jello in place of the Strawberry jello and see what happens...I would probably crush my blackberries a bit...if it doesn't work I can always go back to the reliable cobbler recipe! Just seems like a blackberry pie would be good with that flakey crust!

That pie crust looks great! I'm
more of a cobbler person cause I
can't wait till my wild black-
berries come in. When I do make
a pie, I like the graham cracker
type already fixed at the grocery
Yesterday between showers I sprayed my beans with liquid Fish Fertilizer
and I can almost hear them boogers
a growin' today...Ken

This looks like a recipe I used many years ago, but quit because mine called for lard. It was the best, I will try it again since yu are using crisco.

I like easy! The pie looks a little like a runny pecan pie without the pecans. Probably runny because of so much sugar.
I like to try new recipes, but you truly never know what you'll get unless the new recipe comes from someone you know to be a good cook.
I used to try recipes from the newspaper or a magazine. I gave it up as a lost cause, 90% of the time they were terrible.
I like those community cookbooks, like the one you all gave me for Mothers Day. They come from real people and are usually good.

It sounds simple enough and I've never been good at making them.Like you, the store bought ones have always worked, when I've remembered to buy them.Will have to try this one.

Thank you! I think people have forgotten about homemade pie crusts. Most of our mothers and grandmothers didn't have written crust recipes.

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