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Appalachia Through My Eyes - Rain Rain Go Away

My life in appalachia rain rain go away

Rain rain go away come again another day Chitter and Chatter want to play Rain rain go away.

I used to sing that ditty to the girls when they were little and rain interrupted their plans for playing outside. Lately, I've felt like singing it for myself.

According to this page North Carolina is more than 5 inches above normal rainfall totals for this time of the year. 

Our big garden is so waterlogged I don't know if it'll make anything or not. The beans are puny looking and it looks like we planted miniature corn this year-miniature corn that's turning yellow from so much water. 

On the bright side-other parts of our garden are thriving-more to come on that in a few days.

Need rain at your house? Maybe I could send you some of mine.


Appalachia Through My Eyes - A series of photographs from my life in Southern Appalachia.

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Tipper, just found your blog recently and so enjoy it. We have had a lot of rain also, and some freak wind including a tree in my family room. No one was hurt so that's good, but wow it's a shock to the system.

I really look forward to getting to know you and Appalachian ways. Thanks for blogging.


Nooo don't,, they're predicting 2 to 4 more inches and could be as high as 6 in parts of North East Alabama, in the coming days.. I need a foot log to get to my truck now..

Next week when it's boiling hot and dry, we'll all say "gosh I wish it woild rain!"

We've had the same here in the sandhills. I LOVE the rain though I've always said that God can keep the thunder, lightning, hail and high winds. LOL What we've had this summer is so different from what we usually have; usually by this time we're entering drought conditions that grow worse into September and October...not this year though. It's more like rain forest odd!

What's sad here is that the ground is so saturated from almost two weeks of hard rain each night, that it's compromised the root systems of wonderful stately old trees, and they're tumbling over like bowling pins. I love old trees, and that breaks my heart. Thank God few have landed on homes or businesses, but still - the trees!!!

God bless.


You can send all the rain to West Texas.... Please and Pretty Please!!

Well Sir! From all the responses today, it seems you could say, "It's a Rainy Rainy Night in Georgia" and you would be right! Here in the 'foothills' of the Cumberland and Smoky Mountains, we get rain almost daily - followed by lots of sunshine. Our blueberries (huckleberries) are doing so fine with just the right amount of sun and rain. Jim has built the JAMES WIKE FORT to keep the birds/snakes/varments out of the patch.

And of course the GARDEN OF EVA has never looked better - but when the deer move through our beautiful day lilies vanish! If someone would like a few deer for their forest please let me know!

Eva Nell

I got more rain than I need this
year, but I made hills and planted
my beans on top. That helped! But
my Silver Queen is puney, hardly
waist high. There's a lot of work
to gardening, just when you think
you're caught up, you get attacked
by rabbits, coons, crows, and of
course bugs. But I still Love it!

We'll pass on the rain. We're getting thunderstorms every single afternoon/evening. But things are really lush and green.

Yes, I remember singing that ditty to my children and on occasion to my granddaughter. It was fun to look out the window and watch the rain do its thing. This year seems to be making up for the losses of previous years, but too much. I get lots of indoor crafts done when it rains, so it keeps me from playing with my plants. Sometimes I get lazy and just read and listen to the rain.

Some steady good rains would be welcomed here. After recording 113 on our thermometer (weatherman only said 107)on Saturday, we had the coolest July 1st on record yesterday - only made it to 85 with last night's temperatures down to 64!

I've been watering outside every 3 days for the most part - we use our sulferous well water on the garden and save our precious rain water for house use. We did get an eagerly accepted .3 of an inch Saturday night after 3 days of temperatures over 100 - not bad considering we'd had 30 of those century toppers by this time last year - and the good lord made a lot of ruckus about it so we'd wake up and appreciate what he sent us in the middle of the night!

Then, the next morning we had some fascinating cloud formations - I've never seen anything quite like them - like someone fingerpainting on sky with thick gray paint and occasionally swirling holes through the paint. Just fascinating to watch as the fingerpainting continued.

Perhaps its my farm heritage, but weather watching is a favored hobby.

Now I want to try soapmaking!

We've had a lot of rain as well, I know exactly what you mean about the good news is the 2 beans I got from you (Sow True Seeds) are doing well, I'll be able to post about them in the near future:)

You can keep that rain, Tipper, we don't need any more here either. When I get time to cut the grass, I have to use the weed eater 'cause it's grown too high for the electric lawnmower!

Don't send any more rain to my house! The weeds are taking over my garden and I can't get in there to do anything about it. We had flood warnings close by last night with standing water up to the door handles on cars. Heavy rains are predicted for later today. The plans to go fishing at the lake will have to wait.

We've got plenty, but thanks for asking! ;)

Yes, please some rain our way.It's really getting dry here. The good thing about it being so dry is that i won't have to mow the yard.

If you sent water to my house, they'd have to bring it in a boat. Lake Rhodhiss overflowed the dam at least 15 days in a row a few weeks back. The most I had ever seen it before that was a day or two every coupla three years. It's rained at least a little bit every day since then. This morning I was in the shower and the water sounded strange, like too much pressure. When I turned off the water the sound didn't go away. It was pouring outside, again!
Like yours, part of my garden is doing fine (tomatoes, pepper, squash) Only a few of my beans came up and something has been munching on them. My corn got about a foot tall and just quit growing. Waiting for the sun I guess. The onion seeds I sowed didn't do anything and the weeds took over their bed. I had them in a raised bed but most of the time there has been standing water around it. When I could get in there to pull weeds, the few onions that did sprout came up with them. I have three hills of cucumbers right next the onion grave that are doing fine so far XX.

We could use some of your rain here in southwest Arkansas. We have been unusually dry for the last two years on our farm, but others are getting enough. Guess we are not paying the preacher enough. Our sweet corn did good with the help of some drip irrigation. Purple hull peas and tomatoes are ready now.

The grass in my yard is greener than any summer I've lived in Milledgeville, and that's been since 2003! The rain accounts for this! Usually by the first of July it has turned parched and brown. Not this season! Green is go for grass--and the time to mow it must be carefully picked because it remains so water-logged! But isn't this just like us: To wish for what we DON'T have: rain when it's too dry; sunshine when clouds and rain remain as they have this season! "Rain, rain--seems here to stay! Sunshine will come another day!

Plenty of rain here as well. I think my toes are webbing together like a duck!

Yep, this is a lot of rain. My neighbor told me yesterday that we have not had more than two consecutive days without rain since the beginning of spring.
Yep, this is a lot of rain!

Been an unusual June in Atlanta. My geraniums miss the sun.

Tipper so far we have not a lot of rain like you, I guess about the right amount because my garden in doing great. I started making pickles a few days ago, I have even been making some summer squash and zucchini pickles, never had they before but worth a try I thought being I have more squash than I can give away.

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