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Old red barn company sugar scrub

Did you know you could clean yourself with sugar? I didn’t until my friend, Dana, told me.

When Dana and I first met she told me about her soap making business, but when she told me about her sugar scrub I was a little confused. I said “How could you clean with sugar? Wouldn’t you get all sticky?”

I happen to be visiting Dana’s booth at a local festival when she told me about her sugar scrub. So she said “Here try some. Rub it all over your hands really well and then I’ll rinse you with water.”  (Dana will do that for you too if you visit her booth-her booth is very cool)

Anyway-Dana made a believer out of me-sugar scrub leaves your skin feeling great and it does indeed clean your skin. I asked Dana to tell Blind Pig readers about her sugar scrub, and she generously donated a $20 Gift Certificate for her Old Red Barn Co. Store for me to use as a giveaway. So read what Dana has to say, and then stick around for the giveaway details.


When my girls were very little I started making soap. Mostly because I had studied up on the awful ingredients in skin care products and figured I could make something better. The sugar scrub came about much for the same reason. I didn’t invent the idea of sugar scrub. You can go to any mall and find dozens I’m sure. I just wanted a more natural alternative to what can be found in stores.

Sugar scrub is great because it exfoliates and moisturizes all in one step and you don’t need any other lotions or creams when you’re done. Lotions are loaded with preservatives and making sugar scrub is my way around using all those preservatives on my skin. Sugar is the world’s finest natural abrasive. Rub the scrub on moist skin and rinse. The sugar scrubs away the dry skin – while the oils in the scrub moisturize and leave you silky smooth all day long. 


Wish you could try Dana's Old Red Barn Co. Sugar Scrub? Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a $20 Gift Certificate for Dana's Old Red Barn Co. Store. (*Giveaway ends on Monday July 15, 2013)


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Hey Tipper - dana is my buddy too, so don't add me to the the giveaway. but - i love the sugar scrubs and the way they leave my skin.

i'll restock again if she's at the folk festival this year.

My legs like scaly bark trees I would love to have a chance on the sugar scrub .Please put my name in the drawing pot. Thanks Sue simmons

I would love to try the sugar scrub- as I have 'tried' just about everything else! Always nice to go for a natural product.

I'd love to try this. I recently started using the oil cleansing
Method for my skin and it's never been healthier. No chemicals, just clean!!

I never heard of a sugar scrub before, but I would love to try it. Store bought soaps can be harsh or some of the odd ingredients make my face break out.

Can't wait to try it!

Salt scrubs work well too but the salt tends to dry your skin. If you are an oily person, you might give that a try. I would love to try some sugar scrub. I wonder if it is the chemicals that I deal with that are making me look old??

I'd love to try it!

I wonder what keeps the sugar from melting in the liquid ingredients of the soap.

God bless.


I love using sugar scrubs, I've even made do with olive oil and sugar when I don't have any store bought. My feet and hands love it!

Makes sense. My Granny Mandy has been making salt scrub for years and it works really well on dry elbows, ankles, hands and feet.

Please add my name to the pot of hopefuls for a pot of sugar scrub.
I'd never heard of it but any granular ought to help - I hope some chemist out there can explain any additional benefits.

As a child, I brushed my teeth with soda and salt - made them feel squeaky clean.

Please tell Pinnacle Creek that plain old Dawn dish detergent will break down the poison ivy /poison sumac / poison oak oils; and salt (and probably sugar) will also scrub and exfoliate the skin to help prevent reactions for those who find themselves wrapped up in these nuisances.

And one last note: I've always heard that goats' milk products were wonderful for the skin but haven't tried them. Now I have a friend with fibromyalgia who likes to tell people she sleeps with Two Old Goats - some kind of cream that gives her enough relief to at least get part of a night's sleep . . . .

At 91 I'll try anything that is goodfor dry skin..

Charles Fletcher

Yeah! Please put my name in the SUGAR BOWL! It would be great if I could win the prize and use the sugar scrub. MAYBE the humming birds would find me more attractive than the purple sage in my back yard!
Eva Nell

I have never heard of a sugar rub, but I bet my wife would love it! Thanks for the info!

Yes I have used a sugar scrub. I sat my booth next to a lady who made this and I loved it. That was a few years back and don't know if she still makes it. This scrub is very good on your feet also. I love craft shows as you can find so many useful homemade ideas. I would love to win this.

I have used sugar scrubs on occasion and your friend ,Dana is right they leave you fresh and clean and no other lotion is requited---

I never heard of sugar as a cleanser, but I recon just about
anything with granuals would clean.
A couple years back I bought some
of the best smellin' stuff from a
friend in Nantahala. All I know is
it had Goat's Milk in it, but my
daughters and granddaughters loved
it. I just kept a bar in my office
to make it smell nice...Ken

Both sugar and honey were used as antibiotics and antiseptics before advent of "modern" medicine. It worked back then, why not now?

HI Tipper,Rub a dub dub,this old skin could use a sugar scrub! lol.God Bless, Jean

Never heard of sugar scrub. But boy would I love to try some! Beverly

If you've never used sugar scrub, you are in for a treat. The peppermint fragrance will be the first one I order. Dana's prices are less than I paid for a jar at a local arts and craft show.

Please put my name in the pot.

Sounds wonderful!

I have never used a sugar scrub but I would love to try it!

Anything that involves the words "dry skin" is probably something I can use. Thanks for the giveaway opp!

This natural sugar scrub sounds great - would love to try it!!

My wife would love to try that. Would it make her unbearably sweet???

I like using goat milk soap, but it is not a scrub. This is very interesting. I, too, would have thought you would have sticky skin. When I was a little girl my dad used to mix a small amount of brown soap with a bit of water and sugar to draw out an infection in the skin, especially where infections formed from hangnails and/or splinters. Great information!

I've never scrubbed with sugar but I have used salt to clean grease from my hands as well as sand, the granular nature of all three is similar so I can see how sugar would clean. In fact when I was a young lad who had been working in the field all day I would hit the Little Tennessee and scrub off with hands full of sand if the old standby Ivory wasn't available, that's about as natural as one can get. Country folks have Country Ways but as the popular song states "A Country Boy can Survive".

I would love to try that soap. Our skin can absorb a lot of the harsh chemicals found in many products, so natural is always better.
I just wondered since it is a scrub if it might be used to help prevent outbreaks of Poison Ivy. I am always outdoors in summer getting exposed to some type of pest, and I have had several severe outbreaks of poison Ivy. I have researched and found Poison Ivy leaves an oil on the skin that is hard to get rid of with your regular gentle soap. Right now I keep a bar of Lava, Octagon, and a special bar of soap especially for getting rid of those oils. If I do weed pulling, I always wash my arms and hands with one of these harsh soaps. Something is working as no recent outbreaks; maybe the sugar scrub would add back the moisture. Just a thought, and best of luck to Dana with her soap making business.

I loved meeting you girls when I was in your town. Wish I had picked up a jar of the scrub then. Maybe I will win!

Dana's scrub really is good, it leaves your skin feeling alive and soft!
I agree with Dana 100%, there has to be a better way of taking care of our skin that the preservative, and other unsavory, laden products sold everywhere.

Love scrubs! It would be a real treat. Thanks for the opportunity.

I have never used a sugar scrub but I have bought the best lavender goat milk soap ever online from this lady. It is like washing yourself with silk. When I made the homemade laundry detergent I grated a bar of it into the mix and it smells amazing. Thinking I should try the sugar scrub.

@ Kat, Sugar scrub or salt scrub is easy to make, Extra virgin olive oil and add sugar (white or brown) until it is of the consistency you like, add any essential oil if you like I use lavender. Put in a jar and use. Olive oil is a great moisturizer for your face and body. You can use salt in the same way, but I don't put this on my face and I only use the scrub every few days on my face.

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